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Sometimes when you are targeting a specific audience in a country through means of citation and more, it becomes necessary to use their native style. You can do that by adding your material in box below and pressing the required conversion button.

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English to English translator is for the people who’ve got stuck and aren’t able to streamline their English language. As you know English is the language spoken and taught worldwide for various reasons, one of which is: “English is a Global language”. That is why it is necessary to learn this language if you are leaving for some other country.

Every minute or hour you spend can get you closer to being an expert, but you will need to keep yourself updated with the new words that are being entered into the dictionary regularly. Our translator can help writers in converting their content entirely because there are websites made in the UK and US; these websites prefer content in their native languages. The people who are reading your article in the UK will easily find the difference because of your American choice of words. So, whenever you write, let your material go through our tool.

You can practice your skills in reading and writing with our tool’s guidance. As British English is taught in most of the institutions today; you can easily translate your American English to British English and prepare for your exams better because the tenses you use differ in both languages.

Tip for readers: Also check your word count and case converter of your text once you’re done with the translation.

English is spoken by almost two billion people in the world out of seven. English is the first most studied language in the world, and every year more than a thousand new entries are made in the Oxford dictionary. So, next time you prepare for an interview try adding some extra new cool words to your answers. Almost twenty-four countries have the majority of native English speakers, and approximately forty countries have English as their official language. Translate English to English tool to find your flaws in this language.

English is the language used on the web if you haven’t noticed most of the websites today are in English, but thanks to Google language translator you can convert the content of a site in your language for better understanding but not all the websites give this option. There are almost 1.6 billion websites over the World Wide Web out of which you approximately sixty percent of sites contain English content.

Pro tip: Be aware of duplication. Before translation, check plagiarism of your content and if it’s not unique, rewrite it with the help of online tools.

Our English translator can help you in many ways, first of which is fixing your vocabulary errors. If you aren’t aware, these two are the basic types of English spoken and taught worldwide. People prefer speaking in American English because their way of pronunciation is stylish whereas British accent is a little hard to master. Translate English to English to find differences these two languages have, and you can easily add more words to your dictionary.

  • Fast track your English

    You can use our online translator to fix your grammatical and spelling errors as well. This tool will let you know about the differences these two English languages have. So, next time you prepare for a trip to one of the countries who have American or British English speakers in the majority, you should know how they talk and what expressions their sentences contain.

  • English is the language of business

    If you are about to enter the global workforce then learning and improving in this language is necessary, translate to english tool can search the mistakes you make in American or British literature. Whenever you hold a meeting abroad, you prefer speaking in English because that’s the only way to communicate with people in business overseas.

  • Spot the difference

    Do you know what type of English you speak? What if your accent is American but learned the British style language? These two languages have a lot in common, but the meaning of some words in the American language is entirely different in the British version.

Tip for content analyzers: Having text on the photos and you need to translate it? Try an online OCR. It will convert the image to text.

First of all, if you speak in an American accent, then you will find it really hard to understand what a person is saying in a British accent because their vocabulary, choice of words, spellings are different for some words. In English, we all know there exists a word "flat" and "apartment" but do you know? The flat is the word used by Americans, and the apartment is used by the British? Similarly, we use, College word which in some countries is also known as high school but do you know? In British English, it’s a university and secondary school.

We think the only difference these two languages have is the accent, but no, it’s way more than that. You can use our translator tool to find out the differences by just entering some random paragraph. You can convert it from British English to American English and then back again to find out the distinctness.

English to English translator is a tool for all especially for the people who have English as their second language. This tool will help them look for the mistakes they make in their preferred English language style. Using our English translator is easy, just follow a few steps, and you will have your words corrected in no time.

  1. When you have landed on the page of the translate English to English, you will find a large text box, where you have to enter the phrases you wish to transform in one of the two styles of language:
  2. If you are willing to type then go for it, along the way you will find your errors in grammar and spellings, or you can copy and paste content from a text file if you have any.
  3. If you want to convert a paragraph in the UK style, you can press the "Convert to UK" button or "Convert to US" for the American version.

This tool will find and fix all the errors you make in either of the two languages. Such mistakes can be in verbs and collective nouns or Auxiliary verbs. The most common ones made are in vocabulary, so fix any errors you make and get a step closer to perfection. You can also check the errors manually with grammar check and spell check online. Also try our other text analysis tools available online and totally free.