Convert To JPG

Convert your large sized PNG files to JPG to save storage space and loading speeding of the site. You can use the tool by pressing the “Choose File” button for uploading PNG file that needs to be turned to JPG and press “Convert to JPG” button.

Maximum size of 2MB

As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words and saving a picture in different formats not only affect their quality but increase the file size as well.

A JPG converter will assist in taking care of your matters not only you will find a file with small size, but the quality, in fact, will not face any significant change. This is the main reason to why we use JPGs for web pages, galleries and profile pictures, to conserve storage space and to save the websites loading speed from getting slower.

A JPG if you aren’t aware of is a lossy format which means it confronts a small loss of resolution upon compression. This compact version saves our disk space and our websites surfing momentum which is why it is essential for all the sites. If you have ever noticed, whenever you upload an image over some social network you will find (file size shouldn’t increase a certain given amount) written there. This is because the owners don’t want their site users to face any delay when any page loads which contains images thats why image converter to jpg has always been preferred.

This online converter will convert PNG to JPG for you because other file formats occupy a large volume of storage and this specific format because of its lossy nature will save the day.

Just a tip: Keep trying and exploring different image tools. Manual editing, compressing and resizing etc take a lot of efforts and time as well.

If your websites surfing isn’t great you might be facing one of the following factors:

Images with Large Size: Images has always been a matter of concern when it comes to uploading something on a website. The designing of a site takes place in cascade style sheet and PNG format for logo purpose but if the pictures file size is huge it will affect your pages loading speed and even a single second delay will give a bad impression to your visitors. What you can do is, use an image converter tool, which will not only convert the images but compress them as well.

Just a tip: Having extra stuff on your image? Crop image online and remove all the extra things. It will reduce image size as well.

If your storage space bothers you a lot especially the cell phones one, this website is accessible from a , and you can change the format of as many pictures as you want. This will save a considerable amount of storage volume on your phone for other applications or media. You can easily convert, download and send the file to anyone over the internet because of the smaller, easily transferable file size.

GZIP Compression: A GZIP compression is used for files on the servers which are downloaded by the browser to display to the user. These files contain the development of the whole website, these files can be compressed with this image converter in a special format which you need to turn on when you visit the server settings. It not only saves massive amount of bandwidth but increases the loading speed as well. This compressed version is downloaded by the browser quickly and decompressed in fraction of a second to be displayed.

Just a tip: Having image in PDF form? no worries. We will convert your PDF to JPG for free. JPG to PDF converter is also available online.

Too Many Plugins: Content management system or online frameworks allow you to develop a website without being concerned about the backend or plugins. If you are a beginner it can help you learn a lot but if you use too many plugins then browsers are going to take a lot of time to view the webpage because they are quite heavy to load. Instead you can learn CSS and work on animations to run things smoothly.

No doubt a PNG uses a lossless compression technique but it is only for drawings and other graphics but it is not a valid photographic format. Also, the size of the file size is quite large as compared to JPG and it doesn’t support animations as well. You will always have to switch PNG to JPG for better performance. JPG and PNG both have their advantages and limitations. Let’s say if you use some tool of your choice, draw lines, add colors, write some text and save it in both formats. After that open, these two files in any browser you will notice that the PNG image is a little blurred and out of order whereas the JPG remain intact and solid.

This is why PNG is only preferred when it comes to Logos and text. These PNGs can be added to JPGs using software for designing purpose, but the format for photographs is JPG. This is why never save files in other formats because this format is everlasting.

GIF files are not supported by many browsers especially the older versions which is why people prefer animated CSS or plugins that can help them to get the effect they want. You can convert PNG to JPG and GIF to JPG comfortably using this online converter as it converts without affecting the quality.

Just a tip: Facing difficulties finding the pics you want? Search image using free tools and the tools will provide you the most relevant results against your queries.

When you are on the main page of the PNG to JPG, you just have to follow a few simple steps to transform your image.

  • On the page: you will find a box, and there is a button that says “Choose File”.
  • You have two options to choose from, if you have the file you wish to change saved on your computer or smartphone then you can select the “Choose File” option if you are accessing the site from a pc or a phone.
  • If you have the file saved in Dropbox then you can select “From Dropbox” to upload the file from this file hosting service.
  • When you are done uploading the file all you have to do is press “Convert to JPG” button located below the box.


In this format, the user can select the quality or size of the image while saving it from online converter. The most important of all is it has reduced file size which means you can save a lot of disk space. This specific format is displayed correctly in all devices using web browsers because of its high compatibility. The best part is the picture quality remains super fine with a small level of compression, and it is best for the transition effect.

Just a tip: Reduce the size of your jpg files with image compressor. Quick and easy way for lossless photo compression.