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Lost the count of words due to the poor formation in a regular text editor? Copy and paste all the textual contents to find the number of used words and to fix the structure of your article in the large text box below.

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Word Counter or letter count or character count, as the name may give you a hint, is a tool that provides you with an accurate character and word count. No matter, if you are a student who is writing an essay or an expert content writer who is writing an article or blog, or a social media enthusiast who loves FB and tweeting; text counter is very important for your content and consequently for you as well.

Are you thinking check character manually? Well, let us tell you that it is not only difficult but also almost practically impossible. And therefore, using letter count or a word calculator is ideal, for text count or count of words. Consider it your luck that we, at Search Engine Reports, are here to help you. We have a character count online or an online word count that can save you from a lot of trouble and make your life easier, if properly used by telling you count of words.

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Always keep in mind that when it is about your website content or blog, there isn’t any particular magic number or proportion that can enhance your ranking potential on the first page of Google search results or other search engines. There’s a misconception that a valuable article should be of a specific length which, in fact, isn’t true. As per need, sometimes less while sometimes more can prove useful. If you are a twitter user then you must know how challenging it could be to fit your words in a given character count, however, never go for 500 words if something could be said in 200 words. If you want to know the count of words and make changes accordingly then many online counters are available on the internet. Moreover, regardless of the count of words, your content must be valuable to audience.

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As we have already said earlier that numerous online counter or word checker are there over internet that can help you as a word calculator then what is it that makes our tool unique? It won’t be wrong to say that our online word counter tool is simply the best. It is user-friendly and very easy to use and therefore, while there are many tools, either free or not, we are providing you an absolutely free tool.

Just a tip: Hierarchy of article and the text case is important as well. Keep an eye on these factors too and change case to highlight the words.

Our free character count online comes with a very simple user interface. You are just required to copy and paste the text in the text box for which you have to know the count of words. The character count tool will tell you how many words and how many characters are there in the whole text immediately, means it includes the total characters as well as count of words in the given text.

So, what is it that you are waiting for? You can give our character counter tool or word checker a try and then give us your valuable feedback.

Just a tip: Having text on image? You don’t need to count the words & characters manually. Convert image to text and then you can easily check the number of words on the photo.