Domain to IP tool helps you and the SEO webmasters to learn about the website IP address. Write URL in a text field and tap on the “Get IP of Website” key.


Webmasters and SEOs want to know the IP of their websites and to do this; they need to use a domain to IP tool. There could be several reasons for this inquiry. A website visitor may have called and complained that the site is unavailable. Or in case the website has a dynamic IP address they want to ensure that it’s linking to their site.

Another reason could be that the SEO or webmaster might be inquisitive to know the IP address of a competitor. There’s a lot of information that can be gleaned by searching a domain to IP address. A standard domain to IP address will only reveal the IP address. But an advanced search will show details of the domain host server. The name and email address of the domain owner along with the contact number. Domain age checker provides you with the date the domain was registered and hosted and the expiry date of the domain.

Therefore an inquisitive webmaster or SEO can get a lot of informal to IP conversation regarding their own or other websites once they find IP of website.


An IP address is the internet address assigned to a domain, and it’s unique address. The IP address consists of four parts of numeric numbers each section is divided by a ‘.’ For example to 9999.9999.9999.9999 would be valid IP addresses. Check your IP Adress location.Every domain is assigned a unique IP address, and it’s like you have a unique postal residential address or business address.


To find IP of website on your computer, go to search and type in the command. In the command prompt enter the domain name. For example, enter The system will show you the domain IP address. After which it will go to the site via different routes. Yes, when you want to visit a website on the internet. After your request is received by your ISP server and it gets the website IP address you want to visit it will pick the route to take based on the different options it has.

It’s like when we want to travel from point A to Point B and have multiple choices presented to us. We choose the route that suits us. The internet works in the same way. However, this information will only reveal the website IP checker and the different routes to it. This command will not disclose information regarding the host server location or domain owner’s details.

You can also check domain IP address by using the ‘ping’ command. Type ping domain name at the command prompt and it will reveal the IP address of website and send a packet of data four times to the IP address and show the time it took in milliseconds to send the packet. Again only the IP address is returned. The ping command is used by system administrators when they suspect that the response from their servers has slowed down.


When we enter a domain name and find its IP address, the same practice can be reversed. Some websites offer a reverse IP domain check tool. In it, you enter the IP address, and the tool will conduct a search and return the domain name of the IP address.


The internet traffic and the number of websites have grown phenomenally in the last decade and managing the traffic is not easy. At any point in time, millions of users are accessing internet sites whether it’s to watch movies, play games, chat with friends, read news, and blogs; there’s constant traffic. Directing visitors to the websites that want to view needs proper controls and this is what the domain name server zones provide.

For example, domains with .com and .info and .net cannot be placed on the same set of servers. It would slow down the queries, therefore to avoid congestion they are placed on different servers. These zone servers are replicated at various locations. In simple terms the .com servers would only provide IP address of domains that have .com in them and another set would be providing information for domains having .net in them.

Without zones, it would be a virtual nightmare to manage the internet. All domain name servers have backup servers at physically different locations.


You can enter in the address bar of your computer browser, and it will open the site; on the site search for the ‘Free SEO Tools’ and click on it. Scroll down the SEO tools icon till you come to Domain to IP tool and click on it. Enter the URL and submit it. Remember the format to enter the URL is http://domain name. Tap the “Get IP of Website” button. It will display the domain name, the IP address, the host country, and the web hosting service provider.

With this handy tool, you can get the IP address of website and check the IP address location of any website. The tool is free to use and can be used repetitively.


Domain to IP is a handy tool for SEOs, webmasters, and for people who would find it to be difficult to remember commands to enter at the command prompt. Most of the world’s websites are hosted on servers located in the United States. The reason for this is that there’s ample capacity regarding internet connectivity and their rates are the cheapest in the world. Making an overseas call from the US is much cheaper than making the same call from any other country.

Another reason aside from the cheap rates, the quality of service and availability of hardware is extensive. The best hosting service providers are located there, and they have their resellers located around the world. If you look for a domain registration and hosting service provider, the first and most well-known name ‘GoDaddy’ will show at the top in a search browser.