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AI text summarizer simplifies your text in bullets or precise paragraphs. Summarize text, articles, essays, blog posts, or research papers.

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    Steps to Use Our Text Summarizer

    The process of summarizing an article is immensely straightforward. Follow the simple steps shared below to use our summarizing tool:

    • Submit the text you desire to summarize by pasting or uploading the file directly from your device.
    • Choose the summarizing mode and percentage from the given options.
    • Click on the Summarize Text button to start the procedure.
    • The facility will work on the information you entered. Extract key information from the content and provide results in paragraphs or bullet points.
    • Copy the summarized text and use it in your writing right away. 

    Why Use Our Summarizer?

    Our state-of-the-art AI summarizing tool enables individuals to create blog posts, research papers, and article summary. Below are some major pros of preferring this online summarize tool over all available web-based tools. 

    • Quick and Free Text Summarizer

    The text summarizer processes your entered information and gives you the quickest results. You won’t have to wait for extensive time to get the summarizing results. Similarly, the AI summarizer is completely free to use for everyone. You don’t need to pay a single coin to generate an article summary as many times as you desire.

    • Summarize Text with Accuracy

    Our web-based text summarizer uses advanced technology and natural language processing algorithms to process your input data. These algorithms scan your uploaded content thoroughly and extract key points in bullet points or paragraphs. You can verify the accuracy of summarized text manually or using any other online facility.

    • No Installation Required

    Unlike most text summarizing tools, this utility never asks its users to install any software on their devices. Besides, our tool won’t demand any account creation from you to summarize articles or any other type of content. You can access the tool anytime without observing any limitations.

    • 100% Secure

    The online summary generator guarantees the secrecy of your uploaded data. The content you submit to this tool will never be stored or shared with anyone for any possible reason. Also, the uploaded text will be removed from the servers once you get the text summarizing results. So, you can get assistance from this tool for generating summaries of content without any fear.

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    Summarizing Tool Is Helpful for:

    The summarize tool is beneficial for individuals across various fields. The information below will help you learn how this text summarizing tool aids professionals.


    Students are required to craft quality assignments to impress their teachers and get good grades. Writing quality content demands extensive research. This online facility helps them reduce their efforts and enables them to extract key points from any article or paper shared on the web. The assistance of this summary generator allows them to complete the given assignment on time. It is also compulsory for students to conduct a plagiarism check before submission of any assignment. 


    Searching for useful information relevant to the topic is essential for researchers to create an impressive research paper. Deep research requires reliable information that they can use as evidence. With our text summarizer, researchers can extract key points from any paper without going through the entire content. 

    Professional Writers 

    Writers are responsible for crafting inspiring and engaging content that compels readers to take their desired actions or become their loyal followers. Summarizing content perfectly is highly crucial to captivate readers. This summary generator allows them to summarize articles, paragraphs, and any content type effortlessly. 


    Written communication is a vital part of the corporate world. Individuals usually convey information or share ideas through emails or text messages. Our free text summarizer allows them to draw crucial points of any meeting or business report. The facility also enables them to transcript the key findings of any content in precise bullet points. 


    How to Summarize an Article?

    Our online text summarizer gives you the easiest way to extract key information from any text. Simply paste the content you want to summarize in the given field or upload the text on the tool. The summarize tool will process it and generate its flawless summary within a few seconds.

    How Does Summarizing Differ from Rewriting? 

    Summarizing is a process of drawing off critical information from a lengthy article. On the other hand, rewriting is a process of restating information in your own words while keeping the actual meaning of the text unchanged. Instantly rewrite text with the help of an efficient article rewriter now!