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Results of SEO ranking checker free tool can be a little disturbing because if your site isn’t old, then it is a chance it cannot be found in the SERP. If your website was made long ago, and still you aren’t able to find it with your chosen keywords then maybe you need to talk to your SEO team about this. If you don’t know how to use the Google Keyword Rank checker then there are some uncomplicated set of steps given below you need to follow.

  1. After you reach the site and find the keyword Rank Tracker Tool you will find two fields one is with the title “Specify Domain” this is where you will write or paste the link of the website you want to check the keyword position of.
  2. In the second “Search Engine” box below it, you will choose your preferred search engine. Mostly it is set to default to Google, but you can change it to others to learn how well you are doing in all. Also, if you have made your site responsive then forget to check the device option in front of it.
  3. When you are done with both, head over to “Enter up to 10 keywords” field and write the keywords you want to check the position of the site with. When you have completed writing just hit the “Check Search Ranking” button.
  4. Else, you can head to the next tab which is “By URL” and provide the URL. The SEO rank checker then will look for your websites link position in the SERP.

A website without proper SEO is like a body without a soul. And when it comes to SEO, there is nothing more important than choosing a keyword, making it rank and keeping track of its SEO ranking to maintain your position. If you fail to do so, you’ll be out of the game sooner than you know, and your competitor will secure the position that you just lost owing to your negligence.

Let’s assume, you chose a ‘right’ keyword, you worked hard to rank it in SERPs, and after that, you thought now it’s safe to move ahead. If that’s what your approach has been so far then guess what? Stop right away! We wish SEO were that simple, but face the truth, it isn’t. It certainly isn’t a one-time game of keyword ranking. Sustaining a top position in SERPs require vigilance and continuous efforts!

If you wish to rank for a keyword and achieve stability, you would need a bulk Keyword Rank Checker that would let you find out your SEO ranking effortlessly. And which better tool than the Google Keyword Rank Tracker of SER. This keyword rank tracker would provide you most accurate SERPs results for your keywords. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

SEO is the battle a search engine optimizer doesn’t want to lose, and the first step to winning it is not becoming a victim of keyword cannibalization. It is where you add the same keyword to every part of your website (not one page); in this manner, you will be competing with your very own self. Your site will lose the ability to draw people for other appended keywords, and if you believe it’s the case with your website, then you better give our keyword Ranking Checker Tool a try.

Keyword Position Checker is: Easy to use, accurate & FREE!

If you are going to use this tool, there are no complicated steps to follow. Our efforts to keep our tools user-friendly have made this keyword Ranking Tool super easy to use for even those with minimal knowledge of SEO.

The keyword Rank Tracker will inform you about your website’s current status in SERP. If you are continuously working on the SEO part then upon reusing the tool after a while will show you some positive results. If done manually it occupies a lot of time especially if you created the site a few weeks ago, the average time required by a site to appear in SERP can be from weeks to a few months, but that depends on the type of quality the content of your website contains.

Using the Google Rank Checker regularly will keep notifying you about your current status in the SERP. No doubt, it is vital to appear on the first page of the SERP as most of the traffic is generated from the very first response page. The bulk keyword Position Tracker will accurately put you in the clear picture, and sometimes it is difficult to go through the pages of the results page looking for a specific website based on a particular keyword search. Also, it is a free keyword ranking tool which can become a part of your SEO tool kit along with more SEO tools located on our site.

Today, the internet marketers know that SEO is not a piece of cake, especially when it comes to keyword research it is essential to understand that those keywords aren’t just characters, they are basically the best match for a user’s search. When people are searching for those keywords, they are looking for suitable and relevant answers to their queries.

The normal range described by webmasters for the inclusion of keywords is two to three percent in the entire content of one page. So, you need to make sure that you choose the right place for keywords in your website’s content and avoid keyword stuffing or other techniques that give a temporary boost and gets you off the track in some time. It is up to you or your SEO team that how they work on its progress in SERP and you can keep track of its progression with our Google Website Rank Checker Online.

People in SEO struggle to achieve a good rank in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and if they don’t choose right keywords for one or every page that holds authority, then it can really be troublesome. Climbing up the scale of SERP requires patience and constant efforts, the reason is you don’t know how many people (Your Competitors) are actually working on their site’s SEO as you are spending a day off. In short, missing one day in search engine optimization can affect your current website’s traffic, and you don’t want to be left behind. If you own a business, it is best to rank locally in the search engine by adding it to different good quality directory sites.

Also, if you own a firm, for example, plumbers, there is an ample chance of showing up in the results if you choose the right long keyword for it, offer best services and have excellent reviews. Adding your location allows you to show up in the search engine when someone close-by needs a plumber’s assistance. Search engines know very well that when people are looking for a local service, they would prefer the one near to their location, also their ranking factors are different when compared to regular queries. You can use the Google position checker to learn about the current position of your business.

Keywords also explain the type of material they hold. If by any chance you are trying to rank with keywords that are entirely irrelevant to the content present on your website, then sooner or later when crawlers find out, your site will face unfortunate circumstances. If Google likes your content due to its uniqueness and authenticity, it can also become a part of Google News and make sure you update the material on a regular basis because spider bots of Google visit such sites frequently.

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