Website link counter crawls your webpages and extracts internal and external links of the website along with a do-follow or no-follow attribute. Add the URL in the text field and press the "Count Links" button.


One aspect of a website that always worries SEOs and webmasters is; how many links they have to their website. For them, the website link counter is very important. The reason is that the more quality links a website has, the higher it will be rated by Google and other search engines.

Search for the Website link counter, and there will be a flood of websites offering this tool. Use the tool because it gives your accurate results within a few seconds. Follow the few simple steps to use our website link counter:

  1. Enter the URL of the webpage in the text field
  2. Press “Count Links” buttons and in a few seconds, you get your results.
  3. The result shows the summary of total links, internal and external links.


The summary of the results will display:

  1. Total links
  2. Internal links
  3. External links
  4. No-follow links

This is useful information for website masters. Website links count checker helps in SEO to build more links.

Total links: Total links tell you the total number of internal and external links that the website has. Our internal link checker will show the number of duplicate links and the number of empty anchors. Anchors texts matter a lot so you must keep a check on your content anchor text distribution.

Internal links: Internal links are those that link pages within a website. They may be linked via the website menu or by interlinks. For example, if a website has a menu item 'oil refineries' and in the drop-down menu, there are four refineries listed they will be interlinked.

External links: External links are links to other websites. The higher the number of external links the better they are for the website. However, all the links should point relevant and credible websites and not to spam or spurious sites. The external link checker gives you list of all links.

No-follows:No-follows are indicated in red as they indicate danger. The amount of danger they pose to a website is debatable. However no-follow links should be avoided. Popular social media sites automatically are no-follow.

Our Website link counter will also tell you the anchor text which is linking your site to another site. This helps to analyze the text and to use versions of the anchor text to create more follow links.


If you want to gain top-ranking positions in SERP then build some quality links. Count links that your website has not to do it manually do it using a website link counter. It is a fact that not all links are equal. links are divided into do-follow and no-follow.

Do-follow links

They pass on link juice and are beneficial for your website to get a high Page Rank. Google takes notice of do-follow links and figures out how many users are linking to your page in order to know how good your page is. The number of do-follow links increases your SEO points. Do-follow links can help you increase the Page Rank, earn more SEO points, and gives a boost to your sites link juice.

No-follow links

No-follow links don’t allow search engine bots to follow your links. These links don’t pass on any link juice. Only people can follow these links. They don’t help you in boosting Page Rank, website rankings, and have no SEO value. As we know No-follow links don’t transfer any link juice but they can help you get traffic on your website. Use page rank checker to know about your rankings on google.


If you can create a link by providing quality and niche content, it can bring you good results and some excellent links. Your link from Wikipedia could get linked to a renowned and established site. It, of course, will cause your website's ranking to climb. There are multiple ways that help to create quality links.

  1. Analyze your links and then set about creating excellent and original content.
  2. Start guest blogging on a site related to your business and link it to your site
  3. Hard work, writing quality content, and posting it on your website is the only sure way of getting a high ranking on Google.

Whenever the industry attempts to fool Google's ranking criteria, it is short-lived. Google gets to know when something is going wrong and fix it. Keep monitoring your website links with a website link counter and see how many links you have gained or lost.