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What Are Message Digests(MD)?

Message digests are designed to encrypt text to protect and detect any alterations in it. These algorithms use a function to produce a 128-bit hash value. Message digests are neither encrypted nor encoded. These hashing algorithms assist in finding duplicate files. It creates an MD5 hash a digital signature that validates an authorized user accessing protected data.

Each unique file will create a different message digest. Identical documents produce the exact hash string. With a minor change in either one of the files, the message digest will be changed.

Microsoft states that the chances of creating two duplicate message digests are minuscule.It can also be used to provide integrity to emails. Once an email creator creates the mail, it will be digitally signed with the creator’s private digital signature and sent. The email recipient can check the message digest to ensure that the email was sent by the original author. If there is no match, the recipient will know that he or she has received a fake email.

Uses of Message Digest Functions

These functions are utilized for a variety of purposes in today’s internet world. Some of the popular uses are:

  • Message digest functions are fast to calculate than traditional cryptographic functions.
  • These functions are not patented and are unrestricted.
  • Import and export restrictions do not apply to message digests.
  • They provide an excellent platform for creating randomness from inputs.
  • MDs can be used for creating an encryption key.
  • These can be used among two parties to share sensitive information by using message authentication codes.
  • Webmasters can use the hash converter depending on their requirements to create message digests. 

Some SEOs prefer to use the SHA1 & some prefer the MD5 hash algorithm. The SHA1 is a revision of SHA that produces a 16-bit digest. People who prefer the SHA1 algorithm can use the SHA1 hash generator, freely available on the internet.

What is MD5 hash?

Not all webmasters fully understand the functions and vulnerabilities of the MD5 hash algorithm. Before using an online MD5 generator, check out the functions and usage of MD5. It was designed by Ronald Rivet in 1991 to replace the earlier MD4. It is used to protect sensitive information by generating a random hash.

The MD5, also known as the message-digest algorithm, is a hashing function used as a one-sided cryptographic hash to authenticate the original message. This one-way cryptographic procedure is designed to take an input value of any length and provide the output of a fixed-length digest value. The basic purpose of MD5 encryption is to generate the 128-bit fingerprint for any value. Getting MD5 encrypted values isn’t a problem for the users due to the availability of our MD5 online generator. It serves the basic purpose of MD5 encryption by generating the MD5 hash of your entered text in no time.

Importance of MD5 hashing Algorithm

The MD5 hashing algorithm plays a vital role in the process of storing small strings, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. The ability of the MD5 algorithm to convert a simple string of up to 256 characters into an MD5 hash makes its usage essential for cryptographic security. Moreover, MD5 encryption also holds importance in ensuring the integrity of data contained in files. This hashing function can be used to compare the hash of source and destination files to make sure that no modifications have taken place in them.

Online MD5 Generator

The MD5 generator is designed to aid the process of generating MD5 hash online values for any kind of text. This automated tool is based on advanced algorithms that allow the users to generate MD5 hash without following any intricate procedures. The entire text conversion is conducted by the algorithms working in the backend of this online MD5 generator. The MD5 converter allows its users to get MD5 hash output for as many values as they desire without facing any restrictions. The tool doesn’t charge a penny from its users, and it is available for everyone round the clock.

How to use MD5 Generator?

If you need an MD5 Generator to create message digests, then the hash tool presented by is a perfect choice. Once you open the site:

  • Click on Free SEO Tools and scroll down the icons. 
  • Come to the online MD5 generator and click to open. 
  • Enter the text that need to be MD5 encoded.
  • Press the button to start the MD5 encryption online process.

MD5 Hash Example:

  • You entered “the color of the dog is brown” into the MD5 generator.

The MD5 encode of the given text will be ‘cc922e42fb096b51d67502f3369a08d2’.

  • Then you entered “the color of the dog is black”.

The MD5 encode of this text provided by the hash maker will be ‘6744f0c206cf6e9ca9bf23c928e41591’.

As you can see, the text entered is quite similar except for the word ‘brown’ because it has been replaced with ‘black’. The code created by the MD5 generator is different for both texts. This means the MD5 algorithm returns a different result if there is any change in the text. The same entered text will always return the same results.

This shows that the encoding works in the same way across different MD5 generators. That is why a collision occurs if a duplicate file is created.

Does the MD5 Online Function Provide security?

The MD5 hash works as a technique to generate 128-bit code against the characters entered by users as input. This function provides security, as it produces a key that any intruder cannot reverse-engineer to decode sensitive data. MD5 encryption meets the criteria of offering security and authentication in a network of communication. In any case, a person cannot retrieve the original message encrypted in the MD5 hash. The online MD5 generator is a utility you can rely on to create hash codes for strings without investing time, effort, and money. 

What is SHA1 hash?

SHA1 hash is the abbreviation for Secure Hash Algorithm 1, and its basic purpose is to verify whether a file is altered or unaltered. The SHA1 algorithm is used to ensure that a file is genuine by applying checksums that ensure they both are the same. The SHA1 online tools provide an easy way of generating the SHA1 string of any text.

SHA1 hash example:

Text input: Hello

SHA1 hash output: aaf4c61ddcc5e8a2dabede0f3b482cd9aea9434d


MD5 code has been widely used in the information technology sector to ensure that the files transferred have arrived intact. Companies and users that transfer large amounts of data via the internet need assurance, that the file transfer has been successful and have not gotten corrupted. MD5 online tool can encode and protect files that are classified as read-only.

SEOs and webmasters should know exactly how and where to use an MD5 generator. It can be used when sensitive or voluminous data is exchanged across the internet. An MD5 converter online tool also offers you the facility to just enter your data, and it will auto-generate MD5 encrypt code for it.


Can I perform MD5 decryption online?

NO! You cannot decrypt it by using an MD5 hash generator. MD5 hashing algorithm can only be used to calculate the hash value for a specific set of data.

What is a SHA1 hash generator?

SHA1 is a 160-bit cryptographic hash function developed in 1995. SHA1 generator creates a 40-byte hash value for the given data. 

How many characters is an MD5 hash?

MD5 hashes are 128 bits in length and represented by 32 hex digits. Each hexadecimal digit has 4 bits.

What is the difference between MD5 & SHA1 algorithms?

MD5 stands for Message Digest and SHA1 stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. The speed of MD5 is fast than the SHA1 hash algorithm.

Is the MD5 hashing algorithm safe for passwords?

MD5 Hashing algorithm and MD5 encryption both provide security to sensitive data. So, implementing this MD5 hash algorithm is an excellent way to protect your passwords.