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When we usually talk about sitemaps, what comes to mind is a web page with all the website links on it. However, there are other very useful types of sitemaps such as XML Sitemap.

An XML Sitemap is an XML file that contains all the URLs for a particular website which allows web owners to give additional information of each URL including when was it last updated, its importance with respect to other URLs of site, and how often does it change. This practice enables search engines to crawl the website in a more efficient manner.

The tool which you can use to generate sitemap online is known as XML Sitemap Generator or Google XML Sitemap Generator. There are many free sitemap generators online, with the availability of numerous such tools the process of generating an XML sitemap for a website has become very simplified.

How an XML Sitemap can be created using a Google XML sitemap generator? How can a Google XML sitemap generator benefit you? Let’s discuss all this…

Why would I need a sitemap generator online? You must be having this simple yet critical question.

To simply put it, sitemaps are indeed very handy for the correct indexing of your website; they are useful to search engines in the crawling process.

Sitemap could be compared to a roadmap for crawlers. Crawlers discover new pages usually via links (src or href). A sitemap is used for double-checking their link database, enabling them to discover pages that might otherwise remain unidentified. In addition, you can also provide crawlers with further details regarding the URL by adding metadata.

That’s where Google XML sitemap generator comes into the play. XML sitemap generator online, proves especially useful to new websites or existing websites with high amount of updated pages. Thanks to Google XML sitemap generator, now search engines can find the web pages faster than before, significantly reducing the index time.

Although, one thing that you must consider is that a sitemap simply assists search engines in understanding your site structure, no sitemap guarantees that a listed page will be indexed. A low quality page or a page with duplicated content, might be excluded.

There are countless free sitemap builder tools available over internet. But Search Engine Reports is offering you the best sitemap generator. You can use our free sitemap generator online with utmost ease. All you have to do is simply enter the URL of your website. You can use our sitemap.xml generator, following these few simple steps:

  • Give your complete website URL in the text field.
  • Select other optional parameters that are given.
  • Click on the“Generate Sitemap button and wait until the site is fully crawled.
  • Results will be displayed in a matter of seconds including number of pages, XML file content, broken links list and link to a sitemap file.
  • You can download the XML sitemap file and then put it into the domain root folder of your website.
  • Add your sitemap URL by visiting your Google Webmaster account.

Isn’t it simple? For our XML sitemap generator, no prior coding experience is needed!

Simply, enter the website URL and wait for the tool to do its work. You will be taken to the sitemap shortly which you can later, add to your Google Webmaster account.

Benefit from this handy XML sitemap generator online tool NOW!!