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Average Calculator gives you the facility to find the average of a complex data set with additional information such as Geometric, harmonic, and arithmetic means. Simply fill boxes for calculating average values.

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Our Average Calculator provides you the opportunity for finding the average of a massive set of numbers easily. The following steps will enable you to calculate the average of multiple numbers online as discussed below.

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An average is a single number that represents the central tendencies of multiple numbers.And this is indispensable in every type of business such as to calculate average stock in or out. There’s no doubt that finding an average through manual calculations is burdensome and time-consuming when the data set is vague and indefinite.

Therefore, to find the average of numbers, our average value calculator could be your ultimate companion in eliminating the entire aggravation. You won’t have to spend a single penny for using this online utility, as it is free of charge. The tool will provide you an ease in solving perplexing scenarios. This averaging calculator is expeditious in extracting the central value from complex and multifaceted datasets. The tool will let you extract the average number in a fraction of a second.

Our average calculator gives you an idea of the overall trend and behavior of your abstruse data set. It also lets the user find out the average number and many other calculations on the go.

Average Value:

The average formula is simple as the sum of numbers that are divided by the number of values.

Geometric Mean:

It’s about multiplying the values and then taking 1/nth of a particular dataset.

Harmonic Mean:

It is calculated by dividing the number of series by the reciprocal of each value in a specific dataset.

Arithmetic Mean:

By adding all the dataset values and then dividing them by the total number of values.


The total sum of values is a quantity that appears as part of standard data analysis.


The count is simply about how many items it presented and often represented as a small letter “n.”


When values are arranged in ascending or descending order, the middle value of a given data is called the median.


The largest observation is the values of the greatest element. It could be the first or the last item in a dataset.


The smallest observation is the values of the smallest element vice versa to the largest value.


The difference between the highest and lowest value in a dataset is known as range.


Mean is a mathematical term describing the average value of a sample. Mean also has the same definition and almost identical to the Average.

Mean Formula:

Mean =
(Sum of the smallest value and the largest value) 2


Mean has the same definition and almost identical to the Average. You may have an idea that average is the centrally calculated value from a data set. But the formula for average makes some difference in which you sum all the values and divide it by the total number of values.

Average Formula:

Average =
Sum of all the values Total number of values

The traditional ways of finding the average of a data set were challenging, as extensive knowledge and mathematical skills were essential in this regard. But now, you don't have to ask any professional how to find average? The advancement in technology has helped us perform our tasks effectively. Now we are having the online average value calculator that can be used to calculate average or any type of mean without any hassle. You can use this tool from any part of the planet. The only thing you need is a strong connection to the internet.

Example of Average Calculation

Let’s have a look at a real-life scenario of average calculation. Suppose you own a shoe store and want to determine the average sales of a particular shoe over a year. There are 12 months in a year; for that, you will have to find average of each month from January to December. The following is the number of sneakers sold each month:

January: 50

February: 45

March: 39


May: 40


July: 48

August: 43

September: 38

October: 34

November: 37

December: 48

For calculating the average, the sum of numbers is required. First of all add numbers and get the answer that is 524. After that sum is divided by 12, the answer would be 43.67. It means you sold 43.67 pairs of sneakers on average and this calculation also helped you to determine what percentage of sales turned into profit in a given year. Although it’s quite simple, there are still chances of human errors. But our advanced average calculator gives you this calculation in a fraction of seconds by just entering values without any mistake.

Average is a broad term and we will discuss the usage of the average calculator in different segments of professional life.

Inventory Calculation:

The usage of an average number calculator is requisite for companies dealing with inventory. The in and out of inventory in these businesses works daily. Price fluctuation occurs every other day, which becomes quite a hectic chore for them to keep the record, calculate the average stock presence in the Warehouse, and track price fluctuation. Over here, the companies require an average calculator for making the calculation process swift.

Leading Time of Order:

The lead time is a crucial aspect for businesses dealing with logistics. It is the latency between the initiation and completion of the process as their various particulars influence from placement of an order and delivery. They will need to calculate average for placing the next order in time. It will help them to keep enough stock before the next delivery is completed. Therefore, finding average calculator is essential for the business to calculate the change in the lead time to stay on the safe side and not running out of stock.

Frequently Asked Question

The average value formula is (x1 + x2 + …. + xn) / n. But, you can use our calculator to find the average of numbers of a data set without any difficulty.

Our Average Calculator can handle the values of (up to 30 numbers) and provide you with accurate results within no time.

The average helps you to find an average by dividing the sum of all the numbers. Whereas the mean value only gives the average of two or more data values. Along with that with average gives you median and mode but mean doesn’t.

Add both the values, and then divide them by two. You will get the average of these numbers.

The average has many types, but the most common ones are Mean, Mode, Median, and Range.