PDF Tools

PDF, as you know, is a portable document format it can carry all sorts of media inside it. Files like images, videos, textual content can all be assembled at one place which means you won’t need to take or show individual files to show anyone. PDF has its benefits but has limitations as well, which is why we need various conversion tools and applications to take care of the job for us.

PDF tools will allow you to convert PDF files to JPG and Doc, and the reason is the files in the PDF format occupy a lot of space, and you can’t all the time stay busy in cleaning your disk drives. Conversion makes editing the files possible because PDF files are known for security and no one can copy data from it also they can be protected by a password. This is the reason why people prefer PDF files for events and sharing purpose, so no one else can peek in without knowing the password.

However, as PDF files do not allow any type of editing, you need to convert them to other formats to allow it. If you want to edit an image from PDF files, you will need to convert them to JPG, and only then you can alter this lossy format using any photo editing software.

If we didn’t have PDF file format today, it wouldn’t be easy for us to carry assignments. As you can add videos and images, students and graphic designers use these files for presentation purpose. You can show people an example of your piece of art with the help of this portable document.

1. PDF to Word

Putting a word file in PDF adds a lot to security. No one can copy the content of the file, and anyone can view them with the help of a software called adobe acrobat reader. This software is available in almost every smartphone and computer operating systems of today. Portable document format doesn’t allow editing which is a good thing because the file is safe, but on the contrary, it is a bad thing because you can’t rearrange your words and if you want to modify it then you’ll need this tool.

PDF to Word will extract all the word documents from the file, and then you can make alterations to it, add or remove text, save it after which you can rearrange it in the PDF file. The reason why People like to use the Microsoft Word file because they can correct spelling mistakes but not grammatical. Word is an excellent format to write and save textual content, but it isn’t made for images, the file sizes are rather small, but you can’t use it for presentations like PDF as it contains no media files.

2. Word to PDF

If you think your work is safe and no one can reach it in the word file, then you are wrong. Word files can easily be reached from anywhere and because of their small size they can be copied or moved instantly. Most writers use these word files, but they don’t keep all their content permanently in it, the reason is safety. Every writer’s words have great value, and they don’t want their work to be plagiarized.

That is one of the biggest reasons for writers and authors to keep their original content in the form of PDF files. It is also because a PDF file can be viewed as a book and can be read easily especially if you are looking to find some mistakes. PDF files security can’t be questioned, all you have to do is add a password to the file and make inaccessible for everyone else.

3. PDF to JPG

Added the wrong file to the PDF document? Or forgot to edit before moving it to the PDF? JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a file also known as a lossy format because it loses a bit of image quality after being compressed. It is still the best format for taking and saving pictures in, the quality of the photo is amazing until compressed but the change is unnoticeable. Today almost every camera either in a cellphone or digital one saves images in JPG format.

On the other hand, PDF’s job is to save all sorts of pictures no matter the size, most of the images are vector based. The reason why people prefer saving in PDF is, it cannot be downloaded and modified, even if you somehow manage to download the picture the resolution will not be high because the file doesn’t allow you to download files it contains but only a glimpse of it. People keep architectural designs in this format because they can be viewed easily, as they are vector based, they can zoom in and out of documents how so ever they want.

4. JPG to PDF

Have too many pictures? Don’t know where to put them? Let PDF save them for you. A PDF file saves as many images as you want, you can even create a gallery in this document type. You can assemble images according to places, times, events. These images can be shared instantly in one file rather than sending to someone individually. Photographers use this format to save their unique photo shoots and share them over the internet in this portable document, so people don’t get to download the original image file.

Another big reason is students and employees who make presentations in PDF. They collect images and videos and arrange them in this format. The only problem is adding too much stuff to the PDF file not only makes it more substantial in size but in future, if you wish to make any modification to one of the images or the content contained in the document, you will have to extract all the files from it. After retrieving, it will take a lot of time for you to reassemble them in a PDF file which is why it is advised to save a small amount of image and text files.