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The size reduction of images is always a hard task for any person, and most people mess up doing it. It is a tricky task to resize a picture that made the modern world’s IT developers come up with the tool known as image resize tool. Now, you don’t have to spend money on buying software that can help you reduce the size of your image as you can do it online with image resizer.

Mostly, people wish to reduce the size of their images because of the slow internet connection. The higher the size of the image means the more time it takes to upload that image, that’s why the have come up with this online picture resizer.

Running a website isn’t an easy task, you have to take care of several things to make your site successful and increase traffic on it. In this fast world, time is short, and everyone wishes to do work in as much less time as possible. A user who is surfing to your site might lose his patience and find another way if your site takes too long to get loaded. Therefore, it is necessary for you to upload the small size photos so that the users with slow internet connection don’t find it hard and your site earns better reviews. is providing you with Image tool that is used for minimizing the size of the graphics files into bits or bytes without reducing the quality of your image up to an unacceptable level. It is a free image resizer for you so that you don’t have to spend a single penny on this hectic work, and you don’t have to download or signup on the website; upload your file and see the tool doing wonders for you in a single click.

The Image Resizer is an easy to use the tool on our website. You don’t have to get stuck in the signup processes as this website is providing you the free of cost image resizer tool with no problematic operations. All you need to do is upload your file on the box provided above on the webpage of this tool. On our free image resizer, you get multiple options to upload your file. First of all, you can upload the photo which you want to resize from your saved data, or you can also upload the picture by choosing it from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Once you have selected the image, you have to click on the resize image button present below, and image resizer will take a couple of seconds to show you the outcome. You have to make sure that the height and width you are deciding for resizing must not be more considerable 500 and must not be lesser than 10 on this resize image online tool. Once you are done, you can download the resize pictures as this tool will allow you to do so.

Image resizing is a complicated process that’s why we come up with this tool so that you get relief in altering the size of your pictures. If you resize the image on your own, then you might find out that downsizing of the image is more straightforward than enlarging it. When the size of a picture is reduced, the unnecessary information of pixels is discarded without hurting much the quality of the image. However, when it comes to enlarging a photo, more pixel information is added which gives the desired size but the quality and graphics are reduced, and sometimes the image is also blurry.

That is why image resizer tool is here for helping you to increase or decrease the size of your photo without wasting your time. We often require images to be in the same size when we are uploading it like in PowerPoint presentation, but we don’t have pictures of the same size. We can make our photos of the similar size with the help of this online picture resizer.

You may find hundreds of different websites providing you this service for free online. You can make use of online picture resizer on our site without hesitating about the privacy. Yes, you read that right! You will not find any privacy issues when you upload your picture on this image resizer as it is a fully secured website. The databases of this tool are designed in such a way that your photos vanish from it once the resizing is done.

The image size is crucial when you put them in your presentations. It will take a lot of time to upload your file when you are emailing it. Or if you have to open the file when you are asked to deliver the presentation and it is taking time to begin, you might feel hesitation, and you might also lose confidence. To prevent such thing, the online picture resizer can help you to reduce the size of your photos so that your file is not bulky.

This free image resizer on is a straightforward tool for you. It is a trustful website for SEO tools so you can get them without paying a penny. There is no signup process involved with this website, so make use of image resizer without stuck in the hectic process of registration. That’s all!