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Our text to speech reader helps you in listening to your text or you can also create a natural voice for your brand. Simply upload text and click the “Play” button.

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Our online text to speech converter enables you to translate your text into voice in a variety of languages and voices. We all know that sometimes it becomes challenging to read all the text, especially if the content is lengthy. At that time, our text to speech reader can instantly read out loud for your convenience. You can convert whole-textual data into a voice and listen to it without any hesitation.

You are not asked to follow any hard and fast set of rules to convert your text to voice online through our tool. The following simple steps will enable you to use this text to speech reader.

  1. Upload the text file from your device or you can type in the given box.
  2. Now, select the language in which you want to translate the text from the given list. Our text to speech converter also provides you with male and female voice options.
  3. Next, choose the speed variation for the spoken words.
  4. In the end, click on the "Play" button to start the processing.

Our text to sound tool is the best option for everyone looking for the easiest way to turn their text into spoken words. The useful features of our text to speak tool are discussed below.

Male and Female Voices

If you are looking for a tool that can provide you with something different from the conventional robotic voice, then your search is over. Our text to speech converter gives you the chance to listen to your text in a male or female voice without facing any difficulty.

Read Text from Multiple File Formats

There is no restriction on you uploading your textual file in a specific format on our tool, as our utility supports a vast range of file formats. You can upload your.txt, .doc, or .docx, etc., file on this converter straightforwardly.

Export Speech to Audio Files

Our online facility also allows you to export your converted voice file into an audio format. You can download the audio file on your device by using our text to sound converter.

Select Multiple Reading Speeds

Many people prefer to listen to audio at a slow speed for better understanding, while others may appreciate the fast speed. Our tool is suitable for everyone, as you can easily select the read aloud text speed as per your requirements.

Multilingual Voices

If you think that our reader can read only English text, then it's not true. Our tool is capable of reading text in multiple languages, including Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, etc.

Boost Your Brand Voice

You may have the idea that a unique identity is essential for a business to stay alive in this competitive environment. Similarly, it has become inevitable to promote your business on online platforms. Various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc., have given you the chance to advertise your products and reach potential customers from all over the globe. But, to upload your brand's video on these platforms, you require an attractive background voice that can define your product. At such time, the most effective method to overcome this issue is the use of our free text to speech converter. You can convert your text into captivating audio with our tool, which can be merged into your video later. So, you don't have to hire any professional for voiceover.

Do you know that almost 20% of the world is facing some language-based learning disability? Moreover, a vast number of illiterate people exist in nearly every region that finds it difficult to read the text. So, a better approach to communicate with the maximum audience is to convey your message in voice format in a clear accent. You can get all this through our free text to speech converter. This utility enables you to convert your text into a wide range of languages without creating any hurdles.

Your text's conversion into audio is beneficial for everyone, but it has great significance if we talk about children. Text reader can facilitate your child:

  1. Better word recognition
  2. A significant chance to pay attention to the given information
  3. A great opportunity to focus on the accurate way to pronounce a word,
  4. Assistance in finding errors and grammatical mistakes in the writing

There are many advantages of using our text converter. Some of the primary benefits of our online text to speech utility are as follows:

  1. You don't need to make any account on any website to use this text reader online.
  2. There is no need to install any software on your device to convert text to audio through our tool.
  3. Our tool doesn't ask you to buy any premium membership to turn your text to speak.
  4. You can use this text converter from any device anytime and anywhere.

Our text to speech converter enables you to download the converted file and save it on your device.

After pasting your text on our free tool, you can click on the play button to listen to it aloud.

You can access more voices from text to talk converter as it gives you an option to choose from a male or female voice.

Yes! The converted audio from our text to voice tool will sound like a human instead of a dull, robotic sound.