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You found information that you think is perfect for your site but do you know you cannot pick and drop the same words? The reason is, you cannot take someone else’s content and use it as your own because that’s exactly what plagiarism is. The same thing goes with the students in the examination hall, whenever they copy words and style of others it is accounted as plagiarism.

How can someone be the rightful owner of some work that doesn’t belong to them? To avoid the trap of plagiarism, there are many ways you can utilize. One of which is the best Self Plagiarism, the primary motive of a Plagiarism Checker Free Online is to look for similarities in the databases of search engines.

The content you have on your site, if it already exists somewhere else then, search engines will consider the old post or version of that topic. The reason is people are searching for appropriate and relevant answers, and when your site cannot provide the correct response, then it might become a victim of the panda. Content is like the root of the website, and without it, a site cannot stand or rank. It’s the material that aids you in getting to the top, but it can also get your site penalized if it contains un-authentic and misleading information.

The best free plagiarism Tracker has been designed keeping in mind that all writers cannot afford to pay for Duplication Checker Tools.

We understand that countless students and professionals rely solely on our Plagiarism Tool; therefore, it was, is and always will be absolutely free. It provides an in-depth check and scrutinizes literally every sentence of the given content against all websites online, making it the best for Professional Writers.

The advanced Plagiarism Detection at is very simple to use. It has an impressive word limit of 2000 words.

To use the tool, follow a few simple steps:

  • First of all, visit
  • All you need to do is upload your content into the text box, click the button “Check for Plagiarism” and sit back and wait for the results while it will search the entire internet for similar passages.
  • Alternatively, you can upload the file or get the file from Cloud.
  • In the case of plagiarism, you will see links to the URL of the websites that contain a similar passage. You can check them to determine the cause of similarity.
  • You can make corrections for the plagiarized text and run it through the Online Paper Checker again. Repeat this step until you get a 100% unique result with 0% plagiarism.
  • If required you can download the plagiarism percentage report for your content by clicking “Download Report” Click “Start New Search” to check new content.
  • We also have other free online tools like Grammar Checker and Article Rewriter. Try them for free!

You can use the plagiarism tracker tool to discover the genuineness of someone’s work. It can be research work, academic documents that contain stories/essays and other stuff that a student can make a copy of.

In real life, people have tried to copy words and quotes from other people, but that didn’t really work out for them. Also, photographs, videos and much more can be plagiarized. As long as there is valuable material on the internet, there will be plagiarists ready to produce similar content. You must know the Consequences of plagiarism. Plagiarism may result in your work being destroyed and you can face some legal action; fines and penalties etc. This Tool gives you the result with the percentage.

Here is what more a Copyright Checker free online tool can do for you!

  • Restructure Your Website
    What if the only reason behind you are unable to rank your website is resemblance in the material? If you have hired writers, then the best way to check up on their work is through an Academic Integrity tool. It will not only let you know about which part of the content is plagiarized but will also inform you of the sites where the match is found. Now, if you are the legitimate owner of the content, then you can simply send a friendly e-mail before taking any other steps.
  • Linking Content
    There is a possibility that there exists a chain of content sharing and also a probability that some website forgot to credit you for the material. You can use similarity checker to find such content and talk to the site’s administrators to mention or quote you in that article. Sometimes people don’t believe but you already have the proof don’t you, the posting date and from where the sharing chain began is located on your site, right?
  • Unintentional Errors Fixation
    There is a chance that what you are writing already exists on the internet or at least a part of that article. If you have added it to the material of your website, you won’t know unless you run a diagnostic checkup through our originality checker for assurance. This will enable you to fix that part of your content by either dismembering or re-writing it.

This online Copy Checker tool of SER looks for relevant material on the internet and presents you with the plagiarists if there are any. All textual or visual material on your website can be plagiarized. If you are a photographer and art really means a lot to you then you would need to keep an eye on the images you post. Even if someone plagiarizes work, it is not going to have any positive impact on their site’s rank.

As plagiarism is another name of being dishonest with your content, you will need to update all the present material if our Plagiarism Scanner tool finds corresponding articles.

There can be two situations if plagiarism is found, one is either your content is being published somewhere else or second is your site contains alike material. In both cases, it’s necessary that you take care of the problem either by changing your site’s content or asking the owner of the website to give you credit for the posted article.

Search engines ignore similar topics and material because the crawlers have already indexed them. But when a spider bot of Google finds out similarity that site is taken under serious consideration. If your website contains content that doesn’t belong to you then you can take these steps:

  • Quote The Owner
    It is best to mention the owner of the article because everyone likes being quoted in their reports posted on other sites. The only thing you need to be sure of is that you aren’t misquoting; this not only avoids plagiarism accusation but also saves you from the procedure of article spinning.
  • Paraphrase The Article
    If you don’t want to give credits or mention their name, then this is the only option you are left with unless you decide to relinquish. Article re-writing is the process where you keep the fragment of the material same while adjusting words in your own way. This process is time taking, but it is a viable option if you want to avoid plagiarism and own the article.
  • Plagiarism has always been the main reason behind the de-ranking of a website, without people even knowing it. If you think plagiarism is the primary cause, then you have landed on the right page. This is where you will be able to detect, take required actions, and fix all the errors in the content of your site.

The plagiarism tracker is a hundred percent safe tool and all the content you write or the file you upload will be erased when the Free Essay Checker tool is done with its job. Also, security updates are installed regularly to avoid any infection that can strike the performance of your computer. Problems like slow loading of the website is not an issue. We monitor our site regularly for any security issues and are adding more tools to support your requirements. Plus, if you are experiencing any problem with the tool, you can report it to the provided email address in the bottom “Contact Us” section.

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