Password Encryption Utility

Encrypt all your passwords for safekeeping with our Password Encryption Tool. Write the password that you desire to encrypt in the field that says "Enter Password" and tap "Encrypt Password".

Are you worried about the security of your password? Do you need something special for stress-free protection of your credit cards and social security account? Are you planning to prepare a protected spreadsheet for the protection of your password? Put a full stop on your plans and try our password encryption utility.

Search Engine Report introduces a free symmetric encryption tool. With this tool, you can prevent dangerous attacks of hackers for protection of your website. Encryption is an effective method to achieve maximum data security. You can’t read an encrypted file without accessing a secret password or key to decrypt it.

  • Encrypted data is cipher text.
  • Unencrypted data is plain text.

All modern web applications have to encrypt the passwords of their users. Passwords of your users must be stored in an encrypted format.

Data stores are unsecured because hackers always try to steal data from your visitors. Most importantly, passwords of users are their sensitive data. These are unique keys to maintain their privacy. No one (even the owner of a website) has the right over these passwords. If you want to keep long-term relations with your customers and gain their trust, you have to respect their privacy. Achieving security of data through an encryption utility tool can save you from different troubles. This tool can encrypt your string or password into best algorithms. Currently, there are two types:

  • Symmetric key encryption: The decryption and encryptions keys are similar.
  • Public key encryption: Introduced in 1973. In this method, anyone can access key for encryption, but decryption of key is accessible only to a receiving party.

Do you want to conceal the credit card, account number and social security number from the world? It is not possible to memorize different passwords. Writing down your password is not safe because anyone can read them. Encrypting your password is the only solution to make it secure. Instead of compromising over security, make sure to use our tool to encrypt your password. After encoding your password, you can use it all the time without worrying about its security. You can understand encryption with an interesting mathematics example.

7 9 2 6 3 4 7 0

You can encode these digits into ABC by selecting the same number in ABC, such as 0 = A, 7 = H, 4 = E and so on. This encryption scheme is simple because this tool uses an advanced algorithm to encode your password.

If you need an extra level of security, you are encouraged to use password encryption tool. Each website and database owner needs this technology to protect the sensitive information of his/her visitors from hackers. Creating a strong password with password generator is an efficient technique as well.

- Enter your password in the text field.

- After entering your password and hit “Encrypt Password” button.

- Wait for a few seconds. Once the encryption procedure is completed, the results will be shown in the following table. It is an excellent way to secure my password.

- Our password encryption tool uses standard DES, Sha1 and MD5 algorithms to encrypt your password. Symmetric encryption is better than password protection.

Password encryption is better than password security.

You may find it confusing because you can’t encrypt a password itself. Password encryption allows you to create a password and encrypt the content of a file. The process of encryption can make the content of a file unrecognizable. You have to decrypt it to access the content.

For instance, if you shuffle the letters of each word in a text document with extra characters, the words will not make sense. Now a hacker can’t understand the content of your text document. You can use a reverse procedure to decrypt a data, but this procedure is impossible to initiate without a password or a specific key. Even if a hacker removes the password of a file, he still couldn’t read the content of file because decryption is required.

Keep it in mind that you also lose the access to decryption process without a decryption key or password. Without any doubt, the symmetric encryption tool helps you to get extra layers of security.

With password encryption, you can avoid dangerous attacks, such as brute force attacks, birthday attacks, and dictionary attacks.

  • Brute force attacks are common on the single user password. The attackers try to get the passwords of users by exhaustively generating passwords.
  • Dictionary attacks are performed on a single database or user password. The attackers try to match the digest of the password against possible password digests. They use a list of words from the dictionary. A random salt can decrease the risk level.
  • Birthday attacks are performed on the passwords of users on a database. They try to use birthday paradox that has a huge set of password digests. A random salt can make these attacks weak.

Try to create a long, nonsense sentence. A complex password is difficult to break. Password with three characters takes two minutes to break. Here are some essential elements of a strong password:

  • Combine different words, characters and symbols to create your password.
  • Avoid obvious personal names, birthdays and surnames.
  • Avoid the reuse of passwords.
  • Use an encryption tool to encode your password.

The password encoder tool makes a password unreadable with extra pieces of keys or secret data. An encrypted password can be reversed with the knowledge of a similar key. The procedure of password hashing is different than encryption. The hashing procedure is identical to a meat grinder without any key. After grinding a cow, you can’t get it back to its original state. It is possible for everyone to perform password hashing. You should also check the strength of your password. We also offer a password manager tools if someone is worried about "how secure is my password", use these tools, check the strength of your password, generate even stronger password and then encrypt them and you will be a step ahead from the hackers.

On the other hand, password encryption means locking a cow in a secure stable. Anyone can use computer cryptographic hash functions. Password hashing is a one-way road toward security. Get the advantage of a two-way road with the use of this tool.