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Find out how good you are with the SEO of your website; you will be provided with all the details related to search engine optimization of your page or site. Just provide our tool with the link of your website or page you desire to learn about.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as we know of today is essential to make progress in the ranking of a website. It is essential to keep yourself updated with what your website currently holds because if there are any changes made in the algorithm of the Google crawlers, your site should be ready for it. Websites that update content frequently and have good ranks are crawled quite often. If you fail to update and provide the user-friendly experience your rankings will go down and thus Google will stop adding you in search engine page results. Keep analysing your website on regular basis and improve the SEO to avoid down ranking. This the reason why website seo checker becomes imperative.

SEO score is determined based on the following characteristics of a website:

  • User experience
  • Content
  • Elements of the site
  • Mobile Responsive

User experience, as the word describes, is the experience that user is having while surfing your website, which involves: Links stuffing and Too many images.

Links: Don’t make a user revolve around your site with so many links. That means if the user wants to reach a specific content, he should be able to in two or three clicks max, not more. Otherwise, the user will leave your website if he doesn’t get what he wants. You can learn about how many links you have present on your site through domain SEO checker tools.

Images: Adding images is healthy to your site fine but adding more than necessary makes the site slow, means it won’t load fast, and the server response will be delayed because of the large images stuffed on the page. Website seo checker highlights all these kind of issues. Other than that, you may need website management tools to maintain your website.

Tip: It’s always quality over quantity but must compress image before uploading it onto the website.

The content of the webpage is the most important of all if the users can’t find the content engaging, they will leave your site in no time. The content of a website includes:

  • Quality
  • Indexability
  • Uniqueness

Quality: If the user finds what he is looking for in the content of your website, it is pretty much sure he will read till the end and will keep coming back for future updates and blog posts. The material shouldn’t contain any sort of misspellings or homophones which is quite a common mistake these made by writers. So, make sure to reread the content before posting on your site. Use grammar check for this purpose.

Indexability: Your site should contain meta-titles, meta-description for all your pages which allows crawlers to index your website better on Google. If your site is not indexed, it won’t receive a reasonable amount of traffic because the SERP (search engine result page) won’t include your site. The better the content, the better the chance of being indexed.

Uniqueness: Make sure your website doesn’t have any kind of duplicate content. Must go for plagiarism checker to make sure that your content is unique. If the content is plagiarised, rewrite the content and create unique content. Means one content shouldn’t move around websites pages but can contain links to other pages if the user wishes to learn about something else. Then comes the meta title and meta description of that page. Metas must be keyword rich. Analyze meta tags and generate meta tags if not available. Keep the length in mind. Once you’re done with the initial stuff of the website, then comes the coding. Efficient one. It is another reason why SEO checker should be used.

This particular term includes essential things to do which includes how you are helping Google rank your site. Its properties can consist of the following:

  • Sitemap
  • On page SEO
  • Keywords stuffing
  • SEO analysis

Sitemap: A sitemap contains all the link of your website and how often your site is updated. A sitemap makes it easy for crawlers to index your site which is why creating a sitemap is highly recommended. Generate sitemap and keep updating it whenever you add or remove something to your webpages. A URL checker can be helpful in this regard to see if your sitemap is valid on not.

On page SEO: All the links present on your pages should take you to valid websites. Your pages or the pages where those links point at should be updated. Use high quality content. Check plagiarism before uploading it onto the website. The images you have should contain an Alt tag and optimised as well. The size of the HTML page should be less than 33kb the lesser the extent, the faster the page will load. Must minify HTML, minify CSS and minify JS to beautify the whole code. The website checker will guide you about what your website is missing and what needs to change.

Keyword Stuffing: If you are writing content for your site make sure you don’t add too many keywords that it falls under a violation called keyword stuffing. It is recommended not to use keywords more than 2 to 3 percent in the content of your whole page or else you will be facing a few penalties. Keyword Density checker can explain further regarding the keywords along with the percentage. Keyword stuffing can lead to the penalty. Google doesn’t rank the sites stuffed with keywords. It downs the ranking of that website. Keep checking the rankings of the keywords with an accurate and updated keyword rank checker. Website ranking test is necessary on every stage.

Almost everybody has smartphones now and uses browsers present in the stores or a built-in one to surf the internet. The website you have should be responsive making it easier to be surfed in a smartphone without slowing down the device because it will be downloading a lot of data if it isn’t responsive. So, make sure your website is Smartphone ready. The website must be responsive for all the devices. Mobile friendly test is a must. Loading speed also matters more than just a lot in this scenario. Must check loading speed of the website whenever you make any major or minor changes to the website, specially with the images.

We know you are a genius and won’t take much time to learn about our SEO site checkup tool. If you are already on the link All you have to do is follow the instructions written below.

  • If you made it to the link, you would see it at tool area:
  • In the above picture as you can see a small text box where you have to write the URL of the website, you wish to know the seo optimization score of. Many other free SEO tools are also available to improve the SEO score of your website.
  • When you are done writing the URL. All you have to do is hit the "Check SEO Score" button and wait a few seconds for the results.

The detailed results will include:

- General information: about the link present on your website, underscore present in your site because it is recommended to use hyphens instead of underscores.

- Screenshot: of how a website is viewed in the mobile device and a computer.

- Keywords: density and what are the words used mostly on the page count

- Social Stats: that includes external links present on your site for sharing purposes.

- Server & Security: if your website is using a secure communication protocol over the internet or not. Means browsing your website is safe and not listed as suspicious.

- Advanced SEO: is the last one you will see who will let you know about the Meta description. If it is greater than 160 characters because the required number is between 80 to 160 characters. This tab also includes Page size and page load time.

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