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Anchor text checker helps you to learn about the top ten anchor texts used in backlinks with their referenced domains. Write the URL you want to scan for anchor text and press the "Check Anchor Text" button.

How our Anchor Text Checker Helps you?

The anchor text checker of SearchEngineReports helps the SEOs and websites’ owners in a number of ways. It is the best tool you can get on the web for finding anchor text distribution of any site. The anchor text analysis tool will display the top anchor texts of your website placed on different pages on the internet. Website backlink checker helps you to monitor the total no of links created by using an anchor text. The information presented by the tool will help you in figuring out the most famous anchor text of your site. Moreover, alongside the identification of anchor texts, the backlink anchor text analyzer will also provide you with other vital details like the total number of referring domains and backlinks associated with each anchor.

What are Anchor Texts?

Anchor texts work as signals for search engines as they help in determining the web page’s topic. They are basically the clickable words in a content that represents a hyperlink. Most commonly, anchor texts are in blue on web pages, but the color can be changed, or it can also be underlined. The anchor texts are placed within a content to link another webpage of the same niche. The anchor text should blend in the context of the content, or else, a misleading anchor can lead to drawbacks for the websites. Anchor text checker allows you to see all your anchors and make sure the anchor texts you used are useful for your website.

Importance of Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are explicitly used for improving the rank of a webpage on search engine result pages. The keywords used in the anchor texts allow search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to provide an accurate rank to the exact keyword of each webpage. The anchor text checker’s results are essential for SEOs as they can compare their site’s anchor text distribution with competitors’ websites. Check backlinks anchor text of your competitors to rank better from them.

Different Types of Anchor Texts

Anchor texts can’t only be the keywords of the product or service your site is offering. There are different types of anchor texts that can help you in improving your site’s pages’ rankings. They include:

1. Exact match anchor

This anchor text can prove to be your best friend or worst enemy as it can take your webpage to the first rank, or it can lead your site towards deindexing from search engines. You must have an idea of the targeted keyword of the page for which you are building anchors. That particular targeted keyword is called an exact match anchor, given that it is used as an anchor text.

2. Branded anchor

This anchor is related to your brand name. You can use your brand name as an anchor to promote the site’s rank on SERP. For instance, SearchEngineReports is the brand name of our website, so we can use it as an anchor to promote the overall position of our site for our own brand name.

3. Naked link anchors

It isn’t necessary that an anchor should only contain words. A naked URL can also be placed as an anchor like “” is the naked link anchor for our website.

4. Generic anchors

You might have heard about CTA (calls-to-action) like “click here” and “visit this website.” These words are called generic anchors as they link to your webpage generically while being placed on another site’s page.

Anchor Text Distribution

Unfortunately, the guidelines haven’t specified the exact law that SEOs could understand and implement on anchor text distribution. But, with our own experience and judgment, we can distribute the above-discussed anchor types in the percentages that refer to their importance.

  1. Exact match anchor: 5-10%
  2. Branded anchor: 65-70%
  3. Naked link anchor: 15-20%
  4. Generic anchor: 05-10%

Anchor Text Effects SEO! How?

Search engines like Google always check anchor texts on a webpage so that they could provide them with the rank they deserve for the targeted keywords. Anchors are considered more important as compared to the meta tags of a page as an anchor text contains more practical information of a link. A few years back, anchor text had the most vital role for improving SEO, but people started manipulating their pages ranking by using exact match anchors excessively. Websites achieved high ranking on search results, which they didn’t deserve, but Google figured out the manipulation and updated its ranking algorithm. This update resulted in the drastic downfall of rankings for the websites that had achieved top rank by manipulation.

It’s essential to cope up with the best practices to gain fruitful outcomes that you deserve. SEOs used backlink anchor text checker to improve their link texts. Relying on black hat tactics can sooner or later hurt your site’s position and image severely. From the latest update of Google, we have concluded that the crawlers also look at the text around an anchor. This clearly elaborates that Google’s primary focus is on providing a rank to those web pages that solve queries of the searchers and offers the best user experience. By understanding the context around the anchor, the crawlers can quickly determine the nature and worth of the anchor text. Check anchor texts of your site to attain a top rank in SERP. Also conduct a website audit to check your search engine rankings.