IP Tools

IP Tools are required by everyone who uses the internet now, one of the biggest reasons is to feel safe while surfing websites or in talking to strangers. IP Tools contains proxies that are servers which act as hubs over the internet, the information you ask for will be forwarded from these servers to the internet and will be returned from the internet to these proxy servers and then sent back to your computer. Though it takes some time but it is the best way to be secure in this vast world of the internet.

IP tools are used for quite a lot of reasons, removing restrictions, filtering web content, hide content downloads and uploads. Being anonymous over the internet is the best way to avoid people who can try to harm you by stealing your IP address and try to hack your valuable information stored on your computer.

There are many proxy websites over the internet that enable you to access the site you wish to visit with a different IP address, but the loading, downloading, uploading speed is severely affected. Which is why it is better to use the proxies IP addresses and to configure them manually is not a big deal at all.

1. What is my IP?

Your IP address is the most valuable number over the internet which means you need to protect it from coming in possession of hackers. There can be many reasons as to why one should learn about the computers IP address, and it helps in copying stuff over interconnected computed through LAN (local area network) as each computer is assigned a specific IP address. One can copy data to and from your computer at any time the other person wants. This is why it needs to stay hidden, or you can manually change your Ipv4 address which is used to copy content over local area network.

There are two types of IP addresses static and dynamic, the static address is a number that never changes and is also a unique number. Internet on these static IP addresses is not shared which means you are going to enjoy the whole download and uploading speed. Dynamic whereas are IPs which keeps on changing upon reconnection to the internet.

2. IP Location

You can no longer get off the right track, and if you think you have, then this is the right option to choose for you. IP addresses are not only used to copy stuff, to connect, etc. but are also used to detect where you are present at this very moment. This geographic location is of the device you are holding which is connected to the internet, and it is done by mapping an IP address to the country, region, a city even the longitude and latitude is given which can be used to find your exact spot in the world.

This isn’t the only information you get by checking for an IP, you can also find the hostname, but you cannot look for personal information like the name of the person the connection is registered to or the address of the person who is using this IP address. It is hidden for security concerns and only the people with special permissions like the federal authorities can access that information.

3. Proxy List

Ever thought you are being tracked? Whenever you are connected to the internet, you are assigned a unique IP address which can change upon reconnection, this type of IP is called Dynamic IP address. The problem is if there is someone who wants to take valuable information you have about or on something? What are you going to do to protect it from someone who can get into your computer, a hacker to be precise? The best way is to mask your IP address. This masking can be achieved by using Proxy websites or proxies which are IP addresses of various servers over the internet.

These proxies are servers as well but are used as an intermediary between your personal computer and the rest of the machines in this world. These proxies hide your original IP (Internet Protocol) address and display the address of the proxy server to anyone who tries to learn about your IP. These proxy servers are the safest route to move around websites over the internet, your computer sends information to the proxy server, and the proxy server forwards it to the internet servers. The information you required is returned in the same way through the proxy IP address.

Proxies allow your connection to the internet safe, so feel free to download stuff you wish to and surf all the sites which you think are not secure with your IP address hidden.

4. Reverse IP Domain Check

Have a doubt about a server that it might be hosting phishing sites or isn’t a good hosting server? It is a step that needs to be taken before hosting any website to be sure you are not buying hosting from a fake person. You might find sites hosted on the server that contain malware and harmful content as well. Today, there are many local host providers, to learn about which one is better what better tool than this can be?


It is the need of every website owner, how? Well, every website gains traffic from various places around the world. In SEO you can target a particular area as well, it can be a city, a state or a country from where you can receive the most traffic. Tracking their location helps in learning about where they are from and how to deal with the situation. If your search engine optimization isn’t working well, means you are receiving traffic from somewhere else you didn’t want then it is time to contact the experts.

6. Class C IP Checker

Whenever you get an internet connection, you are assigned a unique IP address through which you are connected to the internet. Sometimes that IP address is shared and you get connection issues, less internet download, and upload speed. To avoid this type of conflicts, you should keep a check on your IPs address. Class C IP addresses are used for home, small office and people who provide internet connections use these.