Website Broken Link Checker

Website broken link checker scans your site pages for dead or malicious links in a few seconds. Filter bad links and fix them. Enter the URL in the tool and hit the “Get Broken Links” key to start discovering.

What are broken links?

The broken links, also known as Dead Links, are the hyperlinks on a webpage that doesn’t work because the site is encountering any of the following discussed reasons.

Main Reasons for Broken links

404 Page Not Found: This error occurs when the webpage is moved or doesn’t exist on the server. For certain kinds of errors, use a 404 error checker.

400 Bad Request: if a user enters an incorrect link, then this error occurs.

Bad URL: Inaccurate URL (e.g., wrong protocol, extra slashes, or a missing bracket, etc.)

Bad Code: Invalid HTTP response code: the server response interrupts HTTP specifications.

Invalid hostname: if the server has a name that no longer exists.

Timeout: this error occurs when an HTTP requests unceasingly timed out during the link check

Dead link checker creeps through your site and discovers 404 error links that you need to patch. Analyze your website internal or external links with our link analyzer along with their no follow or do follow attribute.

Broken links harm your SEO

As we all know that effective SEO is crucial for getting more traffic on your site, and website owners’ try to use various techniques for this purpose. However, if a user visits your website, and finds multiple dead links on your web pages, then what will be his views about your website? Of course, he will not appreciate it and may not revisit your site. This will destroy all the efforts that a person has made to grab the attention of internet users.

Broken links can be very harmful to the SEO of a site; the users feel annoyed when they can't get the required information from your webpage. The status of a website can be harmed due to these backlinks, and people may avoid visiting your website that will affect the organic traffic on your site. But, you don’t need to get worried anymore, as you can use our fantastic online website broken link checker to find out all the dead links on your webpage within a few seconds.

Steps to Use Our website broken link checker

Follow these easy steps to use our website broken link checker:

  1. Enter your URL into the given text box.
  2. Once your URL is entered, click on the “Get Broken Links” button under the text box.
  3. Once you are done with that, our online broken link checker will do rest for you. In a matter of seconds, you will get the free bad links for the URL you entered. The results will include the Total URLs, OK URLs, and Broken URLs.

Impact of broken links on websites

Our fantastic online website broken link checker allows you to track all the dead links on your site without any hassle. If you are a site owner and strives to improve the ranking of your website, then you need to detect and remove all the backlinks from your web pages within no time. These dead links can damage the popularity of your site and cause a massive fall in the traffic on your site. These dead links can affect your sites’:

User Experience:

The visitors to a website are the key to its success. But, once the users do not get the required information and face dead links on a web page, then it will affect their experience, and they may avoid visiting your site. Also discourage new visitors from visiting your site which in turn means prospective traffic lost.


The dead links can destroy the reputation of a site within no time because the website is perceived as not updated and full of dead links that will affect the credibility of the website. Damage your reputation on the internet as bad links send a negative signal to you not caring for your customers


The ultimate goal for making a site is to generate income, but the financial affairs of a website get affected disastrously with the loss of massive traffic due to these dead links. Your website's ranking and rating with Google and other search engines will drop. Google page rank checker tells how well your page is ranking in google search engine.

Fortunately, you can overcome these issues by using our fantastic online website broken link checker without any hassle. The process of finding all the dead links on a website is a hectic task as there might be hundreds of dead links on a web page. But, our efficient online website broken link checker allows you to find broken links quickly, which enables you to remove it without any hesitation. Check factors that are affecting your site performance by using our free website SEO checker.