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Websites are involved in a constant battle to get a good ranking and to maintain it on search engines. The reason for this is pretty simple. When a person searches for information regarding a particular topic he or she wants the search engine to display the pages based on their search criteria. If the search engine returns irrelevant sites the searcher will switch over to another search engine. That’s why a backlink checker is a useful tool for SEOs.

It's for this reason that the SEO industry was born and SEO providers are engaged by website owners to ensure that their websites rank high on search engines. Very few people have the patience or the time to look beyond the first four pages of results displayed by the search engine based on their search criteria. This is the main reason why website owners want their websites to be displayed on the first or second page displayed by the search engine.

Google, the world's most popular search engine uses a complex algorithm to rank a website and backlinks are one of the pieces of information used to determine the ranking of a website. Anyone who owns or manages a website knows the importance of 'Backlinks'. What are backlinks and why are they important and relevant for a website and what can a website manager do to gain RELEVANT backlinks without getting into trouble with Google and other search engines is important for website managers to know.

Initially Google gave a lot of relevance to websites that had a huge number of backlinks. This opened up the gates for various companies and website managers to create backlinks just to increase a website's ranking. A variety of tools flooded the market offering free backlink builder, free automatic backlink generator and some were Google specific like Google backlink checker tool, etc. But Google soon realized that giving undue weight-age to sites which had a huge number of backlinks which were basically useless and was spoiling the website ranking and they therefore changed the weight-age attached to websites backlinks.

For example, if a small unknown oil company got ranked on the first page of a search engine for top oil companies in the world meant something was wrong with the ranking criteria. Therefore search engines stopped depending on number of backlinks and started examining the relevance of the backlinks to the website.

Google uses over 200 factors in ranking websites and backlinks are just one of them. Google checks the relevance and the authority of the website's backlinks and does not rely on numbers of backlinks while ranking a website. Google can even penalize a website if its algorithm analyses that some of the backlinks are irrelevant to the content of the website.

For example a car repair shop's website having a backlink with a sports news website would be deemed irrelevant. Search engines criteria for quality backlinks have gotten tougher thanks to unscrupulous web managers using sneaky techniques to provide backlinks to websites in attempts to fool the search engines ranking criteria.

Therefore creating backlinks and checking the relevance and authority of the backlinks becomes important if you want your website to maintain its Google and other search engines ranking and move up in the ranking. There are sites that invite you to create free backlinks and get free Google backlinks,. But it would be better to avoid these free sites.

When creating backlinks, website managers need a good backlink checker tool that works on the lines used by Google's web ranking algorithm. Some websites create automatic backlinks to sites that have no relevance to them. This practice can actually damage the website's ranking without the website manager knowing that the site has irrelevant backlinks.

Nobody except Google knows how exactly their backlink checker algorithm works. But with some experience SEO tools provider can do a very close analysis and create tools to use which will tell a website manager if the backlinks to the site are relevant and figure in Google's methodology of ranking the website or if they are useless and can actually get the website penalized for having irrelevant backlinks.

Many SEO tools providers offer a variety of backlink checker tools and web managers have to choose carefully in selecting the right tool to check the quality of backlinks to their managed websites. Yes website managers want quality backlinks to their websites so that visitors can easily visit other relevant websites and vice versa. Reciprocal links have to be handled carefully as Google has a patent in the works to deal with popularity and trustworthiness of sites interlinks.

As a website manager it's important to check the anchor text being used to relate another website to yours. 'Read more' or 'visit' used as anchor text to point to another website have no relevance in search engines ranking and relating backlinks. Therefore the websites linking to your website should be requested to change and incorporate relevant anchor text.

Building quality and relevant backlinks is a long and arduous task and web managers are advised to display patience while undertaking this task and refrain from trying shortcuts. Because once Google decides to ban a website it becomes virtually impossible to recover or rebuild its relevance. Therefore it's important to know the backlinks to your website and the anchor text incorporated in the website linking back to your site.

Backlink-checker is a quality backlink checker tool provided free by that checks quality and relevance of backlinks to your website. It's one of the most reliable and efficient free backlink checker tool available right now. Backlink-checker has been designed to operate on the broad guidelines of Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Firefox. It not only checks the number of backlinks to your site but also the quality and relevance of the sites. It will also allow you to remove irrelevant backlinks which could be spam and could get your website banned.

You never know which sites have built backlinks to your website and it's always useful to periodically monitor the backlinks. This will ensure that your site is not infected with spam and irrelevant backlinks. Try out backlink-checker from and if you are satisfied with the results it presents add it into your SEO toolkit.