Online Md5 Generator

It’s easy to give your text a hidden layer of protection, add your writing in the text area and tap the "Generate MD5" button to transform it into a Message Digest 5 Algorithm.

Not all SEOs and webmasters fully understand md5, its functions, and its vulnerabilities. Before using an online md5 generator, it’s important to understand its function and usage. First of all, let’s examine what does message digest (MD) mean.

MD5 was designed and created by Ronald Rivet in 1991. It was to replace the earlier MD4. The weaknesses of MD5 have been fully exploited and attacked in 2012 by Flame malware. The CMU Software Engineering Institute considers MD5 as “cryptographically broken and unsuitable for further use.” Despite its known weaknesses it remains in use. MD5 is used to protect user names and passwords and sensitive information.

There is a lot of discussion among the information technology experts whether MD5 is feasible and safe to use to protect data. As yet its weaknesses have been highlighted, and incidents of passwords intervention and misuse have been widely reported. But it remains in use in the Internet world. The reason for this could be until a better protection method is introduced it will stay in use.

Message digests are designed to protect the veracity of a piece of data or image and to detect any alterations to it. Message digests are algorithms that use a hash function to produce a 128-bit hash value. Like most hash functions message digests are neither encrypted nor encoded. Message digests are assigned to particular pieces of data content. Once the data is changed the message direct prompts the owner of the change and the user making the change.

Message digests assist in locating file content changes and assist in finding duplicate files. With the MD5 command, message digests are produced on UNIX systems. MD5 has been declared unreliable as problems relating to collision occur. It happens when two different files create the same code. File sharing programs use message digests. They warn users when they attempt to download duplicate files.

Message digests are encoded with private keys. It creates a digital signature which validates that an authorized user is accessing protected data. To create a message digest, the process is initialized. The data is processed through the digest with updates. In the final stage, the message digest does the hash computation and resets itself.

Each unique file will create a different message digest. Identical documents produce same message digests. But if a single item of data is changed in either one of the files the message digest will change. Microsoft states that the chances of creating two duplicate message digests are remote and minuscule.

Message digests can be used to provide integrity to emails. Once an email creator creates the mail, it will be digitally signed with the creator’s private digital signature and sent. The email recipient can check the message digest to ensure that the email was sent by the original author. If there is no match, the recipient will know that he or she has received a fake email.

Message digest functions are utilized for a variety of purposes in today’s internet world. Some of the reasons for their popular usage are:

  • Message digest functions are fast to calculate than traditional symmetric key cryptographic functions
  • Message digest functions are not patented and are unrestricted
  • Import and export restrictions do not apply on message digests
  • Message digests provide an excellent platform for creating randomness from inputs
  • Message digests can be used for creating an encryption key
  • Message digests can be used among two parties to share sensitive information by using message authentication codes.

Webmasters can use md5 hash online, md5 encrypt and md5 hash converter to text online depending on their requirements to create message digests. Some SEOs prefer to use Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). SHA -1 is a revision of SHA and its unknown if it’s more secure than the original SHA. The SHA-1 produces a 16 bit digest. For SEOs who prefer to use SHA-1 they can use; sha1 hash generator, or sha1 decrypter which are freely available on the internet.

Message digests can be used to decrypt passwords and information that creators do not want users or viewers to change.

If you want to create message digests using MD5, you can do so in Once you open the site click on Free SEO Tools and scroll down the icons. Once you come to online md5 generator click on it. Enter the text to be encoded, you can also select and copy/paste the text.

If for example you entered ‘the color of the dog is brown’.

The md5 of the given text will be ‘cc922e42fb096b51d67502f3369a08d2’.

If you entered ‘the color of the dog is black’.

The md5 of this text will be ‘6744f0c206cf6e9ca9bf23c928e41591’.

As you can note that the text entered is quite similar except the word ‘brown’ has been replaced with ‘black’, the md5 code generated for both the texts are different. This means that the md5 algorithm returns a different result if there is any difference in the text. If you were to enter the same sentence exactly the same the result will be the same. The same entered text will not return a different result.

This means that the encoding works in exactly the same way across different machines. It’s for this reason that a collision occurs if a duplicate file is created.

MD5 has been widely used in the information technology sector to ensure that the files transferred have arrived intact. Companies and users that transfer large amounts of data within their own data centers via the internet need this assurance that the file transfer has been successful and the files have not gotten corrupted.

SEOs and webmasters should avoid using md5 generator unless they know exactly how and where to use it. Also it should be used where sensitive or very voluminous data is to be exchanged across the internet. MD5 can be used for encoding and protecting files which are classified as read only. Should any once intercept and change the content the recipient will become aware of the illicit change.