Image Compression

Image Compressor tool is for website owners and people in SEO to decrease the size of the pictures that need to be posted online to reduce the loading time of the page. You can compress an image by pressing the “Upload” button to transfer the file to our server and wait for it to finish the conversion process.

Are you trying to increase the speed of your website? Do you have storage issues to save your photographs? You will need to Compress JPEG with an image compressor.

Keep it in mind that you can make a huge difference in the size and appearance of the image files of your website. People often misunderstand compression because of the lack of understanding of different kinds of compression. If you don't choose compression for different images, you may end up with any of two results:

  • Pictures don’t look good (as they have a potential to look)
  • The file size of images can be more significant than their desired size

Just a tip: Keep exploring and trying different image tools to analyze, reduce and optimize your graphics file.

An image compressor can help you to reduce the size of PNG, GIF, and JPG. Everyone prefers this for his/her reasons, such as compressed images load faster and takes less space on a server. Keep it in mind that you will need an efficient tool to compress your images. The process of image compression will not decrease the physical size of a photo but compresses its data to reduce its size. When you choose a wrong method or wrong tool, you may get photo degradation. It can decline the quality of the file. You can’t resize this image because of poor compressing.

Data loss during image compression is common with JPEG. When an image shrink in size, the wrong photo resizer in kb can discard some data of your image permanently, make sure to secure a backup before reducing the file size. Otherwise, you have to use a low-quality photograph. You can avoid all these problems with Image Compression Tool of Search Engine Reports.

If you are running a business website, you will need images and infographics to engage your customers. It is almost impossible to convince customers to buy your products without their clear photos. For this reason, you will try to load high-quality photographs. Keep it in mind that large images can decrease the loading speed and increase the loading time of your website. Each picture is actually affecting the quality of your site. Increase in loading time can also increase your bounce rate. Make sure to scale down your large images before loading them. Here are some ideas to avoid this situation:

  • Resize image, JPEG, PNG and other graphics files with our image compressor. Our tool will not affect the quality of your image.
  • Properly scale pictures, for instance, if your picture is 1000 x 1000 pixels, you can scale it to 100 x 100 pixels automatically with our photo compressor.
  • Prefer GIF, PNG and JPG file formats because these are quick and nice to every browser. If the format of the file is not browser friendly, you can easily convert to jpg. Avoid large formats like BMP and TIFF.

A photo compressor is needed to resize your images. The tool encodes the actual pictures with some bits. The primary purpose of image compression is to decrease the redundancy of photos and to transmit or store data in an effective form. Through this reducer, you can remove individual files of an image file to decrease its size. Crop image and You remove extra stuff from the photo. Here are some reasons for using ani mage reducer.

  • For your website optimization, you will need a photo resizer. Large photos can reduce the loading speed of your website or blog. It can increase the bounce rate of your site.
  • For uploading and sending images, you have to decrease the size of photos. Moreover, a few email servers have a specific limit for file size. With a photo resizer, you can adjust an image before attaching it in your message.
  • Heavy images take more space on your hard disk. Compress images and you can decrease their storage impact.
  • RAW, BMP and PNG are some famous lossless images. Keep it in mind that you can’t restore data of a lossy image after converting it back into a lossless image.
  • Just a tip: Are you a graphic designer and want the codes of colors? Try RGB to hex converter and get the code of the color you want.

Just compress jpeg with an online image compressor to get a file of small size. Keep it in mind that a smaller image takes less space on your tablet, phone, memory card of a hard drive. If you have to work with hundreds of pictures at once, the difference may really start to add up. Small file sizes make photos easy to work within an editing software. The small pictures require less CPU and RAM time to process them. Resizing your graphics file with a wrong tool or method can decrease its quality. Make sure to choose a reliable online photo compressor of Search Engine Reports. This tool depends on the lossless compression method. You can also search for a similar graphics file or a photo using a reverse image search tool. Many images search engines are available online for picture search for free.

Quick File Transfer

Files of small size will not only take less space on a hard drive and in a memory card, but these are faster to transfer. You can load an image from your hard drive or display on the web page. A file with reduced size can work quickly than uncompressed files. Before uploading images on your website, make sure to compress them with our image resizer. After resizing the photos and images, you can notice a huge difference in loading speed of your site. You can also change the format of your graphics file. Change the file format from jpg to pdf and utilize this portable file efficiently.

JPEG supports a lossy compression method. This method is used by web usage and digital camera. It is not suitable for iconic and textual graphics and drawing. Compression algorithm of JPEG divides the photo into 8x8 pixel blocks. Here are some highlights of photo compression:

  • Pros-processing
  • Easy sharing
  • Easy storage
  • Easy retrieval
  • Multiple uses
  • Environment-friendly

Don’t know how to reduce photo size? Our tool allows you to compress images to decrease their size without affecting their quality.

- If you want to reduce image size online, you have to upload a file.

- You can upload almost 20 images from your computer or Dropbox. This tool is good to compress .png, .jpg and .jpeg images.

- It will take a few seconds to resize image in kb and download it.

- Feel free to download a compressed image on your computer or save directly to Dropbox.

See these images; you can’t identify a compressed image because there is no difference in the quality. This tool is free for everyone to compress their photographs before uploading them on their website.