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Are you wondering what is IP? Let’s dig into it!

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is an arithmetical label for each device connected to the internet for communication. Each device with an internet connection has its IP (Internet Protocol) address. An IP address enables computers to find each other on the network. IP addresses are essential for internet-based activities. IP addresses serve two main functions: location addressing and network or host interface identification. An IP address is displayed in human-readable notations, such as 2001:db8:0:0123:0:666:8:1 in IPV6. In IPV4, the IP address is written as Two styles of IPs are common in the internet space. The original style IPv4 was displayed in ARPANET (the precursor of the internet) in 1983. The second style is IPv6 technology that is famous for commercial uses. A user without IT knowledge often don’t know what IP is.

Two types of IP addresses are available, such as public and private. Private IP addresses are reusable set. These include addresses started with 192.168, 10. and 172.16. These addresses are relevant to a local or corporate area network. For communication across computers, a public IP address is required. Each device must have a unique IP address. In IP configuration in Windows settings, you will get a private address. With the use of this unique tool, it is easy to check my IP address.

DNS (Domain Name Service) can hide several IP addresses. A DNS translates a simple URL like www.MYIPaddress.com in IP addresses. This service needs DNS services that store a table for names of IP addresses. File sharing between different computers depends on NetBIOS. Just like DNS, this system needs the name of a computer and a series of packets to establish a connection. You have to type “\[computer name]” into your internet explorer and start the discovery procedure. This procedure will be slow under a particular configuration. If you want to speed up this procedure, you have to know the IP address. The IP address lookup can be comfortable with the use of this tool.

The internet allows you to get the advantage of remote services. For instance, you can get the advantage of software to control your device remotely. With these services, it is easy to control IP-based security cameras. You will have to know the IP address of your device to operate different devices. This tool can help you to check your public and private IP addresses instantly.

While troubleshooting a lost network connection, you will use Traceroute and Ping commands. The standard format for these special commands is tracert (destination IP) or “ping (destination IP)”. Ping sends a packet to check response and record the results. Traceroute also transmits a packet toward the desired destination and ask some introductory information from available routers. If you are not receiving any response with a ping www.google.com and www.yahoo.com, it means you have some problem with DNS server or internet connection. To decrease the possibility of DNS failure, you can ping and In case of any problem with the DNS server, you can send a ping request to the IP of that server to confirm.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a procedure to increase the ranking of your web pages in search engines. You can optimize your website for different keywords. However, there are various SEO tools to enhance the ranking of your site, but my IP address can play its essential role. Head of spam team of Google Matt Cutts claimed that links of virtually hosted domains are treated similarly to links on dedicated IP addresses. It sounds like it doesn’t matter whether your link has a unique IP or not. If you have thousands of sites on similar IP address, the page rank of these links can be diluted. Keep it in mind that abundance of links from the same IP address may increase a few red flags.

If you want to avoid diluted backlinks or red flags with the spam team of Google, you have to ensure an IP diversity in link building efforts. You can use it by using websites of other people in link building or become a part of forums. Guest blogging can be an excellent way to change the IP address. This tool is designed to check my IP address. Your work will be easy because you can confirm an IP address. With the assistance of this free tool, it will be easy to have your powerful link network. Make sure to choose a network with a unique IP.

Always remember that IP address is essential in IP/TCP networking. Your networking devices and computers can recognize this address to communicate with each other. An IP address comprises of 4 octets, and 0 to 255 numbers represent every octet. These numbers are separated by some periods. For instance, is a famous IP address.

IP lookup of Search Engine Report can automatically show my IP. Once you open this page, it automatically shows your IP address with the following details.

After detecting your IP address, the tool will process it to check other details. A map will appear in results.

You will see the following details under a map of IP location.

With this information, it will be easy for you to save your computer from attackers and remotely control your devices on the network. Moreover, this tool is designed for your convenience. While making an SEO plan, use this IP lookup. IP addresses are classified into two categories, such as dynamic IP address and static IP address. A static IP address remains constant, but network administrator can make changes in this address. These types of addresses become the permanent address of the internet and provide a reliable way for communication.

On the other hand, a dynamic IP address is another category in which a computer always get a new address. Your computer will get a unique ID after connecting with the internet. Dynamic IP addresses are more secure than Static IP addresses. With this IP lookup tool, there is no need to ask, “What is my IP.” You will automatically get desired information after opening this free IP tool.