Text Analysis Tools

A little help never hurts anyone! Below you can find a range of tools you might need for various purposes. Tools that can correct your grammatical mistakes, tools that can help you find someone stealing your words, tools that can help you write content for your website, and much more.

If you are someone who is a search engine optimizer or someone who writes articles, these handy web-based tools available for free can make your tasks much easy. Writers mostly find these tools quite useful because it contains almost all the things a writer needs for making his work well organized.

Getting productive results is not an obstruction anymore, we have got all the tools you need.

1. Plagiarism Checker

Do you know, if you are a good writer/author how many people steal your words and represent it as their own worgk? Plagiarism is not just considered hypocrisy, but it is also a crime and can constitute copyright infringement. So, if you are worried about someone copying your thoughts, ideas or words and use it as if they were the rightful owner, then plagiarism checker is the only tool that can help you find the culprit.

Here’s a friendly reminder, if you use someone’s words or quotations never forget to tag that person or source name in the post.

2. Article Rewriter

There can be many times when someone needs to rewrite a paragraph or an entire piece of content just because of some missing parameters. Re-writing manually can be really annoying sometimes as you are re-writing something that’s already written. Sometimes it is hard to find synonyms for previously used words when you want to change the whole content. It not only devours a lot of time but tires your mind as well. So, if you want content for your websites and you don’t want to write it, then all you have to do is search for what you need and let the magic of article rewriter tool begin.

3. Grammar Check

Grammatical mistakes are the most common mistakes made in content writing even by the experts. The reason is quite simple when we are writing about something; we are concentrating on the subject matter of the topic, not the grammar which is why we make miscellaneous grammatical mistakes.

From the SEO perspective, poor grammar will lead to errors in the content of a website, making it hard for your content to get indexed according to keywords. Search Engine like Google checks the structure of the content, and when it doesn't make sense, Google crawlers won’t index it.

4. Word Counter

Have you ever been given a limit of words? If yes, then you are already aware of the importance of this tool.

Well, mostly you will find word limits while writing messages even there is a limit to how long a password to an account should be. Why getting in a hassle of downloading different software applications to check the word or character count when you can do it by going to a tiny URL. This tool is used by students and writers mostly. For instance, what if you were a given a task that asks you to write a paragraph of at least two thousand characters? Now you are not going to count all the letters you write, are you? Which is why this small utility is used to help you out through such circumstances.

5. Spell Check

If your typing speed is good, you hardly ever notice how many times you use backspace and all the spelling mistakes you make until you proofread. For this very purpose, this amazing spell checking tool was developed to help you find spelling mistakes in real time. Although the homophone words cannot be corrected with any spell checker because the spellings are correct, but the meaning of the word is different for example NEW and KNEW. So, don’t forget to reread your document just to be sure.

6. MD5 Generator

Message Digest 5 was introduced quite a while ago. Any text can be converted into MD5, developers mostly use this function to prevent hackers from lurking into the database to learn about the identities of people. This function was previously used to hide passwords when people sign-up so that specific MD5 code is generated for their password and stored in the database. When a user signs-in with an incorrect password, it is tallied with the previously created MD5, if it is correct the user will be able to sign-in otherwise he will receive a message saying the incorrect password. Online MD5 Generator makes it super easy for you to create an MD5 against any string.

7. Title Capitalization

Another tool adored by writers!

There can be many times when you are writing about something, and you end up overlooking correct usage of upper or lower case. The reason why this tool exists is to help you take care of such small-scale errors. If you are learning an application or a letter for exams purpose, it is imperative to use upper or lower case in the right place where this tool will give you an opportunity to amend your mistakes and provide you with a good learning experience.

8. Merge words

Whenever you get a website developed the first thought in your mind is how to bring it up in the SERP (Search Engine Page Results). That isn’t very easy; the reason is you need correct keywords, unique content which people should find attractive and if there isn’t any, you will never be able to rank up in any search engine because there aren’t many visitors on your website. This is why a tool like Merge Keywords Online is a treat for SEOs.

9. Image to Text Converter

Many times, we find textual pictures over the internet that we want to convert into text. For that either you can do it manually by typing in some text document, or you can use this astonishing tool to help you. Not everyone has a good typing speed, and not everyone knows of the applications used for such motives. So, this is the tool you need to save your time and energy.

10. Translate English to English

If you are thinking the only difference is the pronunciation, then you are wrong. People who know the difference in English can do it themselves, but newbies can definitely use some help to learn the difference between these two styles. There are several words, for example, British people go on holidays while Americans go on vacation; in British, we write flats instead of apartments; British use shall instead of using should, etc. So, use this tool, spot the difference and find out where you are wrong.