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Backlink checker helps you to stay updated with the number of links built on a site and also you can view them to analyze each of them! Now whether it’s your site or you want to monitor your competitor just enter the URL & press the “Check backlinks” button.

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There are no hard and fast rules to use our free tool. You can use this backlink checker by following these easy steps;

  • Go to our tool page:
  • Paste your URL into the given text box.
  • Once you’ve entered your URL, click on the “Check Backlinks” button.
  • Once you are done with that, our backlink tracker will do the rest for you. You will get the complete report about the links built against the URL you have entered in a few seconds. The results will comprise the URL, Anchor text, DR, link type, referring domains and referring IPs.

In Search Engine Optimization, Backlinks are most significant for increasing the organic traffic of a website. These are the links from external sites pointing on your webpages. Commonly speaking, they are considered as a “vote” of confidence for the content from one site to another.

They are essential in improving the ranking of a site in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP); that’s why leading websites’ give utmost priority in generating high-quality backlinks to increase their organic traffic. So they are crucial for proving Google the effectiveness, quality, and uniqueness of your content.

If you are a new website owner and want to increase its domain authority, then you need to understand the significance of quality backlinks. Building a strong backlink portfolio is the key and has an apparent effect on the ranks and traffic of a website—if performed correctly. You can also track your links profile with a backlink tracker. It can make your content pertinent for a search; hence, it acquires a top position in Search Engine Results. This ultimately increases the traffic on your site and admiration of your content.

Pro Tip: also allows you to check your website’s authority by using its free domain authority checker tool.

Although Search Engines like Google keep on changing their SEO policies, backlinks are still in the game, and their effectiveness can make you thrive in the online world. They denote the trust of another website on your content that improves the reputation of your site. You should focus on building backlinks related to your website niche. After creating, check them with a website backlink checker to monitor the total count of them.

Outbound links:

There are millions of sites over the internet that are connected with many hyperlinks. The links that can take a user from your site to other sites are known as outbound links. Outbound links are very crucial in the onsite optimization process of SEO.

Inbound links:

The hyperlinks that are coming to your site from another site are known as inbound links. These inbound links are the most critical component of SEO. Search Engines like Google consider the site or webpage more effective and high-quality for its users that have more inbound links in their content and give them a higher place in SERP. You can find the inbound links on any site or a webpage by pasting its URL on our efficient Inbound link checker.

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The primary purpose of making a massive effort on SEO of your site and writing unique and high-quality content for your website is to get a high rank in SERP, and ultimately, increase your organic traffic. The good-quality backlinks are the most critical and essential components for you to achieve your goal.

Google spiders find the excellent quality, relevant, and unique content on the pages by these backlinks and index these pages. But, the quality of the backlinks is very critical in this scenario, as Google considers the lousy quality or unnatural as spam, and it can lead your site to the bottom of the SERP. That’s why it is recommended to use a website backlink checker to check or monitor their quality.

Useful Tip: Rank high in search engines to get more traffic, more revenue, and for this, you need to build strong backlinks as they can be a great source of organic traffic.

Now, you might have an idea about the significance and advantages of good-quality backlinks. But, if the quality of these hyperlinks are not appropriate, or they are irrelevant to the content of your site, then, trust me, you may have to face Google penalties. The best option to find them by using our online backlink checker.

Search engines prefer quality over the quantity and consider these bad links as spam. They throw the sites having bad links at the bottom of the SERP. No website owner would like this to happen; therefore, they need to check the quality of their links. Our free tool assists you to check website backlinks that will enable you to analyze the relevance and quality of these links.

It is significant for a site owner to keep an eye on the working of their competitors and check site backlinks of them in order to make necessary changes or improvements to their sites. You can check the quality and relevance of the links on your competitors’ site with our free backlink checker tool.

Once you enter the URL of your competitors’ site on our free backlink checker, you will be able to explore all the links built against that URL within a blink of an eye. This will help you to catch up with their link building strategies and make an approach to improve your backlink generation methods.

Backlinks can play the role of a game-changer in the success of your website if used properly, but it can also become a reason for the decrement of your site on SERP. Some of the main advantages of high-quality links and disadvantages of bad backlinks are discussed below:


  • These links can help you in improving the ranking of your site.
  • You can get more organic traffic on your website by using good-quality backlinks.
  • You can generate many backlinks for your websites quickly, without any hard effort.


  • Spammy or bad backlinks can lead you to face severe Google penalties.
  • It is difficult to find relevant and reliable sites manually that can give you high-quality backlinks.


Most of the people couldn’t understand that Google prefers the quality of the backlinks, not the quantity. If you have relevant and natural links on your sites, then it will be easier for you to get a high rank in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Our free backlink checker enables you to check the quality of the backlinks on your sites. Moreover, if you want to find out the backlinks of some other website or page for inspiration or future planning, you can use this website backlink checker to get all the backlinks on the page without any hassle.