Anchor Text Distribution

Anchors text distribution tool enables you to learn about the top ten anchor texts used in backlinks along with referring domains. Write the URL of the site you want to check anchor texts of in the small field given in the tool and click on “Check Anchors” button.

Do you need to know which anchor texts are linked to your website? Well, with our anchor text checker tool, you can freely and easily check anchor element, do quality backlinking and thereby achieve better SEO results. Our anchor link checker tool is used by several SEO professionals and webmasters and is guaranteed to give you a better insight into the overall performance of your website.

To begin with, an anchor text refers to the text part in a link that can be clicked on. It tells basically what the webpage is about even before it is clicked on. An anchor link is a specific keyword which brings the searcher to the desired webpage. The anchor tag or anchor link of a website is an important signal which makes it a factor that contributes to a site being ranked well on a search engine.

Once you insert anchor and the text is clear and distinct, users can easily identify what they want in a link, hence increased traffic. It is a vital aspect of SEO and equally makes the website more eligible for ranking. Your anchor element needs to be appropriately positioned if you wish to get more audience to your site.

Note that to check anchor text, you simply get to scan the URL that contains the web link and extract the anchor element. It enables you to see the frequency at your anchor text appears. By doing an anchor text check, you can get to know which anchor element is linked to any website on the internet. You, therefore, get to know which subjects your website is linked to. With our check anchor link tool, you can hereby be guaranteed knowing exactly how your site is positioned. Just as well, you can discover if your targeted keywords are correctly represented in the URL.

Your website is better suited to get more traffic easily when visitors can click on a link within a page, without having to scroll through unnecessary details. Using an anchor tag target lets search engines redirect searchers easily to your page, and keeps things orderly.

Internal link anchor tag is equally necessary to present your content in a structured manner so that the search engine can give more link priority to your more important posts. In any case, you should know that having internal links have a good influence on SEO and how well you rank. They connect pages and posts on your website to each other in the way required by Google.

By using our anchor text analysis tool, you get to find out the link text and website’s backlinks that literally link back to your website. It can be used even when you want to check the backlinks for another site, such as your competitor’s. All you need to do is input the URL and let it display the anchor link that was used for the links. This is a great tool when you’re doing some keyword research in your SEO. All links connected to your website gets revealed using this tool.

However, knowing that not all links carry equal value, you need to know the amount, as well as the quality of backlinks you’re getting. Our tool is well equipped to bring your results in their order of importance, so that you know which links are closer in importance to your site. It is therefore obvious that adding links with the right anchor text is an optimization strategy that is vital for your website.

The skill to insert anchor correctly is vital!

This is due to the fact that a lot of sites simply buy links from other sources and do not create for themselves. Your anchor text has to be placed in very relevant content. Thus, you need the expertise we have, to help your site insert anchor correctly into the link. This is so that your site might get ranked on search engines.

To improve your overall SEO, you need to insert anchor into your hyperlinks, so that readers can jump to specific locations within a page. This saves them time and gives them quick access to the relevant information.

We help you run a quick anchor tag analysis with our tool. To use our anchor text checker tool, all you need to do is simple;

- Get started by visiting

- Insert your URL as indicated in the field

- Enter the domain, and then click on “Check Anchors” button.

- As soon as you click the button, you will get a detailed report on the anchor text connected to your site.

Make sure your site needs to employ the right choice of anchor link, preferably both direct and partial anchor links so that there can be smooth navigation between web pages from the same site.

Besides, you also wouldn’t want your anchor element to be over-optimized. This is why you need our experience for your anchor text analysis, to avoid being penalized by Google. We would skilfully keep every anchor element and internal link natural and straightforward so that it wouldn’t lose relevance to users. If your anchor text is repetitive and too mechanical, your website will find itself in crosshairs with Google’s algorithms.

In a careless anchor text analysis, you might buy links from low-quality websites and thus have your links being directed to spam sites. This would be most frustrating after going through so much effort. Also, overstuffing your anchors would have an adverse effect on your website. Your anchors should equally be placed strategically in the post, such that it catches the attention of your visitors. To avoid these mistakes, ensure you do your anchor link analysis with an efficient anchor link checker tool, which is available at our site for free.