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Check the overall strength of your password by entering it in the text area. The tool will automatically start analyzing as you type, and you will find out how strong your passcode is, instantly.


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Search Engine Reports did not design this specific tool for only website owners; this particular tool was created because we saw an urgent need for it for everyone. In the last couple of years, the world has witnessed hackers getting access to credit card details, frequent flyer accounts, and identity theft as well.

How does one combat this rising threat? We do it by making a strong password to secure our websites, blogs, social media accounts, email addresses and much more.

Passwords need to be lengthy and complicated because it’s their complexity and length, and uniqueness that decides how tough they are to crack. Your secure passwords are the sacred keys to the IT palace, and it doesn’t matter how strong and thick your walls are if the lock on the door can easily be opened.

Now, how can you guarantee that your password is powerful enough to protect you from outside threats? Our Password Manager Tools will do it for you.

The days of keeping your mother’s maiden name as your password are long gone. You have to take it up a notch! Our free tool is ideal for those who want to test password strength. Why? We're just getting into the good part right now! Keep on reading about “how strong is my password”.

The answer to this question is yes; you do need to test your password with password strength checker, especially if you want to keep your accounts secure. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram claim to have a robust security system, but despite that Facebook and Instagram accounts get hacked all the time. News flash, you're not as safe as you might think you are.

Despite seeing a shift in the online world, users still stubbornly use passwords like 12345-and then the password. Now is the time to change, and secure the walls of the little world that you have created for yourself online.

Our password checker has been developed for the sole purpose of checking password.

Some OG methods of passwords strengthening are:

  • Use letters and digits
  • Use unique keys in the password
  • Number of Characters
  • Use upper and lower case letters.

When someone follows these old school rules and enters a small password, password strength tester displays its strength. Most password strength tester tools have been programmed to ensure that the user has followed all the rules mentioned above. If the strength is shown as ‘strong,’ the user will happily use it because at the end of the day it gets frustrating thinking of new passwords.

Just a tip: Making it even quick for you, simply google “how strong is my password” and you’ll find the best tools to test our passphrases. Must utilize the free ones as little help doesn’t hurt anyone.

Do these old school rules work in today's world? Not really, since hackers who attack know these rules and have developed applications to bypass them.

Their software is programmed to believe all guesses are equally good and because of that, they have to try them.

They create a treasury of popular passwords and then use multiple combinations to crack them. So, to stay one step ahead of these online criminals, your password has to be creative and needs high password scoring to be the ultimate key to your secret portal.

Just a tip: Want to secure your PDFs as well? Lock PDF files but must test the security of the passkeys before you lock it so that no one can open it.

This strength test tool is in a league of its own and can't be compared to its counterparts. It shouldn't be compared with other similar software because it's been explicitly designed keeping different scenarios in mind.

browses the internet for popular passwords and can easily predict if the one you have chosen is poor, weak, better or strong. It also displays the number of upper and lower cases, numbers, space, characters, and symbols. To create a powerful password, you don't need to include every item from the list, as long as you have at least half of them in one single password, you're good to go. Keep checking how safe is your password and keep changing it time to time to make all of your accounts even more secure.

Most password checkers need to be downloaded on your PC or device to be used, while the ones with five-star ratings aren't free. Search Engine Reports Password Strength Checker doesn't need to be downloaded, nor does it require any payment.

Do you know what else? The passwords entered into the given field will not be saved on the server or your browser. Neither will the website be prompted to ask for your personal information.

Aren't you getting just the best deal with this free tool?

It is easy to use this strength checker because the interface is user-friendly. Follow the steps given below to make your experience with this tool even more effortless.

- Enter the password into the given field (if you click the eye icon on the left side you have the option to view your password while you enter it, or make it private).

- The box below will keep updating itself as you type the secret code.

- When you type a lower and upper case, you'll see it turn green in the box, and the same goes for all the other requirements.

- The password security checker right below the field will turn red if it detects a weak password. As you keep entering better words, the password strength tester will keep showing your progress.

Once the password strength tester turns green, you're good to go. It means you have created a key that will protect your IT castle from outside forces.

One of the most important tips we can tell you is to change your passwords after every five months, or at least once a year. Also, we recommend using different passwords for all the various accounts. Whether they are your online banking accounts, social media accounts, email address or a website, all of them need a separate password. You don't want to make it easy for the hackers out there, do you? If you're too predictable with your passwords even your high school frenemy will be able to guess it.

Oh, and please don't use your mother's name, or children's name while creating the password. And, to make sure that you have the most secure password, you can also use our Password Generator and Password Encryption Tool.

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