IP Address Location

Want to find out about the location of an IP address? Let our tool take care of that for you. Write the IP address in the text box located inside the tool and tap on the “Check IP location” link.

As a website master you would like to know where the bulk of your customers are located. This will help you to learn about your customers' country code, language. This will help you to focus your site on them and make it easier for them to interact with you. For this you will need an IP location application.

If you are running an e-commerce business then you want to make sure that you don't get caught in credit card fraud. Also in certain situations where you are not doing business with customers from a certain country you might want to stop all traffic coming from that country's IP addresses.

There are several IP location applications when you search on the internet. All the applications return the same set of results. The information displayed once you run an IP location search returns the results in two parts, which are; general and geo-location information.

In IP location general information comprises of:

  • IP: This is the IP address
  • Decimal: This is the decimal conversion of the IP address
  • Hostname: the IP address of the host service provider is displayed
  • ASN: This is the Autonomous System Number. The ASN is a collection of connected IPs assigned to one or more network operators
  • ISP: The name of the ISP - Internet Service Provider
  • Organization: The organization name of the Internet Service Provider
  • Services: This is the type of services provided
  • Type: The name of the service type for example, Broadband, 4G, 3G, EDGE
  • Assignment: This indicates whether the service is Dynamic or Static
  • Blacklist: you can run a blacklist check here. It will show if the IP address is involved in any spam activity.

The information displayed here relates to the Geolocation of the IP address. The Information is:

  • Continent: Here the continent of where the IP address is located
  • Country: The name of the country of the IP
  • State/Region: The State or Region of the IP
  • City: The name of the city
  • Latitude: The geographical latitude of the IP
  • Longitude: The geographical longitude of the IP
  • Postal Code: The Postal Code of the IP Location.

With this host of information you know exactly where the IP is located. This information can be of great help to organizations and e-commerce businesses that do business across the globe. Some IP location service providers also provide Google maps Geolocation.

You might want to know the precise location of an IP, but that would be quite difficult to find. There are tools available to find the approximate location. But you won't be able to get a street address. You can get the contact and registration information from the service provider. But they will only give out this information to authorized persons.

You can also use reverse DNS to find out the domain name of the IP address. However a couple of points to note here - the reverse DNS translation do not always work. It depends on how the internet service provider's server is configured. Another misconception that all domain names .org, .edu, .net are all located in the United States is not true. They can be located anywhere in the world.

In case you need to locate the exact Geolocation of an IP you can use the 'traceroute' command. This command traces all packets sent to the IP.

To a great extent the information returned by searchenginereports.net IP location tool does help in knowing where a customer or website visitor is located. Also the name of the service provider can be of great use in case you want to track down a particular IP address.

Some governments, organizations want to block certain internet service providers. In that case they can use IP location to get the required info and block all local attempts to visit those sites. For example some countries don’t want porn websites to be accessible in their country or region. They can track the IP addresses and block their services.

Social media service providers like Facebook, YouTube frown on countries or organizations that attempt to block their services. That’s why countries wanting to take such action have to do it on their own. When an organization requires a block of IP addresses, they submit a request and a block of IP addresses are allocated and assigned to a requested ISP.

In case you lose your cell phone you can track where 'is my phone located right now' with the help of IP location. You can do that also in case of a lost tablet or laptop.

IP location can also help to track spam websites. Webmasters can use this information to block those IPs. Tracking and keeping a track of new IPs can help in ensuring that your website remains safe and secure.

Security service providers use IP location applications for car tracking and other security services. Some also provide free cell phone exact location tracking service.

You can check the authenticity of an IP location application by checking 'what is my current location' as displayed by the service. If it returns the correct location and other information, you know that the service is reliable. You might be interested in knowing what 'is the IP address for my router' and you can use searchenginereports.net application IP location to find the address.

Knowing the location of IP addresses in the ecommerce and security business. Many government intelligence and defense agencies use these tools especially to track nefarious organizations members' movements and their locations. Nowadays the internet is so widespread and in such heavy use that keeping a track of internet devices and their locations requires a lot of effort and resources. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers; all use internet services and for that they are all assigned unique IP addresses. Now that application providers have started providing IP location services for free it's become a very useful tool.