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Our paraphrasing tool is also known as the most accurate paraphraser. It allows you to rephrase sentences online to generate plagiarism-free content in seconds. Just copy-paste or upload content and hit the “Paraphrase” button.

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According to Wikipedia, “paraphrasing is a process of restating a text or passage using other words while maintaining its actual meaning”.

According to Oxford, “paraphrasing is explained as restructuring sentences of a text written by someone else to enhance its understanding”.

In simple words, you can state that paraphrasing is a process in which you rephrase text, an idea, thought, or concept of someone in your own words by keeping its meaning constant. Rephrasing content will help you convey information in an effective way that helps your targeted audience grasp it without facing any difficulty.


  1. Paste the content you wish to paraphrase in the box provided on the tool.
  2. You can also upload a file stored on your device or Dropbox.
  3. After that, click on the “Paraphrase” button to initiate the process.
  4. The results will be generated in a matter of seconds. You can download the paraphrased content in PDF, Word, or Text file.


Manual paraphrasing is not an easy task. The process demands time investment from the people as they have to follow rephrasing techniques to complete this job with accuracy. Keeping this thing in our mind we have designed the best paraphrase tool to automate the process of rephrasing content. The paraphrase generator is an efficient way to create fresh content in lesser time as compared to manual paraphrasing.

Examples Of Paraphrasing


"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."


If something is indispensable for you, then you will have to do it even if the consequences aren't in your favor.


"Some people don't like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is a disaster."


If the substitute for anything is a catastrophe, you will have to accept the change but there are people who don't like it.


"Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough."


If there are no failures, it means that you aren't innovating things.


Our sentence rephraser online will help you get a fresh copy of text while eliminating all traces of plagiarism. This web-based utility saves you from facing the penalties of plagiarism by google because the content’s quality and originality carry great significance for a website to rank well on search engine result pages. In case of duplication, a site’s credibility may get hurt, and it could face a downfall in rankings. As a marketer or website owner, you might be aware of the importance of creating unique content so must check plagiarism of content before publishing. Instead of getting a content writer’s services for generating content on similar topics, you can use the best paraphrasing tool free to save time and money.


The paraphrase tool online has the following benefits:

AI Paraphraser

Our sentence rephraser is developed with state-of-the-art technology. This tool's advanced algorithm not only rephrase paragraph, but also modifies sentences and texts to break up long sentences. It also guarantees that the structure of the text remains flawless and the flow of the information remains intact. Easily rephrase sentence online of your uploaded text and convert them into exclusive and high-quality text in a few seconds.

Paraphrased Like a Human

The paraphrasing tool online provides you with high-quality, sensible, and readable content. The readers won’t feel any ambiguity while going through the information. Moreover, it would be strenuous to find that the text is machine-generated. This paraphrase website rephrases uploaded text in a perfect way that will give the impression that it’s written by a professional writer.

Keep The Original Meaning

The online facility generates high-quality content in bulk within a short span. You don’t need to worry about the duplication of text or grammatical mistakes in the writing while using this paraphrase online tool. The utility is well-versed about the different meanings and shades of the words, and it replaces them with contextual synonyms. It alters the sentence structure to remove plagiarism from the content, but the original meaning of the textual information remains the same.

Paraphrase Up to 2000 Words

Want to paraphrase a lengthy text in a single go? You are at the right spot. The paraphrasing tool is capable of rephrasing content of up to 2,000 words on the go. You don’t need to upload the text in portions. Instead, copy all the text and paste it on this word paraphraser, and get a new version of the content within a few seconds.

Enhance Clarity and Meaning

There is a possibility that you might not get satisfied with the quality of content delivered by a writer. Instead of wasting time revising it, you can turn to this rephrase tool. This will help you get content with enhanced clarity and meaning.

Generate Unique Content Instantly

This paraphrase tool is the best option you can find over the web due to its super-fast functionality. This article rephraser doesn’t waste your time or ask you to go through the intricate registration process. It provides you with fresh articles instantaneously.

Choose the Right Synonym

After paraphrasing, the text paraphraser highlights the words it has changed in your text. Our paraphrase online tool comes with an extensive vocabulary. You can click on the word to find more synonyms and select the one you think will match better with the sentence’s context.


Feeling out of ideas to start writing on a topic? Don’t fret out! The online paraphraser will assist you in this regard. Paste already published text on this facility and get a fresh text instantly. The text you get from this rephrase facility can be used as freshly crafted content. You can carry the flow of content and explain the topic further. Moreover, the paraphrasing tool online is a perfect utility for newbies who find it hard to craft stunning content in a limited time. The utilization of word rephraser will help them in polishing their writing skills and turn themselves into pro writers.


Paraphrasing online is a common writing strategy that is utilized by students, researchers, journalists, and content writers.


The life of a student isn’t as easy as it seems, as the students are asked to prepare essays, assignments, research, etc., regularly. If they don’t complete the tasks within the given deadlines, they have to face penalties that impact their final grade. Students often get paranoid due to the fear of losing marks or grades and plagiarize the information available on the web to complete their tasks. Instead of copy-pasting text from the internet, a paraphrase generator is a much better option for students. Whenever students are running out of time, they can use this rephrase tool to get their hands on a new version of the same text available on different sources.


Bloggers need to post unique and engaging content on their blogging sites to get the attention of the audience and keep them connected. Writing inspiring and engaging content all the time is quite challenging, especially if you have other crucial tasks to perform. The free paraphrasing tool we offer is an ideal utility that can help bloggers generate immensely captivating content within a few seconds.


Writing lengthy research reports is not an easy task. You need to manage appropriate time for typing all the textual information from your busy timetable. Furthermore, a strong grip over the grammatical rules is essential for excellent writing. Giving immense attention to writing the report and efforts isn’t possible when you have another practical task to execute. The assistance of the paraphrasing tool is highly useful to counter such situations. Easily generate plagiarism-free and flawless content within no time. However, a piece of well-written information is required to rephrase with our tool.


Being a writer, you are supposed to provide high-quality content every time. However, crafting accurate and grammatically strong content requires ample time and effort. Writing becomes more challenging if you are asked to craft content on the same topic repetitively. Our paraphrasing tool is the perfect option you can turn to for crafting catchy and unique content. You can use this utility and change your own or other writers’ content without facing any hurdles. The text you get from this rephrase sentence tool will be exclusive and free from grammatical errors. You can also ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes by using a grammar checker.


As a freelancer, you might have experienced a shortage of time for submitting clients’ work and meeting the deadline. The continuous pressure from other clients and the necessity of giving attention to another important task often make it hard to submit content on time. But, there will be no late submission of content, as the online paraphrasing tool is available 24/7 to all of you. This free tool can be accessed from any corner of the planet. The rephrased content you get from this facility can be sent to clients without any fear of plagiarism or grammar errors.


The privacy policy of guarantees all of its users that their secrecy won’t be disturbed while using any of its online services. The paraphrase tool on our website is completely safe and secure as it doesn’t affect the confidentiality of the users’ uploaded data. The databases of this free paraphrasing tool have been designed in a way that the file uploaded by any user is automatically removed from the servers as soon as the process is completed and results are displayed on the screen. The information entered on this tool is not shared with third party sources in any case.


How Can I Change My Sentence Structure Online?

The advanced online paraphrasing tool enables you to change text and sentence structure without typing a single word. All you need to do is upload the content to this facility and get your unique content in no time.

Which Site Can Paraphrase Sentences?’s paraphrasing tool is an advanced utility that helps you to rephrase content and ideas in an effective way. You can use this utility without becoming a registered user or paying a penny.

How Many Text Files Can I Rephrase with This Tool?

You won’t face any limits while using the paraphrasing tool online free. This sentence rephraser allows you to paraphrase unlimited textual files without facing any restrictions.

How Can replication Be Avoided in an Assignment?

You can avoid duplication from your assignment by giving proper citations and references. The citations will give the similarity checker an idea of the source from where you have taken assistance to support your claims in the assignment.