1. Probability Calculator

Probability is a part of statistics, which is a branch of mathematics. Probability is widely used whenever the result of an event is uncertain. In easy words, the probability is the likeliness of anything to happen or not. For instance, while tossing a coin, the chances of getting heads and tails are equal but not certain. Therefore, people can turn to the probability calculator for the calculation of any event’s possibility to occur or not within a matter of a few seconds.

2. Margin Calculator

Margin or gross margin is a profitability measure used by businesses to analyze their financial health. This ratio also helps the investors in figuring out the best company in the market with a profitable future. Revenue and cost of goods sold are the two values that help a person in calculating the margin of any company. The margin calculator is designed to make the margin calculation process easier and faster for everyone around the globe.

3. Sales Tax Calculator

Without remembering the formulas and solving the values manually, you can effortlessly calculate sales tax with our sales tax calculator. It’s a vital tool for businesses and buyers to calculate the prices of products or services inclusive and exclusive of sales tax. The sales tax is applicable in almost all countries in the world, but the rate might vary from country to country. The sales tax calculator resolves the issue of calculating this tax, as it provides the users with an easy to use interface.

4. GST Calculator

Goods and Services Tax is charged on the supply of certain goods and services being used domestically or commercially. Our GST calculator provides 100% accurate results to the users and assists them in figuring out the price of a product with or without including GST. The GST exclusive value shows the amount that belongs to the supplier of that product. Whereas the GST inclusive amount includes GST, and this price is paid by the customer.

5. Confidence Interval Calculator

The calculation of confidence interval involves the analysis of a sampling method with a predicted confidence level to measure the level of certainty or uncertainty. This process is vital for people in various ways as it allows them to find the range of values within which the true population parameter exists out of the total population. The technicalities involved in calculating confidence intervals often lead people to inaccuracies. Therefore, the confidence interval calculator is out here to save you from this nuisance without charging any money.

6. Average Calculator/Mean Calculator

Our average calculator is here to solve the problems faced by students, researchers, etc. while solving complex average questions. The simple definition of average is the value that represents any given dataset. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems because it further has several branches, which makes it quite difficult for people to get the results straightforwardly. The average calculator and the mean calculator provide its users with a simple way to calculate the average or mean.

7. Age Calculator

Have you ever wondered what your age was at a particular date? If yes, then the age calculator is the perfect utility you can use to find your age between two intervals. Knowing how old you were at a specific time is easy in terms of years. But if you want detailed statistics of your age in terms of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, or seconds, the age calculator is an efficient tool to use. The manual method of calculating age will restrict you from getting your hands on accurate results. However, the age calculator will present precise results in a blink of an eye.

8. Percentage Calculator

You might come across several types of percentage problems in various phases of life, which range from basic to advanced. For solving percentage queries, we have a percentage calculator for our users to protect them from the hassle of manual calculation. Teachers, students, and organizations can use the percentage calculator online utility for calculating percentages without using formulas.

9. PayPal Fee Calculator

Do you want to know how much extra charge you pay to PayPal for sending money through this online payment system? The PayPal fee calculator is here to help you find out the fees you will have to pay against any amount. If you want the sender to bear the fees, you can enter the amount you have to receive on this tool. In the results, this online calculator will display the amount you should ask from the sender. Besides calculating the PayPal fee, this tool also lets you know the amount left after deducting or summing the expense.

10. Discount Calculator

Now you don’t need to rely on conventional methods for finding the discounted prices anymore, as you can easily access the online discount calculator service. Whether you want to calculate a discount after deducting the sale tax or not, this utility has got you covered. A buyer can find out the exact amount he/she has to pay for getting any good or service available at a certain discount percentage. On the other hand, the sellers can calculate the amount they should charge after deducting the discount and sales tax with this discount calculator.

11. EPS Calculator

EPS stands for earning per share, and it is defined as the allocation of a company’s profit to the number of outstanding shares it has issued out of its total stock. Earnings per share is a financial ratio used by accountants and investors to estimate a company’s profitability. Calculating EPS manually is a daunting task, and you cannot rely on it completely due to the chances of inaccuracies. Therefore, you can use the EPS calculator to calculate EPS effortlessly, as it just asks you to enter the values in the relevant boxes. You can use this online calculator to figure out the financial health of multiple companies before making a decision to invest in any of them.

12. CPM Calculator

CPM calculator is a vital tool for marketers as it allows them to calculate extensive details about the rate of CPM at any platform. With this CPM calculator, you can easily find out the number of impressions, total cost, or CPM rate instantly. The CPM rate can differ significantly between an average website and a social media platform. It depends upon your budget and the audience you are targeting to extract the best results out of CPM. The CPM calculator allows you to find out the number of impressions you will get at a particular platform as per the rate it charges and the total amount you are willing to pay.

13. LTV Calculator

Before approving a mortgage, the lenders and financial institutes use the LTV or loan to value ratio for assessing the risk involved in any particular lending. The loan to value calculator is a perfect tool for finding how much risk is involved with any mortgage application. With this tool’s assistance, a person can figure out whether the lender will ask him/her to take out the PMI insurance or not. You can calculate LTV without facing any hurdles on this tool at any time of the day.

14. BMI Calculator

The calculation of body mass with respect to an individual’s height and weight to figure out whether a person is healthy, overweight, or underweight. This metric is known as BMI, and it has specified ranges that help people analyze where they stand. Individuals with BMI above 30 are considered obese, whereas a BMI going below 18.5 is perceived as underweight. The healthy BMI range starts from 18.6 and goes up to 24.9. In order to figure out what your current Body Mass Index is use online BMI calculator to automate the process and get accurate results in no time.