Domain Hosting Checker

Learn about the host where you will be hosting your website, the tool will inform you of what type of service is being utilized, who is the hosting service, owner of the Domain and much more. Just enter the URL of the website in the required field and tap on the “Check Hosting” button.

You have bought a domain name, programmed your website and have bought a hosting service. But to find out where your site is being hosted from you need Domain Hosting Checker. Not only can you see where your site is being hosted from, but you can also find out where any website is being hosted from.

Every country has local hosting services sellers on the internet. The buyer feels at ease while purchasing the hosting services as he or she pays in local currency. In some countries where there are regulations imposed on foreign exchange dealings, it would be impossible to get hosting services from international service providers.

Today, the cheapest hosting rates are in the United States, and the maximum number of host service providers can also be found there. Hosting service providers especially in developing countries are dealers for United States service providers. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone. The domain site gets hosted, and payment is done in local currency. In a case of any problems the site owner contacts the local office to get the issue resolved.

Getting a professional hosting service which has the necessary expertise and equipment and connectivity to host multiple websites seamlessly is what all webmasters and site owners want. In some countries, there are far too many government regulations and lack of infrastructure to set up and manage internet hosting servers. It is the reason for the United States being the most famous country for providing hosting services.

There are some international hosting providers that a website owner can select from. The popular ones based in the US are Acquia hosting, Unified hosting, Cyrus one Carrollton and GoDaddy.

When you plan to set up a website and are looking around for a domain hosting service provider; you should look for:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Costing
  • Load balancing

Reliability: The primary function of domain hosting is to be reliable. Website owners want their site to be accessible to visitors 24/7. The hosting service provider must have reliable internet connectivity, servers, backup servers, power supply and reliable and efficient staff to manage and run the services.

Security: The hosting service must have physical and should be housed in proper data centers where illegal people cannot gain access.

Scalability and Flexibility: website owners who are clients of a domain hosting service provider want both these factors. As his or her internet business grows, a site owner may want to get more space or shift from a shared to a static IP address. Or the website owner may want more bandwidth and disk space as well as computing power. The domain hosting service provider should have the capability of meeting the customer (Website owner) demand without him or her having to look for another service provider.

Costing: There is massive competition among hosting service providers, and they offer very competitive rates to new customers. Also to retain their customers, they offer great deals on the renewal of services. The competition and lure of gaining maximum customers have kept the prices of hosting services competitively.

Load Balancing: Hosting service providers must perform load balancing. It’s like a policeman managing traffic during rush hours. The traffic to any website or sites can peak without any prior notice. It is where the hosting staff plays a key role in managing the incoming traffic and ensuring that none of the up and active services crash.

Medium and large companies are now moving their intro and internet services to cloud computing service providers. Companies like Apple and Asus and even Microsoft and some others offer space in the cloud. Cloud hosting is becoming quite a common service requirement for companies that have worldwide customers.

Cloud service providers have similar physical equipment setup in different countries. Each center mirrors the other center. In case the service in one country goes down the customers are seamlessly switched to the servers in another country. Computing demands have escalated to such an extent that no large company wants to depend on a single service provider’s center. Since going global, they just cannot afford any downtime.

The renowned computer companies and other businesses like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are providing cloud services. Since they are reputable organizations and people rely on them, they have launched these services. The internet has expanded the business world tremendously and with that customer services have also increased. Half the world may be sleeping, but the other half is awake. A client demands service regardless of the time and providing for this is the responsibility of the company.

A small domain site owner today may see his business grow at such a rapid pace that he or she may demand cloud services. His hosting service provider should be able to provide this service.

Domain hosting checker tool is available on Scroll down the icons in free SEO tools, and you will find the icon. Enter the URL address, and it will display the URL address, domain name and the name of the hosting service.

A domain hosting checker can also provide other information about the entered domain. It can tell the type of service being used; the location of the service provider, the servers on which the hosting service is being provided and in certain cases the details of the domain owner and email address.

Website owners can use a domain hosting checker tool to check on who is hosting his or her competitors’ sites. With this information, he can ask his hosting service provider to provide him the same or better service.

There is no limit to the number of times a visitor can use the domain hosting checker tool. It’s a handy tool for SEOs, website owners and masters. They want to know exactly where their service is being hosted from and is it in a secure location and well managed.