Domain IP Lookup

Domain IP Lookup is an IP finder for websites that search engines use to locate the site. Paste a single or multiple site URL and click the "Domain Check" button to find out.


If you want to launch your business or personal website the first task that you will need to do is to purchase a domain. To do this, you go to one of the many domain names registering firms like Godaddy on the internet. If the domain name you want is available, the registering company will inform you and display the charges you need to pay to purchase it. Once you have purchased it, you will need a hosting server on which to launch your website. Now you know your domain name but not its IP address. To look up your IP address, you can now use the domain IP lookup tool.


There could be several reasons for you wanting to lookup website IP. The IP address assigned to your website is its internet address. It is the address used by search engines to find your domain. For example, your domain name is, and there's another site called Both the names are almost similar except for one has .com and the other .net. Both will have different IP addresses.

Some customers may complain that they cannot reach your domain and are getting an error. Now the first thing you will do is to perform a website IP finder and it is valid. You can conduct this test quickly with domain IP lookup

Remember your website is not limited to customers to view in a particular city, area, or country. It's available to see for anyone residing anywhere in the world. However certain countries IPs are blocked for various reasons. IP finder for websites help you check IP addresses instantly. Yes, your domain name will be visible to them, but once they click on it, they will get an error.

Another reason for your domain becoming unavailable is that your hosting server is down. Or you have not paid the hosting service provider, and they have blocked your IP. The domain IP lookup tool will allow you to see the status of your IP and resolve the issue.

Some domain IP lookup tools enable you to enter up to ten domain names and they list the IP addresses of all the entered domains. Domain IP lookup comes in handy if you want to see where your competitors are located. But you will need to decipher the IP addresses displayed.

If you want more information about an IP, you can use find IP address location tool. Again there are many of them available on the internet. This tool will tell you the country, the time zone, the city of the IP address. It will not tell you the exact street, postal address of the IP. However, you will get to know the approximate locations of your competitors. Some will also display a map of where the IP is located.

In case your site visitors complain that the loading speed of your domain is slow you can run a reverse IP domain check. This test displays a list of the IPs sharing the same hosting service. You can then ask your hosting service provider to allocate more bandwidth to you.

You may also use your computer to run a website IP lookup. Go to the command prompt and enter the 'tracer domain name,' the IP address of the domain will be displayed. When you run the command other information will also be posted.

On the reverse, you can also run an IP to domain lookup. That is if you know the IP address when you don’t know the domain name. The domain name using the IP address is displayed.


Whois provides a free set of tools for users to track an IP and perform other SEO functions. The tools provided by whois to lookup an IP address are Whois IP lookup, Whois IP domain, and Whois IP address owner. The Whois checker gives detailed information about the IP address owner and the hosting service. It shows the email address associated with the IP address, the domain name, server location, service run status, server type, and since when has the domain been registered.

When you want to test your domain or website IP lookup status or any of your rivals, the domain to IP lookup tool helps you.


You should be aware of your website IP address, and since you have purchased the hosting service the service type, you are getting. Yes, searching for IP addresses domain IP finder comes in handy if you want to locate where the domain is residing and operating from. It's not necessary that the hosting service provider is located in the same city and country that you are resident in. The service can be located anywhere across the globe. It's only when you do a website IP lookup that you get to know where the service is being provided from.

It’s a general trend to get the cheapest and best host service provider. Where the service is provided from hardly matters as long as the service is excellent, the uptime is good and so is the access speed.

Host service providers buy IP addresses in batches, and they issue them on first-come first-served basis. You could be located in Turkey, and other domains on the server could be owned by people in other countries. Generally, however, host service providers reserve a set of IP addresses for the customers of a particular country.

To check your website's status, the domain IP lookup tool comes in handy. For example, if for any reason your IP gets blocked you can ask your host service provider to change the IP address. The service provider will ensure that your traffic is diverted from your old IP to your new IP address. Any problems that you may face on your IP you can sort these out with the service provider. In case you decide to change the hosting service provider he will divert the traffic from your previous IP address and assign a new IP address to you. Therefore a domain IP lookup tool is useful to have in your tool kit.