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The formula to calculate GST is quite straightforward. A retailer, wholesaler, or businessman can easily calculate the GST on the goods they are supplying. The formula is:

GST amount = Supply value x GST%

Let’s take a look at an example to fully understand GST:

A crate of soda bottles costs $100 to the manufacturer, and he adds a 20% profit to it. The GST is 5%, so what will be the GST amount charged on soda bottles?

After adding 20% profit to the cost, the soda bottles’ crate price before GST will be $120. After including GST of 5%, the final price that a consumer has to pay would become $126.

In 1954, France became the first country to levy GST. After that, around 160 countries have implied GST on certain goods and services in one way or another. Some of the countries that collect GST are as follows:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Italy
  3. Australia
  4. Nigeria
  5. Singapore
  6. Vietnam
  7. Canada
  8. Monaco
  9. India
  10. Pakistan
  11. Spain
  12. South Korea
  13. Brazil

The rate of goods and sales tax (GST) varies from country to country. However, a unified GST system is used by most of the countries, which means that a single tax rate is applied throughout the country. The table below shows the GST tax in different countries.

Country GST
Australia 10%
Canada 15%
Italy 22%
Spain 21%
United Kingdom 20%
South Korea 10%
Monaco 19.6%
India 18%

As earlier mentioned, GST is an indirect tax imposed and charged on the consumption of certain goods and services. There are three main tax heads that come under GST, and they are discussed below.


CGST is the Central Goods and Services Tax that is covered under the Central Goods and Service Tax Act 2016 of India. The taxes collected under CGST is the revenue for the central government. The central taxes, including central sales tax, central excise duty, and service tax, are covered under CGST.


IGST stands for integrated goods and services tax, and it falls under the Integrated Good and Service Tax Act 2016 of India. IGST is divided in a ratio decided by the government between central and state governments. This tax is charged on the goods and services that are transferred from one state to another. The import transactions are also charged with IGST.


State goods and services tax is abbreviated as SGST, and it falls under India’s State Goods and Services Tax Act 2016. The SGST taxes collected are the revenue for state government. Value-added tax, luxury tax, entertainment tax, etc. fall under SGST.

GST stands for goods and services tax, and it’s applied to most of the goods and services sold for local consumption. GST is a value-added tax that is paid by consumers on the purchase of goods and services. But the government receives it from the businesses who’ve sold them. Usually, the rate of GST remains the same for the whole nation on all types of goods and services it’s being charged on.

The GST is an indirect federal sales tax that is added by the businesses on certain goods and services. The amount paid the customers for getting the goods or services is inclusive of GST. Some countries also treat GST as VAT (value-added tax).

What is Inclusive GST?

The amount of a product after the addition of GST is known as an inclusive GST value.

What is Exclusive GST?

The amount of a product after the Excluding GST is called exclusive GST.

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