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If you think, one size can fit in all the formats then you are wrong there is a reason behind the existence of other forms. There is a suitable version for each situation. For instance, when you require to utilize a photograph, what size you need, and what dimensions you necessitate. The decision often becomes complicated for those who do not have experience or knowledge related to the field of designing. Most of the people post high-resolution images on websites, which results in giving a spawn to a negative impact on the loading speed of that page. These circumstances can be avoided with your little attention on the basics of search engine optimization and learning about the difference between formats such as JPG and PNG.

The PNG to JPG conversion or vice versa becomes necessary on various occasions because PNG is the uncompressed raster image format. Whereas, JPG is a lossy type and holds significant importance because of its less memory consumption characteristic. The PNG format was formed to replace or should I say overtake the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) with no copyright boundaries. In addition to that, it is capable of displaying images or graphics without a background. The primary reason behind developing PNG form was to publish photographs over the internet. However, with the passage of time, people involved in producing images can be put to use as drawings on a website.

These drawings later became a part of building structures and gave formation to images that only contained a few colors. It is to note that PNG format is not used for storing photos taken from a camera because of their large size and is vitally utilized in creating vector graphics. JPG is the format admired and required by everyone the cause is its less occupation of space in the storage. Also, its dimensions can be adjusted according to the necessities. Moreover, it is a format that loses a bit of detail when moved through the process of compression. The change is unnoticeable unless you are a person who isn’t aware of what magnitude is needed to prevent losing too much quality.

The method to transform a PNG format to JPG is not complicated. It is the format that is being utilized by people in SEO the most. Literally, anyone can use our tool to easily change the extension of a photo with the support of a few easy steps:

- On the PNG converter tool page, you will find a box. Click on the “Upload File” button located below it to add a PNG file from your device. In case you have the image stored in Dropbox, use the “From Dropbox” option.

- After uploading the file, tick the box that says “I’m not a robot” and after that hit the “Convert To PNG” button placed below it.

- The file will be converted in a matter of seconds, and you will be provided with a link to download.

As mentioned above, various formats are used for different purposes. Like to save the quality of a photograph, people related to the field of Photography prefer JPG. The reason is it can contain realistic photos in excellent condition. Although the camera they use (DSLR), saves these photos in a RAW format, it stores every bit of tiny details in the photographs. It is the very reason why these archives occupy massive storage space and are transformed to JPG in order to apply alteration. The formats below can be utilized in saving photos for different cases:


This lossless file format is highly recommended for storing images that contain line drawings, text, and iconic graphics because it will occupy less space. If used for keeping photographs, then you will soon need to extend your storage space. PNG is being put to use for creating logos and banners for various websites because they only contain sketches or textual material.


Amongst its many traits, it is a lossy type of format, which is widely used for saving photographs in high quality, these pictures consume less memory. All smartphones use this format to save captured images. Therefore, it is necessary to keep lifelike photos in this format and diagrams in the PNG. People who weren’t aware of these attributes can turn their files from PNG format to JPG with our PNG converter tool.


A file format free from compression and has enormous size, this form is used significantly for production purposes in a publishing or printing industry. The primary feature of this format is that it allows us to keep multiple bitmap files with different depth of pixels. This multilayered attribute makes it the most advantageous form, but in the end, it is only used by experts and people who deal with the publication.

So, at last, to save photos in high-grade quality, we are left with one choice, and that is JPG. Its lossy nature is not an issue to be concerned about because the difference is merely visible. It is one of the best formats for posting photos on the pages of websites. It enables them to load faster, thus providing better user experience. You can change your PNGs today with the assistance of our PNG to JPG converter online.