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To avoid plagiarism or digital copyright issues, you should properly understand what type of content is regarded as plagiarized. Let’s have a look at some common types of plagiarism:

Presenting or introducing someone else’s text as your own.

Failing to apply proper quotation marks on quotations.

Using someone else’s words in your text without citing the original source.

Copying your own published words and using them in new articles.

We all are aware of the importance of textual content for a website. Without text, a website is just like a body without a soul. Today, SEO and webmasters must publish high-quality and unique content to make a website prosper. Which increased the importance of the uniqueness of content, and if you’re posting plagiarized content or information on your site, then the success is never near.

Similarly, plagiarism or copyright of assignments and documentations can ruin a student’s career. Some institutes might only warn students while others can even suspend them from the place.

Plagiarism means to pass off as new and original an exact idea or product derived from an existing source with or without the consent of the original creator. Hence, it is mandatory to check for plagiarism before submitting any assignment or publishing any content on your site.

Performing a plagiarism test manually is almost an impossible task as you can’t go through abundant information available all over the internet. Accordingly, free plagiarism detection is the process of similarity checking and locating instances of copied work within another document or web page.

To avoid these problems, you need reliable, accurate & free plagiarism checker. Therefore, you can check for plagiarism with our free online tool.

Our free plagiarism detector tool doesn’t perform any magic trick and displays the results of plagiarized text. Nor it tries to make you fool by identifying illogical plagiarism from unique content. The plagiarism checker tool deeply analyzes each word from the content that users enter in it by comparing it against billions of web pages.

The database of our website contains almost all the information that is available on the internet. Therefore, there is no way a plagiarized phrase or paragraph could dodge this plagiarism test tool. Plagiarised content is shown in red while the unique instances are shown in green. In the case of plagiarism, you will see links to the URL of the websites that contain a similar passage anchored by "Compare". You can check them to determine the cause of similarity in the detailed plagiarism report. Make corrections for the plagiarized text for this by clicking "Rewrite Plagiarized Content" this will take you to our free paraphrasing tool and run it through this advanced plagiarism checker free tool again. Repeat until you get your content unique.

If required you can download the detailed plagiarism report with percentage for your content by clicking "Download Report". Click on "Start New Search" to perform a plagiarism test for new content.

No sign-up and no sign in required! Yes, there is no need to go through registration procedures when using our online plagiarism detector. Plus, our plagiarism detector is providing free of cost service.

Just follow the following steps:


Go to There we facilitate you with multiple options to check plagiarism. Also, you can exclude up to 5 URLs from being checked for similarity.


Paste your content into the box provided. Keep it at 1500 words per Alternatively, you can upload content from your computer or from the cloud or you can directly paste the url of a webpage. Press the “check for plagiarism” button.


In a matter of seconds, this best free plagiarism checker will scan your text and show the accurate results with percentage.

Below are some of the features you'll find:

  • Ability to check to free up to 1500 words of content
  • Ability to upload from Dropbox
  • Ability to upload a file from your computer
  • Ability to check plagiarism by URL
  • Shows plagiarized content with the percentage
  • Shows unique content percentage
  • Ability to compare duplicate content with similar ones out there
  • Sentence-wise results
  • Ability to view matched results
  • Highlighted document view
  • Option for rewriting plagiarized content
  • Ability to download the report of the search

You can find out multiple free plagiarism checkers online. However, we brag it to be the best plagiarism tool due to many reasons. Unlikely other free tools available online are offering a maximum limit of 1000 words. But, our tool provides the user with an opportunity to check content up to 2,000 words. So, with our plagiarism tool, you do not have to cut your content into pieces and make any errors.

Furthermore, our tool displays the result in front of the user in merely a few seconds, which outweighs all other available plagiarism software. Besides, our tool respects the security and privacy of the users. Hence, you can use our online plagiarism checker without having any privacy concerns because whatever type of text you enter, it vanishes from our database as soon as checking is done.

Our 100% free tool is specially designed to detect even the minutest of plagiarism and present you with an extremely helpful list of similar content pieces so that you can take the appropriate action. Our anti-plagiarism web application is super easy to use and has the features far better than you hardly find in paid similar tools.

You can name it as the best copyright checker, and can thus be used by writers, publishers, authors, researchers, bloggers, students, teachers, content managers, editors, and so on.

Yes, If you find yourself under any of the following groups, then you should be using an online plagiarism checker free test tool:

  • Web entrepreneurs/website owners who create content or hire freelance writers
  • Blogs that accept guest posts from contributors
  • Freelance content creators who produce content for clients
  • Bloggers who need to confirm the originality of their blog posts before publishing
  • Students who need to be sure their assignments and papers do not encroach on other people's work
  • Authors who want to ensure that their work is 100% plagiarism-free
  • Reporters and journalists who are interested in making their news reports different from the many similar ones out there, or who are interested in tracking which websites copy-pasted their reports.
  • College professors and teachers who want to check students’ work against plagiarism
  • Just ANYBODY who works with any kind of written content but is keen on originality.

Copying or stealing words and using them in your work is similar to self-destruction. If you are unaware of the consequences, you can suffer due to plagiarism, then keep reading as we will discuss some of them.

Lose Website Traffic: If the text on your site’s pages isn’t giving any fresh material to visitors for reading, then they will eventually stop visiting your site. These days, people admire to read something that they haven’t known before. However, the habit of similarity will prevail from attracting the audience towards your site.

Damaged SEO: An authoritative and unique content has a significant role in enhancing the SEO of a website, which eventually leads it towards the top ranking in SERP. However, if the content you’ve uploaded is plagiarized, then it would result in negative SEO. Plus, not only one webpage but the whole website will suffer from a downfall in Google ranking.

Destroyed Reputation: Content similarity can hurt both the professional and academic reputation of a person. A politician or celebrity and professional writers may face the damage of duplication for their entire career. They will surely be fired from their current job, but along with it, they might not be able to procure another job, especially for the same position. The name of the plagiarist will be permanently stamped on their lives.

We aren’t here for rocking the boat on writers, but we just want to make you aware of the destruction brought by plagiarism. Thus, we’re providing you with the utility to identify all small or big chunks of plagiarisms over the web from your content.

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