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A website or blog needs regular updates to attract new visitors and increase rankings. Article marketing is a famous method for backlinks. Several content writers write one article, publish it on their blog or website, and then submit a similar article to different directories. Some professional writers rewrite content many times before posting them. It is a right approach but takes a lot of time. You can revise the whole article or its sections based on your need. Some writers focus on quantity instead of quality, so they complete a piece of 300 to 400 words in 30 minutes. This practice can be useful for blogs and article directories. Some directories don’t check the quality of content so that you can get the advantage of article rewriter online.

Content rewriting is essential in content marketing. In this practice, the writer rewrites general ideas and context with new words and syntax. It sounds easy, but rewriting needs special skills and practice. People look for skilled writers for revising. You can do this job with the help of a free article rewriter tool.

Article spinner offers maximum control to writers to write their content. While processing your content, the tool understands the nature of your text and rewrite without changing its syntax. You can choose suitable synonym and sentences to finalize your rewrites. Text analysis tools allow you to select appropriate words and phrases. If you can’t afford the services of content writers, this tool will be a good choice for you. Each rewritten article will be different from the original draft.

While writing an article, writers don’t think about quality and mistakes. They write consistently to maintain the flow of ideas. After completing your article, you can review it to rewrite its sections with errors. Paraphrasing can help you to improve the quality of your content. Manual rewriting needs several hours based on the length of the original article. You can complete this work within a few minutes with the help of an article spinner or rephrase tool.

While writing your first draft, you can miss spelling and grammar errors. If you can ask a friend to read your article and find errors, it will be a good choice for you. Rewriting can eradicate the mistakes. You can choose the paraphrase online to spin your original article to get excellent content.

When you submit your content on different websites, the search engines will index the first submission only. By rewriting your original content, you can get more exposure for your content. If you want to avoid the tension of duplicate content, you have to reword your original article and submit its different versions to article directories. Every piece will generate an individual traffic stream. If you are working as a guest writer, you can reword this article to publish in a magazine.

You will need original articles for marketing purposes. Several sites approve two or even more articles from the same author. Submitting unique articles is essential. To save time, you can rewrite your original content with the use of word changer. You have to publish quality content on social media, blogs, and websites. With a rewriting tool, you can generate new articles quickly. Instead of creating a new article, rewriting is a good option for you to create unique copies of an article. This practice is helpful in the promotion of your content, products, and services. Also have a check on free SEO tools & bookmark the best ones.

Without article marketing, it is impossible to increase the ranking of your site. You must have fresh content to build backlinks. Your job will be easy with the help of word changer and sentence rephrase tool. If you don’t have time to generate new articles on a regular basis, use a rewrite tool to spin your original content. Article rewriter of Search Engine Reports allows you to produce quality content. This tool is designed to rewrite each sentence to generate a copy of an original article. With this tool, you will always get different results on each rewrite.

Free sentence rewriter helps you to create readable versions of original texts. You can get unique content without spending hours in writing and research. With the use of this best article rewriter software, you can say goodbye to extra expenditure and efforts. Everyone can rewrite his/her articles with this tool. To use our word spinner, there are only a few steps to follow:

  • Just copy and paste your original article in the text box.
  • You can also upload your .txt or .docx files from your computer, Cloud or Dropbox with the help of the following options.
  • After submitting your content, you can choose “Re-write Article” or “Check Grammar”.
  • Once you hit rewrite article button, the tool will start processing to give you rewrite suggestions. You will see the following screen:
  • After processing, you will get suggestions to rewrite your article. Feel free to choose your desired words and phrases.
  • If you are not satisfied with this version, you can hit “Rewrite Again” to get new suggestions. Once you are satisfied with a rewritten article, you have to hit “Next” to obtain a finalized draft of a unique article.
  • For your satisfaction, you can hit “Check for Plagiarism” to verify the uniqueness of your article. This button will redirect you to a free plagiarism checker to check plagiarism in your content. After checking plagiarism, you will get these results:

You can also check your content with a free Grammar Checker to remove logical and grammar flaws. After downloading the final draft of a rewritten article, you are advised to go through it twice. Keep it in mind that software can make some mistakes and it is easy to catch these mistakes while proofreading. However, you can create multiple copies of an original article, and it is essential to have a specific limit for rewritten copies. Keep it in mind that various rewritings can decrease the quality of content. Use of word & content spinner tools can help you to save time and increase your productivity. If you need unique & plagiarism free content within a few minutes, try this tool and notice the difference between other rewriting services and this tool. After you’re done with you content, consider grammar check as a must.