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Free essay checker review your essays for grammar errors, misspelled words, and unclear sentences. Ensure top-notch quality and aim for an A+ grade with this essay corrector.

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Why Free Essay Checker?

This tool performs essay checks to help students from the downsides of writing errors like bad grammar, misspelled words, and so on. After working on an essay for days, proofreading it can become a daunting task. Hence, you should use Searchenginereports’ essay corrector to achieve the following objectives:

Improve Grades

The grade you score in a particular course is dependent on the quality of your submitted essay. The free essay checker and corrector can save you from a failing grade and help you improve it by making your essay grammatically sound. It also enhances the flow of sentences in your essay, which may impress educators. 

Save Time

Checking an essay on your own is a hectic and time-consuming task. You can rescue yourself from this tiring chore by leaving it to the advanced capabilities of our essay fixer. This tool will take no time to check essays and erase all grammatical and structural mistakes.

Become a Better Writer

Your writing skills can only be polished if you keep practicing and learning from your mistakes. Best writers also make mistakes. But with the AI essay checker, you can find mistakes in your essay and learn how to fix them, which can aid you in gradually becoming a better writer.

How Does SearchEngineReports’ Essay Checker Work?

The free essay checker offered by SearchEngineReports works on automated algorithms. It doesn’t require much human intervention in the process of reviewing an essay. Here is the course of action you need to follow to conduct an essay check with this online utility

  • Submit your essay in the provided field by pasting text or uploading a file directly.
  • Press the “Check my Essay” button to start the process.
  • The tool will identify and highlight all kinds of mistakes existing in your essay instantaneously.
  • Click each error to rectify it with this essay corrector’s suggestions.
  • Copy the rectified text or download it as a file to your device with a single click.

Check Your Essay to Improve

When it comes to writing an essay, all students need to ensure accuracy in all aspects. SearchEngineReports’ essay checker offers assistance in improving essay quality and delivering the intended message precisely.

Grammar, Spelling, and Vocabulary

Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary are essential components of an essay. If your essay contains grammatical errors, typos, or contextually incorrect words, then the essay corrector can help you rectify them.

Unnecessary Words

Certain phrases or words are unnecessarily used in a write-up that affect its readability. You can remove these unnecessary words with the help of our essay checker to make your essay easy to read and engaging for the readers.

Sentence Structure and Voice

The structure and voice of sentences in your essay should be consistent. To improve your essay, you should structure sentences appropriately. It’s also essential to create coherence in the text by keeping all sentences in the same voice.

Repetitive Words

Using the same words repeatedly can make your essay sound bland and redundant. Hence, you must make it versatile by avoiding repetitive words. The essay fixer can help you resolve this issue, as it comes with a huge database of synonyms.

Benefits of SearchEngineReports’ Free Essay Checker

This tool comes with various advantages that allow its users to check essays efficiently. Let’s discuss some of the benefits you can enjoy using this online utility.

Effortless Task

The essay check free utility takes away all the worries involved in the manual proofreading process. You won’t be required to go through each word, phrase, and sentence thoroughly in your essay, as this essay reviewer will do this job on your behalf. The tool’s availability simplifies the essay reviewing process.

Check Essay Quickly with Accuracy

The super-fast algorithms of this AI essay checker are backed by Artificial Intelligence technology, which ensures quick and accurate outcomes for all users. You can check your essay in a matter of seconds and get rid of all the mistakes it contains with utmost precision.

Learning Opportunity

Besides detecting mistakes, this essay fixer offers suggestions for correction, along with a brief explanation for each error. You can utilize this feature to enhance your writing skills and learn from your mistakes.


How to Check My Essay for Plagiarism Online?

You can check your essay for plagiarism with the help of SearchEngineReports’ plagiarism checker. This tool conducts an in-depth analysis of your essay and uses advanced technologies to identify the traces of plagiarism accurately.

Is it Cheating to Use an Essay Checker for Error Detection?

No! It isn’t cheating to use an essay checker, as it just assists you in polishing the quality of your essay. You have the choice to decide which parts of your essay to modify and which to retain

Are there any Limits Applied While Using an Essay Reviewer?

No limits are applied when using an essay reviewer. Users can utilize it as many times as they require without any restrictions.