Broken Backlink Checker

Broken backlink checker helps you detect dead backlinks that are hurting your website’s rankings. Just paste the URL of your site and press “Check Broken Backlinks”


So what if the links are broken? Broken backlinks can have a harmful impression on your website's ranking. Website broken backlink checker comes in handy in such difficult situations. A broken backlink finder is an approach focused on amending links that point to non-existing or unauthorized webpages. This strategy helps in overcoming disabilities the website could experience as the link is already placed, and it just has to be recovered by reconstructing the page or by readdressing the URL to the correct webpage. Therefore, a broken backlink checker is designed to help you find broken backlinks that need to be fixed for your website performance.


Backlinks are said to be one of the most crucial elements of an SEO campaign. It heavily affects the traffic drive on your website. Healthy and credible links cannot only boost and bring in new traffic to your site, but it can also build relative industrial relationships. However, if unreliable or broken backlinks get into the way of your SEO campaign, chances are you have to undergo a noticeable hassle and may even result in hefty penalties by search engines like Google. You must be thinking why the addition of links to other websites is beneficial instead of your own page, and how other links on your page can benefit the structure of your website? Doesn't that take away your existing traffic? Well, here you are not taking the risk you need.

Backlinks are links directing the users from website A to website B. Generate new valuable links to strengthen your backlink profile by our backlink generator. Make sure to create quality backlinks, not broken backlinks. The authenticity and an overall number of links placed internally or externally on your SEO campaign control the quality aiming to the overall performance of your website and also panels the authority of your domain structure. Talking about the external links, these are placed on other websites that direct their users to your website, links like these that point to a specific page will help the site to rank better in the search engine results. People often underestimate the significance of external links and focus more on the internal ones. It is an undoubted fact that the relevance, consequence, and quality of the external links are incredibly crucial aspects for your website's success. The broken backlink checker allows you to see all your dead links. Backlinks come in the bigger picture when determining how successful your SEO campaign is yielding results and when measuring the impact of a link. Are you worried about your SEO rankings? Check your site ranking factors with a free website SEO checker


Due to the lack of restricted website detection tools such as web spiders, URL crawlers, and overall website's health examiners, it is hard to identify which internal or external backlinks are invalid or broken. Therefore, this free broken backlink checker reveals which of the backlinks are dead. It also shows you Do-Follow links, No-follow Links, the numbers of referring domains, and where precisely those hard positions are located in the HTML code. You can also check your competitor's full backlink profile to visualize how they are progressing and what information can you pick out. Such distinctive features make broken backlink checker inspection service stand out from other available backlink tools and makes it very easy to find defective URLs and replace or clean them in no time.

Steps to check broken backlinks

  1. Enter the domain with HTTP in the required bar.
  2. After entering the domain site, click the 'Check Broken Backlinks' button.
  3. There you go, results will be displayed immediately with a list of broken links.


You must have an idea of how important the quality backlinks are in an SEO campaign. You want the worthy ones and remove the corrupt ones obviously. However, one of the tips is that you should also keep your campaign fresh from the neutral links as they neither don't hurt your SEO campaign and website rankings on search engines nor help in any way.

Online ventures backup their allying businesses by adding links on their website to build the relationship of trustworthiness. And yes, if you are thinking that you are assisting the sites with implementing such strategies by putting their backlinks, then it is correct. Sometimes you need to contribute to the process too. Providing some credible links on your website that augments your website user's experience displays to Google that you are using consistent, trustworthy referencing sites that have sound authorities. Make sure you are keeping your operations spotless from the broken, mischievous, and spammy backlinks that can get you in trouble resulting in penalties by Google for the addition of too many defective links placed on your site. Take care of your backlinks by keeping a check on them with a free dead backlink checker.

Another subsequent and overlooked mistake while seeing broken backlinks is the URL. An ideal URL should be minimal, simple, and easy to recall, so when others refer to a backlink of your website on theirs, it comes out as clear and effective. Sites with longer URLs lessen user's attention and make them less likely to click on the link, thus diminishing the face value of your website. It is highly recommended to include the targeted keywords in a URL. Longer URLs often get displayed by Google as […] after the point where the URL gets cut off. Write your ideal optimized URLs by using our URL rewriting tool.


We have identified that these can be perhaps the four peak reasons for broken links to occur:

  1. Pages removed where the link is created.
  2. Websites don't exist where the link is created.
  3. Unrelated keywords in the URL structure and constant changes in your website and URL structure can result in numerous 404 pages.
  4. A typing error can generate a backlink directing to a page that doesn't exist.


Once identified with a broken backlink checker, you can recover a broken link by creating a well-defined and relative content for that page that doesn't have any direction. This will result in automatically redirecting the visitors and search engines to the right webpage.

Backlinks have to be specific and should indicate a clear call to action. Instead of redirecting to older URLs of your home page that falls deep down in the website structure, redirect the visitors to relevant classifications and latest content. As Google overlooks the ones with inferior link value when showing pages on the search engine.