Password Manager Tools

Keeping a password ensures security and confidentiality. Everyone has a private life, but we cannot keep our worldly content as secret memories in our head which is why we need the help of passwords. If your personal data is stored somewhere over one of the servers of internet you need to be sure that no gets to it without having access to your password and username. Username creates uniqueness over the internet it is like an identity to the servers without which you will remain unknown, and the server wouldn’t know if the data present on it belongs to you or not.

Keeping a password is a necessary thing if you wish to ensure the safety of your accounts but holding a weak password can cause many problems. Weak passwords are secure to guess like your birth date, phone number, etc. to be sure that the strength of your password is secure and can’t be guessed we have tools that will help you in taking care of this matter. Every company has a website, and these sites contain data about the employees, every university keeps the data of their students on servers which can only be reached by the administrators or the student with a username and password.

There have been many reports on how people breach into someone’s email and manipulate others by sending emails. There is a unique organization for this matter who handles cyber problems, and you definitely want to avoid getting involved in one of these circumstances, right?

1. Password Encryption Utility

A tool specially made for developers, there can be several reasons to why one should go for it. One of the biggest is you need to have password encryption for the passwords stored in the databases of the website. These websites can be social, blogs or any other that requires registration because once registered it doesn’t only mean you are a member but also signifies that you can save information or post on their site. Their passwords need to be safe, and in order to do that we need encryption, these encrypted passwords are then stored in the databases which are a shadow of the original password.

These passwords are in the alphanumeric form, and some encryptions include symbols as well if the entered password doesn’t match the encrypted version of the original one then it won’t allow you to sign in. The reason why these encryptions are used is to ensure the protection of the users. If somebody gets into the servers, they won’t find the original passwords, and they won’t be able to sign-in without discovering it.

The most commonly used encryption is MD5, this encryption is 32 characters long, and no one can decrypt it. Once encrypted the password needs to be correct in order to access the account. If not then you won’t be able to unless you choose the forget password option which deletes the old stored MD5 and enables you to change the password by assigning new MD5 encryption to your new password.

2. How secure is my password

Do you think you have a weak password, let us check its strength for you.

What people typically do is they keep different passwords for each account they have on the internet. These accounts can be of social networking websites or blogs/forums etc. Some sites offer to save data online on servers and give you limited storage space, but they are enough to save any personal data. As you are keeping your essential stuff online, you definitely require a right amount of security so no one in your friends or foes can gain access to it. To be sure you need to have a longer password with multiple characters, such passwords are almost impossible to guess.

These passwords can include numbers, letters and use of symbols, which is a plus. These all when combined makes a strong password which is sometimes possible that you forget only if you have memory problems. According to the Global Security Report, it takes only one day to crack an eight-digit passcode whereas it takes almost 591 days to break a ten digit one. So, the better the strength of a password the better the security of your account. It is also essential to change the password once every few months because regularly changing of your password reduces the risk of exposure.

3. Password Generator

An account that has vital data and you don’t want anyone to view or access except for authorized persons. These passwords can be generated and used anytime you want, especially if you can’t keep a password with good strength or doesn’t know what makes a password strong then this is the tool for you. According to the news, 19 million passwords were breached in the year 2017, and if you don’t want anyone to get their hands on your critically important data, then you should work on the strength of your password.

A password which is entirely based on symbols or numbers cannot be cracked easily which is why we recommend using a password with more than ten characters. These passwords are not guessable or crackable especially if you change your password on a routine basis. Passwords add an extra layer of security but adding a strong password adds invulnerability, you can even use these passwords for files and locks that can be accessed by using a one-time password. These passwords can be used and generated as many times as you want so no worries if you run out of one-time passcodes, there will always be another one waiting for you.