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The term converting an image to text/ JPG to Word is easy to understand because the first thing that clicks in our mind is typing or writing manually, but through an online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, the task is made hassle-free. The only problem with the manual work is it takes a lot of time especially if the content belongs to a book with a lot of pages. The best way to convert an image to text would be free online OCR not only because it doesn’t require any effort but is efficient and can turn multiple pages to text in a matter of seconds.

Online OCR program was designed to transfer jpg to word or the text from a printed paper to the databases such as invoices, bank statements, computerized receipts, and much more.

Optical Character recognizer (OCR) can easily detect all the words present in a document and convert them to text in no time. How? Well, it checks upon every single word, basically, OCR treats these words as images and matches them with the one present in the database. It sounds like a difficult task, but for a computer, it doesn’t take a lot of time or affects the speed of your computer, especially when you are not using any software installed. An online photo to text(JPG TO WORD) converter doesn’t require any extra efforts like fixing the resolution before uploading the file or takes the processing speed of your processor. You can upload any type of jpg or png images and get the text on photo instantly

Our free image to text converter requires a few things to get a hundred percent accuracy in detecting the words. These requirements are necessary and can also be called disadvantageous in certain conditions. A text converter requires your handwritten document to be clean, and if the hard copy is in bad shape, the accuracy is reduced. Despite this small limitation, a text converter can be used for the following causes:

- Convert any format of an image to text

If you are wondering about which format is required to transfer images to text, then it doesn’t matter. Our free online OCR (jpg to word) is made for every type of image format and can convert PNG and JPG to text quickly. People use it if they like some parts of the text present in an image, for example, poetry, quotes, etc. to share it with their friends on some social engine.

- JPG To Text converter - Increases Productivity

Copying text on photo isn’t possible, and the only option that seems to be left is to write it down manually. It is undoubtedly time-consuming, but with the help of the online image to text converter, the work of hours can be done instantly. The tool increases the productivity of your business as a lot of time would be saved and could be invested somewhere else. This technique can also help you to reduce the unnecessary costs you might be paying to workers for manually reading text from images and writing it down. You can also check for plagiarism provided by Search Engine Reports with free of cost a plus factor indeed.

- Make Searching Easy By Converting Image to Text OR JPG to Word

Searching for an image might not be as facile as searching through text. This increases the worth of this OCR Online Converter Software even more. Saving thousands of pictures in electronic devices and hoping to find the desired one in a blink of an eye seems impossible. As you might not remember the location where you stored the image. But if you already have the text version of that file through OCR converter, you can get hands-on the desired data within seconds.

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First of all, for a printed document you need to have a scanned copy either stored in your storage device or somewhere online and be sure that link to the file is not broken. This text scanner online is much easier than software versions available on a computer; all you have to do is follow some simple steps to get your handwritten file in the digital form.

1. When you are at the page of the Image to Text Converter, you need to navigate to where it says to choose the file as in the below-given image and click on it.

2. When clicked all you have to do is select the file and upload it, or you can go with the second option which is from Dropbox if the data is stored online.

3. If you don’t have file present on either of the above areas then you can provide the link to the image on some other site by clicking and pasting or writing in the text where it says Image Path:

4. When you are done writing or pasting the file, click “Convert” button and wait for the tool to convert image to text, which will only take a couple of seconds.

5. Successfully translated text from image? Now click on the “ Download File” button to get the extracted text in a txt file. You can also click on “Copy To Clipboard” to get it on your clipboard.

6. What if you want to extract text from images again then click on the “Convert More” button. And in no time you can perform your query again.

There can be many reasons why an OCR Online (JPG to Word Converter) wasn’t able to write with a 100% accuracy. For earlier versions, it was difficult to understand because those online OCRs were trained and fed with images of the character and they could only work on one font at a time. Today with all the upgrades a free online OCR is capable of transforming different image formats like jpg and png with multiple font styles to text without any hesitation. The only factors when an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) cannot produce a 100% accuracy are:

- Damaged JPG file or Vague Text on Photo

A paper that is not in good condition, either it is too old or fixed with glues and tapes. Such documents don’t contain text in readable form thus makes it difficult for an online OCR to recognize and misses those characters while converting image to word.

- Badly written

The most common factor is bad handwriting which is difficult for even a human eye to understand. Also, the accuracy of a simple document can be around sixty to eighty percent but will be a hundred for a neatly written document. Your style of writing also is vital as today's free online OCRs can understand joining and casual writing styles, but if your written work is in a different manner, then you don’t know how well OCR will work to convert image to text until you try it.

Pro Tip: Got the text on photo? Now we provide free Grammar Checker to check the text extracted from images.

- Used Old printers for printing

Old printers used to print by punching ink-soaked ribbon on a piece of paper. Thus, the quality of that print isn’t high but still recognizable by an OCR. The accuracy of these printed documents to convert photo to text will be around eighty percent.

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