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Before you start building a website you have to plan the market your website will be targeting and the keywords needed for the content. Because you want people to visit your site and that will only happen when Google and other search engines rank it.

You will need to use a merge words online tool to merge keywords and provide new combinations to use on the website. Marketing any website on the internet is a two-pronged job. One, the content must be relevant, command authority and compel visitors to view your site. The other aspect is that you want Google and other search engines to index your site and rank it.

If you use keywords in the same order or repetitively Google and other search engines may mark it as spam which can have disastrous results for your site.

SEOs once they start building a website think about keywords. Keywords are those words that SEOs think will be used by visitors searching for a particular piece of information on the internet. If your website contains all the possible combinations that visitors might use, your website will rank high in Google and other search engines.

For example, a new resident in Dickens might want to find the best grocery store in town. On Google, the visitor may enter just two words: town name and grocery, or may enter ‘which is the best grocery store in Dickens’. Now if your website has the keywords grocery and Dickens it should show up in the search engines. If not, it won’t.

It is why SEOs have to think about the words that must be used to describe a website in its title, description, and content. Your website is not competing against just a few websites, its competing against all the sites in your target market. For every given keyword that you may be inclined to use you will face stiff competition. Therefore you need to use the keywords cleverly on your website. You can get help from keyword list generator and free keyword generator sites.

Website builders can also get help to merge word documents into one PDF online or a keyword generator. The online help they seek will depend on the assistance they want to get from sites on the internet.

Adwords is a Google tool to assist websites in generating more traffic to their sites. You need to create a Google account and a Google advertisement. Google places your site’s ad on relevant searches. The ads rank on top in Google search. Using the same example mentioned before if the site owner decides to place a Google ad, the ad and the site would show on the first page of people searching for groceries in the town Dickens, Texas.

It is the term used for when people search for a domain name for the website they want to create and launch. Some speculators bought the top level domain names and then sold them for millions of dollars.

Finding the right domain name can be quite tricky. The reasons are; domain names must be easy to remember, should stand out in search engines ranking and should briefly describe your business. Some business names are well established from before the time the internet came about; GM, Exxon, Boeing, etc. Some entered into vogue after the web was launched like Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.

Selecting the right domain name for a website requires careful thought; what is the product or service you want to sell, what is its main sector, business, education, entertainment, games, etc. Which customers are you targeting?

Link building is another important aspect of your SEO efforts to get your website indexed and ranked by Google and other search engines. Your website can have internal and external links. Internal links are those links by which your sites links pages internally. For example, a dance teaching website will have pages on foxtrot, waltz, tango, modern day dancing and other dance steps and the pages will be linked internally.

External links are those by which websites link to each other. Following the dance teaching example the site will have links to dance teachers, clubs, etc. this is where you will use anchor text in your web pages to link to external sites. You can do this by placing anchor text like ‘dance clubs in Detroit’ which may link to an internal page on your website which contains this list or to an external website with these links.

Internal and external links help in a website’s ranking. The more ‘do follow’ links a website has, the higher will be its search engine ranking.

As a site builder, you might think why I need to use a merge words online utility? The reason you would use this service is that you might not think of all combinations of the keywords for your website. What Merge words online tool will do is to create all the possible combination of words that you enter. It also has an option to choose words from Adwords, Domaining and Link building.

Navigate to on your browser and click on the ‘Free SEO Tools’ icon. Scroll down the list of tools till you see Merge words online. Click on it, and it will display the Merge Tools Online Tool. You can type the keywords in the three boxes and click Merge Words!

It will merge the words that you have entered and display a list of combinations for those words. The list can be quite extensive or small depending on the entered words. The merged words will give you a fair idea of how to use the words on your website. Remember you must enter keywords. These are the word combinations that people use to search for relevant websites. If you cleverly use these merged words in your websites, they will get your web pages indexed.

The Merge words online tool comes in handy when developing websites or adding new content to the site.

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