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Resizing an image is crucial to the overall look of your website. Not every picture we take is the exact size we want them to be or a size that is suitable for a blog or a website. The solution to this dilemma is resizing the said image.

When a photo is resized, its pixel size is changed. For example, the picture decreases in size; the Image Resizer will dismiss any unneeded pixel information. When you enlarge a photo, the Image Resizer creates and adds new pixel information to achieve a bigger size which generally results in either a soft and blurry looking image or a very pixelated one.

This is why downsizing an image is easier than enlarging it. If you need a photo for high-quality or large format prints, make sure that it is taken using the highest resolution and quality possible because of the problems faced in enlarging it.

This is why downsizing an image is easier than enlarging it. If you need a photo for high-quality or large format prints, make sure that it is taken using the highest resolution and quality possible because of the problems faced in enlarging it.

Pro tip: Having too many images and want to save it on a single file? Convert JPG to PDF and get all your images saved on a single PDF file that occupies less space.

Image resizing is crucial because it reduces the size of the pixels while maintaining the quality of the picture. People with slower internet connections have a hard time waiting for photos on the website to launch. When designing a website this key element has to be addressed for the long haul, and this is why website developers and owners choose to resize image in kb for seamless user experience.

Just a tip: Image compressor can also be used to reduce the size of graphics files.

Problems in loading a huge file just aren't restricted to websites; they're used on software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well. Images have to be resized so they can be inserted into presentations. Imagine the size of your PowerPoint file after you have added 10-20 large photos in a presentation.

Just a tip: Crop image and eliminate all the extra things from an image. This thing will also help to reduce image.

It might take you quite a long time to upload pictures to different social media platforms if you don’t resize JPG an image from a DSLR camera. Also, some websites put a limit on the size of photos they allow their users to upload. Just imagine their server going into overdrive if everyone uploaded original sized images.

Just a tip: As you know, JPG is the most preferred format of an image. Convert PNG to JPG because this format has better quality than others.

Some users might confuse resizing with scaling, and we're here to tell you that they're two very different things. If you're going for a more polished look, then we recommend resizing.

When working with pixel-based images, also known as raster, it is essential to understand that scaling a photo in software programs, such as PowerPoint, Word, InDesign, or Dreamweaver, does not actually change the size of the image, but instead stretches images larger or scales them smaller. When scaling, the resolution is not changed to best suit the new dimensions; instead, the pixels are stretched and can appear pixelated.

When you scale an image larger than its original dimensions, the image may appear to be very fuzzy or pixelated. Scaling pictures smaller than the initial dimensions does not affect or change the quality as much, but can still have a few side effects. For example, if you upload a huge image to a website and scale it down to a shorter size, the site still must load the original version of that picture and could cause the web page to load a lot more slowly.

Just a tip: Having text on your image and you just need the text? Don’t write it manually. Simply use image to text converter tool. These tools contain online OCR and convert the image to text in just a flash.

Search Engine Reports has created a tool that will allow you to resize image in kb; it is easy to use and understand. Users don't need to master the art of photo-shopping or editing to use the tool, because it is very basic, but yet has all the functions that you'd need.

Follow the simple steps given below to resize an image to better fit your presentation or website.

  • Upload an image directly from your device by clicking “Choose File” or choose from Cloud by clicking “From Dropbox”.
  • After you have uploaded the picture on the tool, you can select the width and height at the very bottom. You can enter the dimensions of your choice, and you also have the option to keep the aspect ratio or remove it. If you want to “Maintain Aspect Ratio” then check the box.
  • Click on “Resize Image” and wait for the tool to do its magic.
  • After the photo has been resized, click on “Download Image” and save it to your device or Cloud.
  • Use the newly resized image for effective presentations or on your website or anywhere else you want to use it.

We're sure that you can attest to the fact that top rated online tools are hardly ever free. Search Engine Reports is providing this service free of charge, and without any strings attached. Isn't that amazing?

We don’t ask you to sign up or register on to the site. It’s one less account that you'll be forced to make. Our users are not prompted to fill surveys or provide personal information either.

Are you worried about resizing your image on a website because of privacy? Maybe you're scared we might post it elsewhere or give it to a third party. Just sit back, and relax, because we do neither of those things. Our servers don't save user history nor their data. Whatever image you resize, rest assured our server will not keep it and misuse it.

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Another very important thing that we thought we'd point out is that we don't claim ownership of your image. It's yours and yours alone, once it is saved on your device, it's out of our system.

Now to address the elephant in the room! Since we're providing this service for free, you might be under the impression that we'll bombard you with ads. Our servers are in pristine condition, and we pride our system for its anti-virus checks. Your device will not be infected with malware or adware after using Image Resizer.

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