Domain Tools

Finding Domains have never been easy, especially the ones that match perfectly with the content of the website. If you want to run an online business or want to set up a static site, it is not a problem anymore with the tools present here you can find a quintessential domain name in no time.

Did you always want to learn about the details of a specific website like who is your competitor? What type of domain name you need to compete? The tools will answer all of your questions on our site. The domain is the most critical part of the website, or you can say the whole site is based on this one little name. It represents the name of the company, the structure of the business or what you are giving to the visitors, all of this can be found by just reading one single name. So before thinking about getting a website developed by someone make sure to get a suitable domain name first.

1. Domain Age Checker

What if you have to buy a new domain name and do SEO from scratch? For that, you should definitely check for how long the domain name has been registered. The first factor to be considered is the time frame of the registered domain, and for how long the domain has been active. These both will let you know if the domain you are looking forward to buying has a good history or not. New Domain names mean they are not used and have no ranks, and you will have to work hard in promoting it, and when there are competitors, you really need to work quite relentlessly.

2. Domain Authority Checker

Have you ever wondered about how well is your website doing and had tried searching on search engines for an answer?

This is the most common question, and every website owner is worried about it. If you have useful links backed up on your website, then there is no need to worry, but if there is a single domain with a bad history and low ranking, it will have a substantial negative impact on the page authority of your website. In order to avoid such situation, you should check the ranks and history of all the links present on your site.

3. Domain IP Lookup

Just like your computers are allocated a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address, the same way a website is assigned one. Users visiting a site means the user is going to the address of that server from where the browser will download the data of the website to view it. If there were no IP addresses there wouldn’t be a way to visit a website or to download any content from the internet. So, it is really important to learn about the permanent IP address of your site.

4. Domain Hosting Checker

Hosting is like a place to stay, a server where you can host (store) your websites data and the web hosts provide various tools which can be used to modify the files on your website. It is essential to learn about who is offering you the services of domain hosting because what if that person sets you up and doesn’t provide services later on or what if the server can’t handle the load and affect loading speed of the website?

5. Find DNS Records

Call it Domain Name System, a system which is used to translate a domain name to an IP address. Now, what does that mean? Well, it is all because of the DNS that you enter a name of the website instead of writing an IP address in the URL bar. If there wasn’t a DNS system, you would still be trying to learn the IP address of different websites.

If there is something wrong with your website, don’t forget to check the DNS records because it contains all the information related to your domain.

6. Domain Name Search

You are ready to get a website developed but wait you don’t have a Domain Name yet!!

It is the very first step to be followed before getting into the development or prepare content for the website. What if the domain you want for your site is already taken? So, it is imperative to keep it in check and buy a domain name that suits your website as soon as possible, because who knows if someone else buys it before you do.

7. Domain to IP

Most of the sites today are running on a dynamic IP address. It means they keep on changing without affecting the loading speed of the website. Static IP addresses are the permanent links to your site, and there can be many reasons to be aware of your domains IP.

It is essential to learn where your website is being hosted and what the IP of the domain is because if there is an issue with the server and your site shuts down remembering the IP will help you make a complaint on that specific area of the server.

8. Blacklist Lookup

Be careful in trusting someone over the internet, because things can get really messy.

You should be careful while visiting an unknown link who knows what it might contain. Not all websites have good ranks some of them often are misused by spammers. Such sites are not only low in the ranking list but are facing various penalties as well. It is not only because of the spamming of emails, but it can also be because the website contained malware and someone reported it to be dangerous and must be avoided visiting.

9. Expired Domain Tool

The fear of hiring search engine optimizers can vanish. People buy domains to use them, and when their expiry time comes, they sometimes don’t want to renew the subscription because maybe they don’t want a site anymore or just desire to change the name of the site.

As you have to look for a domain name before getting your website constructed, you should try looking for expired domains because sometimes they have good ranks.