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Pairing IP addresses to the geographical location is termed geolocation. To find the geolocation of an IP, an SEO needs a geo IP locator tool. There could be several reasons for a webmaster or SEO wanting to find the geolocation of visitors. Finding the geolocation of customers helps a website owner know where are they located and can provide more products or services specific to the location of the bulk of customers. Or you may want to protect your site and want to know the geolocation from where hacking attempts are being made. If you are conducting financial transactions via your website, you will want to track customer’s location to avoid getting caught in a financial fraud. If you are buying goods off the internet, you ought to know the geolocation of the seller.

You may get the geolocation of an IP address, but it’s doubtful that you will get the exact location of an IP user. There are several reasons for this, like a website owned and managed by a German might be hosted in the United States. Another point to bear in mind is that all .com, .net, .org does not mean that all these sites are being hosted in the United States. Quite a few countries web hosting service providers are hosting sites with names bearing these names.

If you are interested in tracking the geolocation of visitors to your website and you know their IP addresses you can locate their Internet Service Provider (ISP) but it’s doubtful you can get the geographical location of the actual user.

The reason for this is that ISPs have blocks of IP addresses that they issue to their users. Therefore when you search for a geographical location, any geo IP locator will give you the ISPs name and geographical location. It’s the ISPs that have the exact information about their users’ postal addresses, contact numbers, and other such data. They don’t need and are not required by law to disclose this information to anyone. They are bound to protect the users’ privacy.

It’s similar to website hosting services. They have a list of IP numbers which they have purchased and resell the numbers to their customers. Yes, some ISPs will disclose the name, email and contact number of the registered owner of a domain. But to find the IP number, you will have to run a reverse DNS. The reverse DNS may not provide accurate results as the results will depend on the configuration of the DNS.

IP baaed geolocation is tracing the geographical location of a device that’s using the internet at any given time. It can be a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. IP mapping will disclose the country, region, city, longitude/latitude and the domain name of the Internet Service Provider.

The accuracy of an IP geo-locater varies depending upon the accuracy of the database being used. IP-based geolocation databases can be purchased, plus there are some free to use databases available. Therefore the accuracy depends on the database being used.

Some databases claim to give 95 to 98 percent accuracy of the country and 50 to 72 percent accuracy of the city or area. The reason for the drop in city accuracy is that there are cities which are quite close and may be using a single internet service provider. Therefore the accuracy is quite good. However, the accuracy depends on the database being used to trace an IP’s geolocation. For example, the IP address generated from IP2Location,, EurekAPI, DB-IP, and MaxMind may all list the right country, but the city may differ. With different cities showing up in the IP geo-locater results will also show different longitude/latitude.

As a user, you might want to know ‘where is my IP address located.' Don’t be surprised if you run a find my geolocation application the result shows you your ISP’s location. In fact, any database that is used for locating the geographical location of an IP will show you the ISP’s name and city. But even there, the ISP name might be correct, but the city may be wrong.

Some databases have a mechanism for tracking down and revealing the name and email address of an IP owner. You can also use the ‘traceroute’ command from the command prompt of your computer. It will trace the route to the IP address. It can give you a fair idea of where the IP is located. has a Geo IP Locator tool among its ‘free SEO Tools.' All you need to do is to navigate to on your browser and locate the Geo IP Locator icon. You will be asked to enter the IP address, which you should know, in the display box. Click the ‘Submit’ key, and it will trace the geolocation of the IP address.

The geo IP locator tool will return quite a bit of information. Like IP address, country code, country name, city, area name, continent code, longitude and latitude, currency code, and even the conversion rate of the local currency to the US dollar.

From this data, you do get to know which ISP a user is using and its location details. The ISPs are owned and operated by local telecommunication service providers like landlines, mobile phone service providers, and cable operators. Since phone companies have their clients and a network, it’s easier for them to provide ISP services. However, there are privately owned companies also providing internet services.

It is a handy tool for SEOs and webmasters who want to track where their organic traffic is coming from. The website owners can then look at ways and means to increase their business by campaigning to get more customers from an area or city where their maximum customers are located.

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