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Our Margin Calculator computes the sale margin, profit, or gross margin percentage for your product.

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The margin calculator on our website is a hassle-free utility that allows you to calculate the profitability ratios, such as gross margin, without getting into the trouble of manual calculations. Calculate the gross profit margin by following the steps mentioned below with this gross profit margin calculator.


Enter the sales value in the given space.


Next, enter the cost of items in the tool.


Lastly, tap the ‘Calculate’ button. The results will be generated and displayed in a matter of instance.

Another branch of profit margin calculator is the stock trading margin calculator that calculates the amount required for investors to purchase on margin. This tool can be used to calculate the stock trading margin by following the steps given below.


Enter the stock price figures and the number of shares in the boxes given on this tool.


The next thing to do is enter the margin requirement.


Lastly, hit the ‘Calculate’ button. The amount required will be visible on your screen instantly.

Last but not the least calculator incorporated within this tool is the currency exchange margin calculator. This advanced tool calculates the minimum amount required to maintain open positions. For the usage of this tool, follow the steps listed below.


Firstly, put the exchange rate values and the number of units on this tool.


Select the margin ratio from the drop-down list.


Click the ‘Calculate’ button to instruct the tool for generating the desired results.

Gross margin is a profitability ratio used by people for analyzing the financial health of their businesses. Investors use the gross margin formula for making a decision on investing in a company. The average gross margin of the industry is deduced by the financial reporters, which aids investors in choosing a company with a profitable future.

The gross margin percentage can either be high or low, as per the prices and costs of products and services. Most of the people prefer to invest in a business with a higher gross profit margin as it’s generating good profit on sales. That’s because the companies with lower gross margin are underpricing; hence, the investors would question their capability to provide a return on their investment.

The gross margin utility on SearchEngineReports has several benefits for its users. You can use this tool to enjoy the following perks:

Plan Out your Strategies Easily:

Our online gross profit calculator lets you create and work on a well thought out strategy to analyze which trades are more profitable.

SPAN Based Calculating System:

With the help of this tool, everything will be at your fingertips. You might have had to reach your brokerage firms several times to know your points. There’s no need to do that anymore, as you can calculate margin easily with our calculator on your own.

Implementation of Strategy:

You might get stuck while making the manual calculation, and the assistance of an advisor would be needed. The gross margin calculator pulls you out from such a nuisance and provides extensive results that wouldn’t let you rely on anybody else.

The difference between the amount of revenue and the cost of goods sold by a business gives us the gross profit. Whereas, the net profit can be deduced after the deduction of all types of taxes, including taxes, from the revenue. In the calculation of gross and net profit margin, you will need individual figures for gross profit and net profit. Both of these margins come under the measure of profitability ratios, but the net profit margin is a more rigid metric.

The formulas for calculating profit margins are discussed below.

Gross Profit Margin Formula:

= Net sales - Cost of Goods Sold / Net Sales x 100

Stock Trading Margin Formula:

= Margin required / 100 X Stock Price X No. of Shares

Currency Exchange Margin Formula:

= Exchange Rate X Units / Margin Ratio

Cost of Item

The accumulated direct costs involved in the production of an item, such as direct labor, direct labor, etc. gives us the cost of the item.

Sale Revenue

The income received by a business from the sale of goods or services is the total sale revenue.

Gross Margin

It’s a type of profit margin calculated by dividing gross profit with net sales.

Gross Profit

The gross margin of a company is the difference between the cost of goods sold and sales revenue.


Sales price minus unit cost divided by unit cost gives us markup.

Margin is the percentage difference between the revenue and cost of goods, whereas markup is the percentage increase in the cost of a product or service to get the selling price. The difference between margin and markup is that the former is shown as the percentage of revenue, while the latter is shown as the percentage of the cost.