Check Competitor Backlinks

Check competitor backlinks and learn how strong your competitor’s backlink profile is. Write the URL in the text field and click on the “Check Competitor Backlinks” button.


Backlinks are very important and analyzing them helps you to know your website’s positioning amongst other websites. Your SEO strategy must not be focused on content alone, but also on the backlinks that lead back to your post. Thus, check competitor backlinks because they are highly considered and scrutinized by Google and other search engines.

However, it is not only useful for you to check your own backlinks. Understand your competitors’ activities such as backlinks can be observed so that they would be valuable for your own website. Check competitor backlinks that help you to improve your website’s SEO today. When you’ve taken note of those competitors that always seem to rank well and get all the traffic, it’s the only smart way that you see what they’ve been doing for their backlinks.

Backlinks are essential to your SEO progress because they are responsible for increasing your site’s trustworthiness, particularly to search engines. This results in more traffic to your site. They equally show proof of quality content on your site and raise the ranking of the website or webpage being linked. It is obviously a good idea to check competitor backlinks and be updated on those details that are concerned with your website.


By finding backlinks that are working well for your competitors, you get to see relevant sites that might also link to your site. Reputable sites would link only to good website posts. You can equally check competitor backlinks free to know what sort of posts those reputable sites want. You need to take note of your competitors’ backlinks, not just to copy their moves, but to equally take note of aspects where they can be improved and simply incorporate these improvements into your own site. You can also take benefit by knowing the targeted audience your competitors serve and then simply serving them too.

For this, you would require to check competitor backlinks free which would show further all the links of your competitor's sites that are earning them more traffic. Find competitors backlinks free that help in achieving your goals with ease.

You can also do your own website’s backlinks analysis to know the backlinks that you all have in common. This tool is designed to operate on the guidelines of Google and other search engines, going the extra mile to help you get rid of spam backlinks that could get your website penalized. Don’t worry about your broken backlinks and use our broken backlink checker to view or fix them within a few seconds.


When you do a website competitor analysis, you get to observe the progress and decline of different backlink profiles. You also get to observe the likely organic traffic that each linking page will get. In addition, you see the websites that are linked to your target. Amongst others, check competitor backlinks that help you count how many backlinks you have been created on your competitor’s sites. It is essential that you check your own backlinks quite often too, to avoid getting attached to broken backlinks.

Steps to check competitor's backlinks

To use this tool, you only have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the domain URL (for your website/webpage or your competitors’).
  2. After that click the “Check Competitor Backlinks” button.
  3. You will get the detailed results in a few seconds.

There are a lot of spy competitor backlink tools today because it has been observed that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your clients is a good SEO strategy. However, not all these tools provide you with actionable reports. Our tool provides you with more than a list of random backlinks. You get to see reports that would guide you on the next action to take when you use this tool.

Find competitor's backlinks free related to your niche so you would know the keywords they revolve around. Also, you will need to analyze their content and also their backlinks using a spy competitor backlink tool such as ours is your best bet.


As much as you can check the competitor backlinks, you should also note that Google does not depend only on backlinks to rank a site. So, although you require more backlinks, which is important, note that you don’t want them to be the kind that leads to spam sites. This could cast a bad light on your website, not just to the search engines but to users.

Indeed, there used to be a lot of hype previously for many backlinks pointing back to a site. Now, there is a greater preference for quality backlinks. In fact, excessive irrelevant backlinks have gotten quite outdated due to the constant improvement of Google’s complex algorithm. Moreover, they can get your site penalized by Google. Thus, your site needs to combine both good contents with a relevant and quality backlink to be considered for the ranking. offers you to check your website backlinks by using our backlink checker.

Finally, take the necessary action today by staying aware of your competitors’ strengths through a knowledge of their backlinks by simply checking competitor backlinks free using our tool.