Image to text converter uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service to extract text from images. Upload a photo and then click the button to obtain your text file instantly.

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Are you tired of typing the whole text from a book or an image?

In the age of technology wasting time is a big mistake. Save your time by using our image to text online tool to extract text from images. It uses the latest optical character recognition technology to provide accurate text.

Our picture to text converter can copy text from scanned documents, images, and webpages screenshots. Easily convert image to text by following the steps given below.

  1. Upload the image from your device or Dropbox.
  2. Or enter the URL of the image.
  3. Click the “Convert image to text” button for text extraction.
  4. Copy the text to the clipboard or download the text file.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is referred to as text recognition. It scans documents, books, captured images, and PDFs. Online OCR converter extract letters from images, convert them into words, and then puts the words into sentences, thus enabling access to edit the original content.

OCR software can take advantage of Artificial intelligence (AI) to implement more advanced methods of character recognition, like identifying languages or styles of handwriting. It removes the need for data input by hand. This is why for written work an OCR text scanner is necessary to copy text from image online.

Our online OCR converter is perfect for detecting text from images. Let’s explore some pic to text features:

AI-Based Extraction

Advanced algorithms were used to extract text with 100% accuracy. The extraction process depends upon the quality of the image. If your image quality is good, our service will deliver accurate results. But if the image quality is low and the handwritten document is not clear then it’s not our photo to text converter's fault.

Support multiple image formats

This image to text online tool supports multiple image formats like JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. So no need to worry about the image extension.

Increases Productivity

Manual writing of text from images is undoubtedly time-consuming, but with the help of the image to text converter online, the work of hours can be done instantly. This tool increases the productivity of your business as a lot of time would be saved and could be invested somewhere else.

Recognize Multilingual Text

Convert picture to text without any hassle. This utility is capable of recognizing multilingual text (English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, etc). No matter what type of text is contained in your image, this web-based utility will dig it out and display it on your screen without any inaccuracies.

Unlimited Conversions

This online image to text converter doesn’t impose restrictions on the usage of its service. Easily convert photo to text unlimited times. The tool doesn’t ask you to get a premium version of this service for making multiple conversions.

No Installation

This JPG to text converter is an entirely web-based utility that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Don’t need to install it on your device to convert image to text. A good internet connection is the only requirement for accessing and using this tool.

Cost Efficient

The picture to text converter doesn’t become a burden on your pocket. Instead of hiring a data entry worker for manually writing, you can use our tool, as it won’t charge a penny.

Data Security

Our user data is safe and secure with us. As soon as the conversion process is done the uploaded file to our OCR online converter is automatically deleted. We always care about the privacy of the data being shared with us by our users.

Copy or Download text File

This image to text converter online lets you copy the text with a single click or download a .txt file. There are no additional charges for using any of the mentioned options.

Extract Text from image using URL

In case the image from which you wish to convert text is available over the web, there’s no need to download it on your device. You can copy the URL of the image, place it into this tool, and hit the convert button. Within no time, the tool will convert your JPG to text and display the editable text. If the image quality is not good you can search for similar images using reverse image search.

There can be many reasons why an online OCR wasn’t able to get a text from the picture with 100% accuracy. It was difficult to grasp in earlier versions because those online OCRs were trained and fed photos of the character and could only operate one font at a time.

Today’s enhanced picture to text converter transforms different image formats like jpg, png, and jpeg to text with multiple font styles without any hesitation. The only factors when an OCR cannot produce a 100% accuracy are:

Damaged Image or Vague Text on Photo

A paper that is not in good condition, either it is too old or fixed with glue and tape. Such documents don’t contain text in readable form thus making it difficult for an OCR online to recognize and miss those characters while converting img to text.

Badly Written

The most common factor is bad handwriting which is difficult for even a human eye to understand. Also, the accuracy of a simple document can be around sixty to eighty percent but will be a hundred for a neatly written document. Your writing style matters a lot while using the jpg to text converter. If you're still concerned that your text has flaws, use a grammar check tool to examine the extracted content.

Using Old Printers

Old printers used to print by punching ink-soaked ribbon on a piece of paper. Thus, the quality of that print isn’t high but still recognizable by an OCR online. The picture to text conversion accuracy of printed papers will be about 80%.

  1. Convert the printed newspaper to digital format in order to share the story on social media.
  2. Use this photo to text converter to alter outdated office documents into digitalized versions.
  3. You may capture handwritten notes and preserve them on your phone and convert picture to text online whenever you needed.
  4. Data entry has become easy. Simply take a photo of the data and convert image to text quickly.
  5. Using this tool, you can get a written version of your favorite WhatsApp status, Instagram stories, or other social media photographs.