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Age calculator by helps you to find the difference between two ages in a matter of seconds. Simply add your date of birth & time in our tool & get results.

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If someone asks you to tell your age, then you can easily share it in terms of the year. But, what if someone asks you to tell your age in terms of days? Then it becomes almost impossible for anyone to give the right answers. That’s why we have developed this online age calculator that comes to rescue you. You can find your age in hours, days, weeks, or months by using our calculator. This age calculator provides you with a chance to check your age within no time.

This online age difference calculator can be used by the professionals in estimating the remaining time period to meet a given deadline. For example, if you are supposed to accomplish a task within a month, then you can add the starting date of the task in this tool, and you will get the total time left in ending the deadline.

Many people ask about “How can I calculate my age?” The following things are required from you to calculate age and get accurate results by using our online age calculator.


Enter the day of the month.


Now you need to insert the month of the year in the mentioned place.


Add the year of your birth in our tool.


You are needed to add the starting time in this box for calculating the age in terms of hours or minutes.

If you are having any doubts that the process of using this online Date of Birth calculator would be tough, then the following simple steps will prove you wrong.

  1. First of all, select the Date(DD), Month(MM), and Year(YYYY) of your birth. You also have to add the birth time in the specified place.
  2. Now select any date till which you want to check your age.
  3. Lastly, hit the “Calculate Age” button.
  4. You will be provided with accurate results within a few moments.

What Will You Get With This Tool?

The easy steps discussed above will enable you to use our age counter tool without following any intricate procedure. You will be provided with the following things once the processing is completed by our online DOB calculator.

  1. Your current Age
  2. Age in months
  3. Age in weeks
  4. Age in days
  5. Age in hours
  6. Age in minutes
  7. Age in seconds

The age difference is the gap between two dates. You can estimate the difference between two ages by simply calculating the gap between the two dates. If both the dates are the same, then there will be no age difference.

Age difference calculator assists you in finding the difference between two ages within a fraction of seconds. This online utility allows you to calculate age from date of birth you want to calculate age difference according to the dates you insert in the tool.

You can use an age difference calculator to find the difference of ages between two people without making any hard efforts.

Our online age calculator is equally suitable for people from every walk of life. But, the use of this tool is immensely significant in the following processes.


You may have the idea that accurate time-related information is a vital component in astrology. The main reason behind this is that your destiny changes with your age, as per the astrology laws. So, the astrologers require the exact age to give you the effective charting of your fate. Our person age calculator may enable you to get the pin-point age simultaneously.

School Admission

Calculating age is good for admission purposes in a school. If you have a baby and want to add him/her to school you have to know about the age of your child. Use our date of birth calculator to find out when your child starts school.

Government Job

If you want to apply for a government job you have to know about your age before applying because lots of government sectors have age limits.

Wedding Time

Many people believe in astrology, and according to them, calculating your exact age is the most important part of the wedding because both brides have to disclose ages then pundit can match their Kundlis this is happening in Indian weddings that’s why the time of a wedding is a crucial element in the success of a marriage. For that purpose, you can use this age calculator to estimate the perfect date and time for your wedding.