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Get to know about which keywords can be supportive to the ranking of your website. All the tool require is the URL of the website and a click on the “Analyze Meta Tags” button, to provide you with a detailed analysis of all the pages on your site.

With blogging being the latest trend almost everyone knows what the tags for blogs are. Meta tags are more or less the same thing. They are small pieces and extracts of the given content, but they do not appear in the page itself rather they appear in the page code. These scraps of text give Google and other search engines a primary idea of the web page and its keywords. The Meta Tags are a basic SEO element and all SEO practitioners know their importance well. They know that if they want to get good SEO ratings they need to use search engine friendly meta tags.

Mets tags have been around since forever. They play a major role in a website’s ranking in the search engines. They are of utmost importance to bloggers and website owners owing to SEO purposes. The three main components that make up a meta tag are:

1.Title– The title of any given content is the first thing that shows in the search engine listings. It is considered to be the most important element in the website optimization process.

2.Description– After the title comes the description. These are the couple of lines that show beneath the title on the result pages of the search engines. It is basically the summary that tells people what the website is about and what it has to offer. The word limit for the description should not be very lengthy as the search engines read up to a few words only.

3. Keywords– This is the most important component of a meta tag. Keywords are extremely important as they are a description of what the website is about. Proper keywords take the website to the top of the SERPs. In short even if all the text from your website is taken away, the keywords alone should be self explanatory to give the readers an idea about what the respective website is all about. Adding around 10 keywords is a good idea.

Now that you know about the main components of meta tags, you are better able to understand that the search engines use both the keywords and the given description. They then make a comparison between the two to see if the keywords match the content on the webpage.

Meta tags work wonder!

No one in their right sense can deny the importance of meta tags. SEO Meta tags analyzer as the name suggests is a tool that analyzes the meta tags. We know about and use countless SEO tools (including meta tags analyzer online), but the lesser talked about albeit one of the most important SEO tools is the SEO meta tags analyzer online tool. Using them the correct way plays a positive role in your sites search engine optimization.

But how do you know which meta tag will help you get more ratings? This is where SER’s Meta Tags Analyzer comes in. Use Meta Tags Analyzer Free of cost at It can be used for the following purposes:

  • It helps you decide which tag can get your website high ratings and which tags are not very appropriate by analyzing the title, the description, the keywords and media and social tags in relation to the information available in the respective website
  • It can be used by the browsers to check what information regarding the website needs to be displayed and what keywords should be used
  • The keywords used in the websites are checked for consistency. It sees if the match the content of the website, how many times they have been used and where they have been used- the title or the description
  • It will give a detailed analysis of the web pages to the webmasters and allow them to analyze the respective pages and their meta tags in detail

This attribute tells search engines what to do with the pages in the site:

  • Using our meta tags analyzer is very easy. All you need to do is put in the URL of the website.
  • Enter the exact address of a website into the given box starting with http://. For example, you want to check out the meta tags for You will enter the URL in the given box where it says “Enter URL”.
  • Click the "Check Meta Tags" button
  • The results will provide you with a complete list of meta tags for the given page which will include its Title, Description and Keywords. It will thoroughly analyze your meta tags to check if your website is search engine friendly or not.

Our Meta Tags Analyzer will analyze your web page and give you the final result. There are several meta tags analyzers available online but not all of them will give you the correct results. Our meta tags analyzer is 100% accurate and reliable. You can use our Meta Tags Analyzer free of cost anywhere and at any time to increase your rankings in the search engines.

In case it is not, you are going to receive a direct message from our analyzer regarding about what is wrong and what you can do to resolve it. If your website does not have meta tags you can create one with our meta tags generator.

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