Our online percentage calculator helps you in calculating percentages for simple or complex values. It also find percentage differences by inserting two values in the text box to get the third value.

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Our tool doesn’t ask users to follow any hard and fast rules for the percentage calculation. Just follow these simple steps below

  1. Access percent calculator in common phrases by clicking on
  2. You’ll find three options for new value, original value, or percentage value.
  3. Just enter two values to find percentage of a number.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button and get the third value.

The percent change calculator helps you in estimating differences between two values and figuring out percentages for the one value to the other. Anyone can calculate percent increase or decrease with this online tool by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Enter the values in the "From" and "To" boxes.
  2. Hit the “Calculate” button to find the percentage change.
  3. Boom! Percentage difference calculator shows up desired results.

The percentage conversions calculator lets you convert percent to decimal values for free. The following steps are required for the percentage conversions.

  1. After accessing the tool, just enter the percent value.
  2. Hit the “Calculate” button to start the process
  3. This percent to decimal calculator display results in a matter of seconds

The percentage calculation is part of statistics, which is a branch of mathematics. Several types of percentage problems exist, from basic to advanced. Let’s discuss how the percentage can be calculated.

Manual Way :

The conventional method of calculating percentages is a hectic task as it involves the usage of a percentage formula. For computing the percentage manually, you’ll need to pay attention to detail, as without accurate entries, the formula won’t be able to get you the correct results. Moreover, you’ll have to carry a percentage calculator for complex percentages.

Online Way :

The issues faced by the people with the manual way of calculating percentages can be resolved with our online percentage calculator. Our tool lets you calculate different types of percentages without asking you to grasp any skills. The percent calculator only requires entering of values from the users’ end. The rest is the job of the advanced algorithms of this tool that processes your entered figures and generates results instantly.

The online utility on allows its users to calculate percentages in 3 different forms. It includes:

Percentage Calculator in Phrases :

Our percentage calculator in phrases enables you to calculate percent value in common phrases. You might have heard or encountered word problems that ask what is A% of B. You don’t need to depict and relate the values according to the formula as our web-based utility is offering you to directly find the percentage in phrases.

Percentage Change Calculator :

Our online tool helps you a lot to calculate percentage change from one number to another and displays the change in terms of decrease or increase. The basic use of this percent increase calculator is when you have an old and new price, and you need to find how much price has increased or decreased in terms of percentage.

Percent Change Formula:

Percentage Change = (V2-V1)/V1 x 100

Let’s understand it with an example like you had 20 chairs (V1) but now you have 15 chairs (V2), and want to figure out percentage difference so by using this percent change formula you can easily make it happen:


= (15-20)/20 x 100

= (-5)/ 15 x 100

= -0.25 x 100

= -25 %

The answer shows that chairs decreased by 25% but it takes you a lot of time. So, it’s better to use our percentage decrease calculator and get the task done in a blink of an eye.

Percent Conversions Online:

Our percent to fraction calculator lets you transform a percentage to fraction and decimal. It’s not difficult as the percentage value needs to be divided by 100 that will give us both fraction and decimal values.

For example, if you want to convert 10% to fraction and decimal, you can do it by:







Several online platforms are providing the percentage calculation service, but the one you’ll find on is the easiest and fastest way to calculate percent of any values.

  1. No need to get registered for using the percentage converter provided on our website.
  2. Free of cost utility that allows the people to use it as many times as they desire.
  3. This tool can be accessed through desktop, laptop, mobile, tab, or Mac, without facing compatibility issues.
  4. All kinds of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS, support this web-based service. The users won’t find a difference in the performance of our percentage calculator, no matter what type of device they are using it on.

People can enjoy several benefits by using our free percentage increase calculator. The most prominent ones are discussed below.


Our percentage calculator is a vital tool for businesses, as it can aid them in calculating the percentage of profit margin, prices of the products on sale, etc. With a manual way, the chances of making errors will be high that can affect the business operations.


The institutions have to assess learners’ performance after calculating their scores in terms of percentage. This percentage calculator can help institutes and teachers in figuring percentages for any score without investing time and effort.


As a student, you’ll often be given assignments in which you might have to calculate percentages. Our percent converter can make your life easy, as it will help you complete the calculations in a matter of seconds.