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How many of us usually proofread our very own document? Well, let us tell you, about 70 percent of the people read their own written documents.

There are so many typos we make when we are writing about something, it either can be in spellings or grammatical. Let’s say that you managed to point out misspelled words but what about grammar? No man is an island, even people we call professionals face this small problem and use free grammar check to avoid any errors, otherwise these small typos can make your work seem worthless.

Which is why we bring you the ultimate grammar test tool to take care of your text and to save your time from manually looking for errors, finding errors without any tool can be troublesome because it will not only take a lot of your valuable time but also won’t make you feel convinced. There is always a suspicion that maybe something is missing and to avoid such a feeling we developed Grammar and Spell checker for you.

Grammar checker fixes any grammatical errors that your document might have. The primary role of a this tool is to look at each word contained in a sentence, match it with words in its dictionary and see for punctuations if required before or after that word. The great thing about our online grammar check is that it will not only take care of your grammatical errors but will suggest you words that you have used more than once in a single sentence or the entire content. This not only makes it more reliable but makes you feel secure, means it saves you from the embarrassment. Turn your weak points into strong with this efficient tool.

Well, A best free grammar check, as you know now how it works and what it is used for, now let’s find out about how it will help you. Let’s say you are an author who writes books, stories, etc. With the help of spelling and grammar check, you won’t need any other text editor because you can write long paragraphs in our punctuation checker which will help you fix errors as you make them. You won’t need to wait till you complete your article.

There are some things you need to know about. Sentence correction will fix all sorts of problems in your text including the words with the same pronunciation, but different spellings are also known as homophones. For example, the word “peace” and “piece” are two different words with entirely different meaning. Some sentence checker will only look at the spellings of the word but not at the context of the sentence. There has been a research on the development of a method, in which online spell check will find grammatical errors based on the meaning of the neighboring words.

Mistakes are a part of life, and we know that if we won’t make them how are we going to learn from them. This learning from mistakes is also called experience, the more you experience, the more you get a step closer to being a professional. People who aren’t native English speakers or writers experience such issues when they have to use a different language especially students. It is another big reason behind the development of this grammar corrector, people who are learning the second language like English. It will help you find the mistakes you can make in your exams. Learn from them and make use of the english grammar check tool your habit because we know the value of punctuation and so do you.

If you have made it this far, let’s work on how to use this english corrector.

  • If you have made it this far, let’s work on how to use this grammar and spell checker tool.
  • You can type text directly into the box or copy and paste the content in the box.
  • In the above image, you can see an example text written in the text box with mistakes highlighted in different colors. Red appear as spelling mistakes and yellow color will help you find any grammatically made errors. Using this text box as a text editor can really be helpful for you because you won’t need to look for grammatical mistakes later when you can do it while you are typing.
  • Below the text box, you can find two drop-down menus. In the first one, you can choose the language you wish to write in and check for errors. The second will allow you to select its type for example, British, African, Australian, Canadian, etc.
  • If you have text contained in some file and wish to check, then you have two options available one can be uploading the text file by hitting the choose file button, or you can copy paste the text into the box. The second method is if your data is stored in Dropbox you can upload it by providing the link or logging in through the from Dropbox button.
  • When you are done with the uploading part or have pasted the text in the text box, all you have to do is press the “Check Grammar” button present below the choose file option. will look for any errors and will show you the results in a matter of seconds. The second option is deep grammar check which will allow you to check for the sentence structure as well and also will let you know if your paragraphs have long sentences that need fixation.

The last question in your mind will be, is it free of cost or not? Well, it is entirely! There are websites which even ask you for a sign-up to use their text analysis tools, but we don’t. It is entirely up to you if you wish to sign-up and join our newsletters list to stay updated about our other tools like free Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrasing Tool, Word Counter, Image to text converter and much more.

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