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Our password checker automatically finds out how secure is your password depending upon characters, sentence case, numbers & symbols you used. Check the overall password strength by entering it in the text area.


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This password strength checker has a user-friendly interface that helps in knowing how strong is my password. The box below will keep updating itself as you type the secret code. Follow the steps given below to make your experience with this tool even more effortless.

  1. Just enter the password into the given field (click the eye icon to view your password).
  2. The line below the box keeps showing your progress if it detects a weak password then turns to red.
  3. Once the password strength tester turns green, you're good to go.

Password or passcode means a key that will protect your online accounts and devices from outside unauthorized forces. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram claim to have a robust security system, but despite that accounts get hacked all the time just because of using a weak password. Seeing a shift in the online world, users still stubbornly use password security like 12345 or using their names but it’s not as safe as you might think.

Now, this is the time to change and secure the walls of the little world that you have created for yourself online. So, the answer to this question is yes; because you need to test your password especially if you want to keep your accounts secure.

The data breach has become a common practice these days by scammers, hackers, and tricksters. Therefore, it is quite an essential chore for people who have entered their personal and business data into the virtual realm to protect it from hackers. Data hackers often try to access people's confidential information like their credit card details, account details, and more. As a result, there is a need to secure your password. If you are in search of a tool that lets you know how secure is my password? then you’ve landed at the right place. Our password checker has been developed for the sole purpose of checking passwords. Below you’ll come across parameters that we used to check password strength seamlessly.

Alphabets & Digits

Passwords that consist of alphabets and digits are regarded to be strong. They aren’t easy to crack, and that’s the very first parameter to test password strength. Our back-end algorithm checks how secure is your password by analyzing alphabets and digits.

Number of Characters

Our Password strength meter recommended that the number of characters in a password must be more than 12. The more the characters are, the more it is intricate. You can add as many characters as you want to make it complex. Therefore, while creating a password make sure it’s lengthy and difficult rather than contains fewer easy characters.


Spaces show the strength of passwords and make them more complex for hackers. At the same time, some sites don’t allow their users to use space in the password, like Twitter and Hotmail. However, Gmail or other Google services allows the users to add a password to make it stronger. Our password rater will also check that your password includes a space or not.


The passwords must be intricate and complex to make them unbreakable. Usage of symbols in the creation of passwords is also essential. Therefore, you can use any symbols, which you will most probably remember and tricky to break. The password tester checks the credibility by analyzing whether it contains symbols or not.

Upper & Lower Case Letters

Your password must contain upper and lower case letters for making it convoluted. It helps you to secure your confidential information and other virtual accounts from hackers. Our strong password checker will look into your submitted input whether it contains both upper or lower case letters or if not you can easily change sentence case and increase password security.

We designed this specific tool with amazing utilities to facilitate everyone, especially for those who are concerned about their cybersecurity and want to check how secure is my password? Below we discussed some benefits of our password strength meter that stands it out from the crowd.

No Installation

Most password checkers need to be downloaded on your PC or email to be used. But SearchEngineReports provides a free password strength checker that doesn't ask you to sign up, nor does it require any installation.

Data Security

The data you entered into the given field to check password strength will not be saved on our server and automatically deleted right after the testing. Also, our tool doesn’t ask for your personal information or any other details.

In the last couple of years, the world has witnessed hackers getting access to credit card details, flyer accounts, and theft of identity as well. How does one combat this rising threat? We do it by making a strong password to secure our websites, blogs, social media accounts, email addresses and much more. Now, the next question is how do you guarantee that your password is powerful enough to protect you from outside threats? But our password security checker will do it for you.

Your strong password is the key to secure your online presence, and it doesn’t matter how strong and thick your walls are if the lock on the door can easily be opened. That's why we programmed our password strength tester to assure the user about his password security. It will check your password and if the strength is shown as ‘strong,’ the user will happily use it because at the end of the day it gets frustrating thinking of new passwords. So, it’s essential to know how secure is my password that saves me from any unauthorized access.


Do these old school rules work in today's world? Not really, since hackers who attack know these rules and have developed applications to bypass them. They create a treasury of popular passwords and then use multiple combinations to crack them.

To stay one step ahead of these online criminals, you need to perform a password secure check with high password scoring because it’s the ultimate key to secret your portal. When someone follows these old school rules and enters a small code, the password strength tester displays it as a weak password and then you can modify your password in a better version.

Protecting online presence is indispensable for netizens and they are very concerned to secure their personal and business information from any unauthorized access. Many people are wondering about how secure is my password, but don't worry searchenginereports offers one of the most prodigious tools to protect your online presence. By using the password tester you can check the strength of the password you’ve created. Let’s get to know about some essentials that need to be considered for protecting online presence.

Frequently Change Your Password

One of the most important tips we can tell you is to change your passwords after every five months, or at least once a year. Such as your online banking accounts, social media accounts, or email address, all of the passwords change frequently so it becomes difficult for the hackers to access.

Unique Password for Each Account

You should create a unique password for each account. For example, your Facebook account’s password should be different from that of Twitter. It will help you in securing your virtual presence. In case your Facebook account has been hacked, and the passwords of your rest of the account are the same, then the hacker will get access to them as well. Therefore, it is recommended to use a unique and different security code for each account and test your passwords frequently.

Avoid Personal Information

Many people often created a password with their name, DOB, birthplace, and other such information. It makes your account more exposed to hackers. They will try to crack the password by entering your obvious details by grabbing it from social media accounts. The days of keeping your info as your password are long gone. Therefore, never use such personal information for creating a unique password.

Use Advanced Encryption

Passwords need to be encrypted to make them secure. An encrypted password isn’t easy to crack. It lets the user achieve maximum data security. The encrypted password is a ciphertext, while an unencrypted password is plain text, which makes it more prone to crack. You can encrypt your password with the help of an online password encryption utility.

Frequently Asked Question

It is recommended to use a password of more than 10 characters if the website or the application permits you. Along with that, add an upper and lower case and symbols to make it unbreakable or you may use a password tester to analyze strength.

The passwords and passphrases have the same purpose. They help the users to protect their confidential information. The passwords are short, difficult to remember, but they are potentially easy to crack. In contrast, the passphrases are quite easy to type and remember. The passphrase is considered to be more secure and reliable due to its overall length.

Generally, hackers take five days to break a password of 10 characters, while an 11-character or 12-character password may take months or years to break. Therefore, complexity and uniqueness decide how tough it is to crack.