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Not proficient with the English language? Don’t worry; the spell check tool will save your day by taking care of all your spelling mistakes. Just enter the article you require fixation in and press the “Check Spelling” button.

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Spell Checker is a function, program or an application which determines the accuracy of the english spelling of a given word or words according to the language set being used. It can either be an individual program or part of another application such as a word processor, Microsoft Word, search engine or an email client.

A Spell Checker can do the following:

  • Scan a large chunk of text and extract individual words.
  • It then compares each extracted word to known words included in a dictionary file of correctly spelled words; the data may also include punctuation and grammatical rules.
  • Morphologic algorithms might also be suggested for handling different forms of words used in multiple grammatical scenarios.
  • The application also underlines incorrect spellings and provides the correct spelling to the user. Some spell checking applications change the wrong words automatically if the setting is activated.

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If you're a writer, a tool such as this is necessary to churn out high-quality writing. Countless people today are now dipping their toes into blogging and online content writing. Even though passion, talent, and drive might be there if the words are misspelled the quality of the content might dip, and you don't want that… do you?

To ensure that the content you post on your website, blog or any other platform is topnotch, a spell check is mandatory. Having good writing skills doesn't mean you're the perfect speller, so having a spell check at hand is a lifesaver.

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Even though a Spell Checker comes in a bundle with Microsoft Word, the program itself isn't free. Our online spell check is free, and accessible from pretty much anywhere in the world. Our tool doesn't need to be downloaded on your device either, so that’s one less downloadable program to worry about. In this world and age, everything is done on the go and has to be fast. A fast-paced lifestyle is precisely what we had in mind while developing the tool.

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It is not only an English corrector that allows you to correct spelling of words, but it also goes through grammatical errors as well. As a budding writer, it is crucial to have a firm hold on the technical grammatical terms. Our tool will help you in both aspects, making life much easier for you.

Now you may think SER’s English spelling checker is targeted towards a small niche, and that is where you're wrong. You may not be a writer or a blogger, but you do use different social media platforms, don't you? Do you share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter? You do, right? Don't you get embarrassed when there is a spelling mistake in your post, and you discovered the error hours after it was first posted?

To avoid such scenarios our little tool is entirely at your service. Users can easily access the page through their tablets, mobile phone, and PC. So, while sharing your profound thoughts on social media for the world to see, make sure all the words are spelled correctly.

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Using our spelling or word checker for a quick spelling text is very easy. Just follow the steps listed below, and you'll be on your way to high quality, error-free content in no time.

  1. We love giving you guys as many options as possible, so we decided to be as flexible as possible. Users can copy the text in the field; upload it directly from DropBox or a folder on their device.
  2. Sticking with the multiple options theme, you can opt for the spell check or grammar check. Whichever of the two floats your boat!
  3. Once the spell check (or grammar check) is done, the Spell Checker will highlight the mistakes and provide appropriate replacements.
  4. Users can pick and choose words they deem suitable, or they can opt just to correct the spellings.
  5. After adjusting the text, you can copy the amended text or download a copy to your content.

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We'll try not to gloat when we say this tool is much advanced than your average program such as Microsoft Word. This English spell check is updated continuously and is more advanced when it comes to newer words. Its dictionary is directly connected to the web, that is why it's able to detect slang and contemporary words as well.

Programs such as MS Word are slightly behind on new terms and thus highlight even correct words as well.

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As mentioned above our spelling checker can make life easy for you by correcting careless mistakes. Now, let's give a few examples of what you can expect after using the tool.

Typos: wondar → wonder

Phonetic spelling errors: thot → thought

Misused words: specially → especially

Irregular verb conjugation: freezed → froze

Words that sound similar: their → there (or vice versa)


A lack of privacy might be a fear that could be holding you back from using an online spell check. There might be a top-secret presentation that you might be working on, and don't want it getting leaked. Well, you needn't worry because our servers don't save anything in their systems.

Our servers are continuously being updated for new words, and literally, thousands of people are using the tool at the same time. The data entered by you in the Spell Checker isn't saved, and can't be linked to any IP address either.

There is no requirement to sign up and create an account on the website either. This allows you to protect your personal information and identity. Also, the site doesn't give prompts for downloads either, thus denying access to malware or adware. This Spell Checker is very basic, yet an extremely useful English corrector which aims to help you produce the best possible content.