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This online text editor lets you format and edits text. Enter your text in the box provided.

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The online text editor is a web-based service designed for the people involved in creating textual content. Our online text editor is an advanced tool that works as an alternative for text-editing applications and software, such as Notepad and Wordpad. This smart online utility comes with all kinds of text-editing features to make your life easier. Formatting is an essential aspect for any sort of text-based document, and the text editing online service on allows you to format any text and make it error-free. This online text editor allows its users to create text files from scratch or edit the already saved documents on the device by easily accessing them.

You can get access to our online text editor without facing any hurdles. There is no need to go through the strenuous registration process for using the edit text online service. By following the simple set of instructions you can easily create or edit text online.

  1. After accessing the tool, write down, copy-paste, or upload a text file from your device’s storage in the box provided.
  2. As the text will be uploaded, you can start editing it as per your requirements.
  3. You can save the text file easily on your device after completing the editing process. The tool allows you to download the file in Doc or PDF formats.

Our plain text editor’s toolbar allows its users to perform multiple functions for formatting text documents from top to bottom. The toolbar on this tool comes with the following functions:

Undo and Redo:

undo or redo the last action in text editing.


print out the current text document you have edited.

Font Size:

change the font size in between the range of 10px to 24px.

Find and Replace:

Find any text preference from the uploaded file and replace it with a new text value.


Preview the text in the document format.


Insert any link, media, table, or special character in the file you are creating.

Bullets and Numbering:

Add bullets and numbering to the lists in the text while editing.

The text writer online provided by our tool doesn’t charge a penny from any of its users. Yes, you read that right! This best text editor is absolutely free of cost that allows you to prepare as many text documents as you like. You won’t face a restriction on the usage of this online tool. The tool doesn’t ask you to purchase a premium version of this service, yet it provides premium-quality features online without any cost.

Our Wordpad online tool is a web-based service that doesn’t need to be downloaded on your device. You don’t have to burden your device by installing text editing online software anymore, as this tool comes with top-notch features for editing and formatting any type of text. MS Word is the popular word processing software with a wide range of editing features. But the problem with MS Word is that you need to install it with a valid product key on your device to make it work effectively. You can avoid this nuisance by using our online Wordpad service that comes with the toolbar kit you’ll find in MS Word software.

The text editing online service on our website is the best one you can find over the web. Many online platforms are providing this free, but they might lack the features incorporated in this tool. Some of the features of this text editor online are discussed below.

Online Error Free Editing

This online text editing tool allows you to prepare errorless text documents. If you already have a text file, you can place it on this tool and make it free of errors.

Edit Text from Anywhere

This best text editor is accessible from all across the globe. This tool is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems, which allows our users to edit text files from anywhere. You just need an internet connection to access this free text editor.

Save Time

This easy-to-use tool saves an ample amount of time for its users. You don’t have to turn on your desktop every time you wish to edit a text file. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, you can edit text online in a matter of a few minutes.

Easy Sharing

After the completion of the editing text process on our tool, you can easily save or share the documents in PDF or Doc format in a single click.


While editing text files on our online text editor, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your documents. As soon as you have completed the editing process and saved the file on your device, the file automatically gets deleted from our servers.