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See if you and your fellow neighbor’s site are not doing anything suspicious when you have the same IP in C block. To be sure if you have similar IP, enter the domain in the text area and press the "Check Now" button.

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What is a class c ip checker and why does a website manager or SEO need to use it? Before explaining the class C in an IP address lets first understand what an IP address is. The IP address is the Internet Protocol address of your computer. If you have a website hosted on an internet service provider's server it will have an IP address. Internet Protocol or more commonly called IP address is the address by which your computer is uniquely identified on the internet.

For example if you are using a email service like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, these service providers must have your internet address to update you whenever you receive mail. Similarly when you use a browser search engine, your computer sends the request to your internet service provider. Who in turn has the service provider's IP address and forwards your request. Thus you establish a link between your computer and the search engine service provider's server.

Anyone who wants to connect to the internet is assigned an IP address by the internet service provider. The internet service provider has a range of addresses and will assign the relevant and available address to you. If we assume that your internet provider has been assigned 100 addresses ranging from, the available address in this range will be assigned to you.

An IP also known as Internet Protocol address is essentially the internet address of your computer. If you look at your IP address it might look like:

This is your address; this is from where you interact with others on the internet. This is your abode on the internet.

When you use a dynamic hosting service provided by an internet service provider to get your website hosted. Your website will be assigned a C class address by the service provider.

All IP addresses have four blocks of numbers ranging from 0 to 255 in each block. The sets of numbers are separated by a '.' period. Now to understand what the C block is let's change the IP address to letters:


From this you can see that the first class of numbers is in the AAA block and so on. To simplify it the first block could indicate your country, the second block your city, the third your block and the fourth your unique address. and share the same C block.

This means that you and your neighbors live on the internet in the same C block which in this case is 137. It's like living in the same apartment block with neighbors. Your apartment block number is the same only your apartment numbers are different.

Internet service providers are generally assigned a range of IP address which share the same C block. This will depend on how small or large is the internet service providers business. A internet service provider in a small town or district will have a small number of IP address and a large for example a cell phone internet service provider will have a large range of IP addresses assigned.

If you have links to your neighbors and it’s a good neighborhood. You don’t have any risks. But should one of your neighbors get involved in spurious activities like hosting porn site. Your site as well as those of your legitimate neighbors will be viewed with suspicion by Google and other search engines.

If your entire neighborhood is involved in unsavory activities then you are at risk of getting your website blocked. You plus all your neighbors will be banned by Google and other search engines. Therefore it's imperative that you periodically use class C IP checker to keep a watch on who all is sharing your IP block. New members will be joining and old members may decide to leave the hosting service.

Search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, Yahoo and other services like Gmail, Outlook and others use check ip address location and website IP address lookup when interacting with your computer or host service provider. Your email address will be the same but your IP address might be different. For example you are using your home Wi-Fi and you move to a public Wi-Fi your IP address will change.

Therefore your email service provider has to keep a track of your current IP address to communicate with you.

Before you buy a house or move to a new neighborhood what do you do? You check not only the house but the neighborhood as well. If you think there are sleazy persons living there, you won't buy or move to that neighborhood.

Similarly when you want to launch your website on a hosting service provider's server, you must check the other domains sharing the C class. The reason for this is that you will be assigned an address in the same class.

The application provider offers a class c ip checker tool. Use it to see who your neighbors are. If your neighbors are good and well known you can opt for the hosting service. If you find and spam or seamy sites, stay away and find another host service provider.

You can easily find bulk ip address checker and bulk ip blacklist checker tools on the internet. Use them to check your ip neighbors. The bulk ip blacklist checker tool will inform you if any of your neighbors or the entire neighborhood has been blacklisted by Google. Now that’s a neighborhood you want to avoid.

Setting up and managing a website for any purpose like; business, education, news, etc takes a lot of time and effort. The last thing you want is to be blacklisted by Google and end up risking your entire internet business venture. Therefore adding tool Class c ip checker to your SEO tools will be handy. Use it regularly to ensure your hosting service is clean, safe and not risky.