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Discount calculator can easily calculate discounted prices and the saved amount. Enter product original price and discount percentage to get accurate results.

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This online facility enables you to calculate the discounted price after applying sales tax and discount on a particular item. You can utilize an online discount calculator to find the original price of a product without a discount with a few taps on your device. This discount calculator is equally useful for shopkeepers and buyers, as both can find the discounted amount or the amount that excludes discount without making any hard efforts.

Moreover, this advanced discount calculator assists you in knowing how much money you will save in shopping. Calculate the discount on an item without installing any application on your device. Only a strong connection to the internet will enable you to use a discount calculator from any corner of the globe.

In simple words, a discount is a reduced amount from the basic price of a product. There are many reasons to give a discount; it can be given at an event, new product launch, or promotion. You may have heard or seen in your surroundings that it’s 20% off. The discount or percent off is the same thing and has a similar meaning, i.e., reduction in the actual price.

If you are a businessman, you may have the idea that giving a discount on various products is a great advertisement technique widely used worldwide to attract customers. The customers usually fall into this trap and do excessive shopping after hearing about the discount. It is a difficult task to compute discounted prices manually after excessive shopping. That's why we have designed a percentage discount calculator for your convenience.

Discount Formula

Now, if you have a query in your mind about how we can calculate discount rate on a product’s actual price, then we have got you covered. The following formula will assist you in finding the discounted amount on an item.

Discounted price = Original price - Original price x Discount rate.

For example,

Discounted price = 200 - 200 x 10% = 200 - 200 x 0.10 = 200-20 = $180

You can compute the saved amount by using this discount formula. However, the fastest way to calculate discount rate is with the help of our percentage discount calculator.

You are not supposed to go through any hard and fast rules to get assistance from this online utility. The following straightforward set of instructions will help you proceed for using this discount calculator online.

  1. After reaching this discount calculator, enter the actual amount and the percentage of discount in the given boxes.
  2. Click on the “Calculate Discount” button to begin the process.
  3. That’s all. You will get your discount amount results in no time.

Quantity discount

You will enjoy a quantity discount from the actual price of the product if you buy a large number of products. The quantity discount is given by the shopkeepers to entice buyers to purchase the items in a large quantity.

Trade discount

The reduction in the price of a product that is given by a seller to a wholesale or retail business on buying the items or services is known as a trade discount.

Promotional discount

In this type of discount, the seller gives a discount on the actual amount of the item due to some promotion or advertisement.

Cash discount

If a customer pays the bill before the due date and the seller gives a reduction in the price due to it, then it will be called a cash discount. The seller mostly reduces a specific percentage of the amount in this type, like 5% of the actual amount.

Seasonal discount

The business owner sometimes gives a discount for season-out merchandise, like winter-clearance sales, etc. The main purpose of this discount is to clear the stock before the arrival of a new one.

Frequently Asked Question

A fake price discount means that there is no reduction in price from the actual price of the product, but there is a difference between the introductory price and the current price.

You can calculate 20% of a price by using our 20%off calculator and also by multiplying it with the actual price and then subtracting the result from the actual price. For example, if the actual price is $500, the discount will be calculated as follows.

Discounted price = 500 - 500 x 20% = 500 - 500 x 0.20 = 500-100 = $400

The reduction of price in a specific percentage from the actual price of the product is known as a percentage discount. For instance, 10% off on winter collection.

You can understand how to find the original price of a product by going through the following example.

If a car was bought for $600 after a 10% discount, what was the original price of the car?



original price = x

Discount rate = 10%

Discount = 10% of x = 0.10 × x = 0.1x

Sale price = Actual price − Discount = x − 0.1x = 0.9x

Sale price = $600 = 0.9x

x = $666.67

Original price = $666.67