Image to text Converter


When you come across an image of a handwritten note which is quite lengthy, and you want to convert it to text, you have two options. Either you can type it in a word processor or use an image to text convertor to convert it.

There are certain file types which contain text but are saved as image files. The reason for this is to protect the text from being copied and used. Authors, researchers don’t want their work to be copied and protect it by placing it on their websites as images. They want to retain the ownership of their work so that people know that it’s their creation.

Today, the internet is full of images with embedded text in them or images of text in them. If you want to convert the image to text, you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which photo scans the text image by image and converts it to text. You need an OCR reader and a software application that does the conversion. There are no guarantees that the conversion will be one hundred percent correct, as OCR technology is not a perfect science.

There are several other options available for converting the image to text which involves one knowing how to use these applications. Some are free, whereas others have to be purchased. It can be quite frustrating as some of the applications will limit the number of pages that can be converted. Downloading image files can be time-consuming especially if the internet is slow. Also, image files consume more space than text files. Therefore they take more time to download.

Modern technology is quite breathtaking. Now you don’t need to carry a mobile phone and a camera separately with you. The modern day smartphone has an inbuilt camera in it. See something you like; just aim the camera at it and snap it. Immediately the image gets stored. It is indeed very handy, but what if you want to extract the text from the image? This is where an image to text convertor comes handy.

There are several OCR solutions available on the internet like OneNote, Photron Image Translator, FreeOCR and so much more. But to use these, you need to install the application, read the instructions on how to use them and check their limitations. Some of the solutions will only extract the text from certain file types; some will only extract a limited number of pages.

There are several companies now that provide a free image to text extraction tools. However, all the tools are not reliable as some of them may miss some words whereas others might misspell a word. A misspell can change the entire meaning of a sentence. In some cases, the words that are extracted are so jumbled up that they make absolutely no sense.

To convert a typed text image using Microsoft OneNote this is available in recent versions of Microsoft Office. You simply copy the image and paste it into OneNote. Right-click the image and select ‘copy text from the image.' The text will be placed on the clipboard from where you can copy it into any application like; Word, Excel, etc.

You can also convert an image to text using Google Drive. Visit Google Drive on your browser and log into it. If you don’t have an account; create one. Click on the ‘New’ button and select ‘File Upload.' Select the image file that contains the text to be extracted and upload it.

After the file is uploaded right click on the image file. Select the ‘Open With’ option and select ‘Google Docs.' In a new tab, the image will be displayed surrounded by a blue border. Below it will be the extracted text. Make sure that the converted text is correct and then delete the blue-bordered image and save the file.

Now you can use the file in your text editor. Remember that there are certain limitations while using Google Drive. You can only convert a less than the 2MB image file. If you want to convert PDF files, it will only convert ten pages at a time. If the file contains more pages, then you will need to repeat the process.

Converting image to text requires you to know an application and have it installed on your computer. A simple and easy way to save yourself from this hassle is to go to on your browser. Click on ‘Free SEO Tools’ and scroll down the icons till you come to ‘Image to Text Converter’ icon. Press it, and you have two options.

  • Enter the URL of the image to be converted.
  • Drop JPEG or PNG file in the box.

Depending on the option that you select to upload the image, click submit. The tool will convert the image to text and display it. You can now save it as a text file.

The advantage of using this simple and easy to use the image to text conversion tool is that you don’t need to download and install any application. You don’t need to login to run it. All you need to do is to go to and use the image to text converter tool in the Free SEO Tools.

It will only convert text from images which are in JPEG or PNG format.

Extracting text from the image has become quite a common practice. PDF files which were proprietary items could not be converted to text, but now they can. Search for ‘convert scanned pdf to word’ and some sites will be displayed which will do the conversion. Similarly, image to excel converter online, jpeg to word converter online and some similar applications are easy to find on the internet.

However it can become quite time-consuming to find the right application to use, and if your requirements keep changing you will keep looking at new ways to convert them. Therefore it’s advisable to use the simple and free tool offered by