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Sentence checker eliminates all types of writing issues to boost your confidence. Just process the text and let our tool handle the sentence corrections.

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Steps to Use Our Sentence Checker

Fixing writing errors through our sentence correction tool doesn’t require you to be an expert. You only need to know the step-by-step approach to using this tool:

  • Input the sentence(s) in the specified section.
  • Hit the ‘Correct Sentences’ button to process the text.
  • Our sentence corrector will highlight the sections needing rectification.
  • Tap on the highlighted words to apply our tool’s recommendations. 

The Best Sentence Checker for Your Convenience

The free sentence checker by SearchEngineReports uses state-of-the-art AI technology to rectify writing mistakes accurately. Here are some of its key features that indicate how this tool can help you out: 

Immediate Sentence Analysis

The backend of this English sentence corrector is based on sophisticated algorithms. Thus, it can instantly find all writing errors in the entered sentences and present their corrections.

Polish Ideas With Suggested Synonyms

Our sentence structure checker uses an extensive database of words. Therefore, while identifying writing issues within the input, this tool can also suggest synonyms for bland words and improve the vocabulary.

Correct Sentences Using AI

The accuracy of this sentence correction online tool is unquestionable. It uses advanced AI technologies to accurately spot errors and provide recommendations for enhancing sentence quality.

Protect Sentences from Plagiarism

The power of our online sentence checker is not limited to error rectification. It can also facilitate its users by providing a plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of the sentences. 

Correct All Errors in Your Sentences

Improve the quality of your write-ups by rectifying the following types of issues with our sentence correction tool:


The training of this tool allows it to rectify all basic and advanced grammatical mistakes. Whether you want to rectify parallelism, incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement, or some other grammatical issue, this free sentence checker will help you out.


The English sentence corrector by SearchEngineReports has a comprehensive database of words. It can instantly find a typo and provide suggestions accordingly by comparing the spellings against the contents of its database.


The algorithms of this sentence fixer have been trained on the vast writing patterns. It knows how to fix the sentence's punctuation marks. Whenever you enter phrases, our tool uses its training to identify whether the punctuation marks are placed appropriately or not.

Word Choice Errors

Words like ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ often confuse people. But our sentence structure checker can easily cope with such complicated issues. This tool performs contextual analysis to precisely spot the wrong usage of homonyms and suggest recommendations. 

Turn Sentence Correction into a Learning Opportunity

The benefits of this free sentence checker are not restricted to improving the quality of a write-up. It can also provide a learning opportunity for individuals. For instance, individuals can use the recommendations to learn how to use punctuation marks, spelling, run-on sentences, and grammar rules.

This automated tool will also prove beneficial for students in preparing IELTS exam. When students learn to use something correctly, it will help them become a linguistic master. Ultimately, candidates will be able to perform better in the writing and speaking exams of IELTS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a run-on sentence?

A run-on sentence merges multiple independent clauses without appropriate punctuation or conjunctions. It happens when two or more complete thoughts blend without proper breaks. This can lead to unclear communication and disrupt the sentence's flow.

What type of sentence needs to be corrected?

Anything from incomplete sentences to phrases involving parallelism, fragment, and subject-verb agreement issues needs rectification. 

Does this sentence checker provide accurate corrections?

Yes! Since this free sentence checker has been trained on linguistic rules and vast writing patterns, It can offer the best possible suggestions for an identified issue.